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Are you looking for a reliable commercial cleaning company that provides cost-effective cleaning solutions?

Clean Group has exactly what you’re looking for. The long list of our satisfied clients is proof of this fact.

They are aware of the advanced cleaning equipment that helps us deliver our services. They’ve witnessed how we transform a workplace into a pleasant world to work in. We’ve also helped them build a respectable business image to impress their clients. We provide a non-obligatory site inspection, free consultation and accurate quote for commercial cleaning office cleaning Capalaba services you require.

Economical and Dynamic Cleaning

Our competitive rates are the building blocks of our reputation. Even when on a tight budget, clients can still come to us for any cleaning needs. We can help them create a cleaning plan that can cover all their needs without ruining their budget.

Moreover, issues and problems occasionally occur in our industry. However, we’ve been proactive enough to develop a precautionary measure to address these issues before they even arise. We believe that by doing this, we demonstrate our commitment and reliability to deliver flawless results. We want to give our clients the assurance that our services will bring more convenience and less hassle.

Staffing Organisation

Clean Group has a methodical staffing assignment. Each of our staff is assigned to only one specific projects. This allows them to familiarise themselves with the area assigned to them. It also enables them to remain aware of the recurring and non-recurring issues that clients encounter.

We follow a simple staffing strategy for all our projects. This strategy allows us to evenly distribute our staff and cover multiple cleaning projects at the same time. It also ensures that no job would be left unattended.

For easier projects with a smaller coverage area, we deploy our working managers. They manage the cleaning team and monitor them on a daily basis. They also act as the contact person should the clients have urgent concerns. In addition, they also perform cleaning tasks themselves to help our cleaners.

For bigger coverage areas, on the other hand, our staffing structure is expanded, though the same simple process is retained. Smaller groups are assigned to work on specific areas in a given location. Each group are managed by a functioning manager who reports back to the onsite manager. This onsite manager, meanwhile, manages the contract and sends reports to the accounts manager.

Employing this staffing strategy allows us to effectively tackle every cleaning tasks. It also enables us to easily manage the work of our staff and ensure good quality of their work. This strategy proves to be effective in addressing any concerns or issues that arise onsite.

Clean Group’s Safe Commercial Cleaning

Part of our job is to keep our staff and clients safe with our service. We take this job seriously and ensure that no one will be put in danger during and after we’ve delivered our work.

To do this, we strictly follow Health and Safety policies. We also take into account our clients’ own security measures, train our staff about them and make sure they observe it to the letter.

Doing this allows our cleaners to finish their work smoothly. It can also help them prevent further complications during and after their work. More importantly, these security measures help ensure that everyone involved in the process remains safe and healthy.

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Capalaba QLD


Capalaba is a suburb in Redland City, Queensland. It is located 10 kilometres south-east of the Brisbane CBD. The suburb’s name is believed to be derived from the Indigenous Yugarabul word for a ringtail possum which is native to the area.

British colonisers first arrived on this land in the 1850s. They were farmers, lumberjacks and sawmill operators. Because of the settlers’ trade, Capalaba became an important place for overland trade between Brisbane and Cleveland. Click here for more information about the city of Capalaba QLD

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