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Maintaining the cleanliness of a business space can be challenging to some business leaders. Due to a busy work schedule, they may not have enough time to oversee, manage or attend to the cleaning needs of their office. In cases like this, the best course of action is hiring commercial cleaning companies.

Clean Group can provide the cleaning services that your office needs. We’ve been in the business for more than 20 years, and we’ve worked with some of the biggest businesses in the country. Our staff has been successfully transforming our clients business spaces into a happy and healthy workplace.

Our team is versatile. We are able to provide cleaning services to any type of business establishments such as medical facilities, schools, malls, offices, gym, hotels and restaurants.

Whatever your cleaning needs are, contact us and we’ll give you the best cleaning solutions you’ll ever find. We provide a non-obligatory site inspection, free consultation and accurate quote for commercial cleaning office cleaning Geebung services you require.

Why Choose Clean Group?

Clean Group is the most reliable cleaning company in Brisbane. The reason for this is our many years of experience, first-rate cleaning solutions and honesty. Our bespoke cleaning plans are sure to give any clients satisfying results.

We are also made up of dedicated and hard-working people. They deliver outstanding cleaning services that other companies cannot equal. They continue their efforts in enhancing our resources and infrastructure.

Our staff continuously make use of our resources to research the latest trends in commercial cleaning. The management, on the other hand, makes sure this information is passed on to all our staff across the country. This is so they can provide the best services to all our customers all over Australia.

Moreover, our company invests in high-grade cleaning equipment. The machines and tools we use are always updated to the latest models. We always ensure they have the highest specifications in order to give the best cleaning results. Doing these things allow us to secure the safety of our staff who use the equipment, as well as the safety of the property we’ll use the equipment on.

For this, most businesses in Queensland only trust Clean Group. Our services remain to be unrivalled by any other companies.

Our many years in the business have exposed us to different scenarios and cleaning challenges. We have come to learn how to effectively address each issue in different scenarios. In other words, we know how to deal with whatever cleaning concerns our clients may have.

So for all your cleaning needs, let the experts deal with them for you. Contact us today and send us an enquiry.

Extensive Range of Cleaning Services

Because we want to give our customers the best, we continuously enhance the services we offer. If you choose our cleaning team, you’ll enjoy an extensive range of cleaning services such as

Commercial cleaning
Industrial cleaning
Office cleaning
Carpet cleaning
Medical cleaning
School cleaning
Childcare cleaning

So, be sure to contact us soon.
We guarantee to give you the most convenient commercial cleaning experience.

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Geebung QLD


Geebung is a post-war suburb in northern Brisbane, Australia. It is located 21 kilometres north of the Brisbane CBD. The name of the suburb is believed to be derived from an Aboriginal word that refers to the Persoonia species of shrubs and trees that produce edible an edible fruit or nut.

Geebung has large industrial estate in the north-east of the railway line. There are also some regional shops outside the suburb in the west. Since the 1980s, there has been a slight decrease in the population of the Geebung. From having about 5,585 residents in 1976, it has come down to 4,620 in 2011. Click here for more information about the city of Geebung QLD

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