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Are you searching for dependable commercial cleaners that provide high-quality services at an economical cost?

Clean Group can give you both. A long list of satisfied customers can attest to our professionalism, reliability, high-quality and affordable services.

We use high-grade cleaning equipment to create a fresh working environment for our clients. We can transform any given location into a happy place where your employees will be happy to work and increase their productivity. Our cleaning solutions can also help you create a positive company image that will impress your clients.

Our company acknowledges the fact that each company is unique. And so, we make use of bespoke cleaning methods and strategies. Our experts will make sure our services will cause no hassle and distractions during your operating hours. We provide a non-obligatory site inspection, free consultation and accurate quote for commercial cleaning office cleaning Beenleigh services you require.

Cost-Effective and Proactive Cleaning

We have built our reputation on providing cleaning services at the most competitive rates. Whether big or small your business dwelling and your available funding are, we’ll work with you in coming up with the most cost-effective cleaning plans.

Meanwhile, issues and inconsistencies arise in our field from time to time. That’s why we’ve developed proactive measures to avoid such issues before they happen. We believe that this demonstrates our professionalism and reliability. We want to give our clients peace of mind when they avail our cleaning services.

Our Staffing Structure

Our staff are assigned to only one specific project. This is so they can have the familiarity with the location assigned to them. It also enables them to be aware of the issues the client have had in the past and provide resolutions accordingly. This method of project assignment ensures two important things - quality and security.

Moreover, we follow a staffing arrangement for all the cleaning projects we have. It helps us distribute the workload evenly and effectively. It also enables us to cover all our cleaning projects and leave nothing unattended.

For smaller projects, we deploy “working managers”. These managers are responsible for the daily management of our cleaning staff and contribute to the cleaning themselves. They also serve as the clients’ direct contact for immediate concerns and needs.

In bigger business areas, on the other hand, we expand the staffing structure, although the process remains simple. We assign “functioning managers” to each project and they manage a group of cleaners. The functioning managers report to onsite managers. Meanwhile, these onsite managers are responsible for the daily management of the contract and report to the account managers.

Health and Safety

We believe we have an obligation towards our staff and clients to keep them healthy and safe. This is why whenever we deploy our staff to a client’s premises, we make it a point to observe Health and Safety policies.

We also familiarise ourselves with the relevant policies and procedures that our clients have in place. We take time and effort to relay this information to our staff before they start onsite work.

Doing these things allow us to deliver our high-quality services in a safe manner. After all, one of the main purposes of commercial cleaning is providing a healthy environment for everyone in the business sectors.

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Beenleigh QLD


Beenleigh is a town in Gold Coast, Queensland. It is located 33 kilometres south-east of the Brisbane CBD. The original settlers of this land were the Yugambeh people. Their language and heritage survived and are now being preserved in Yugambeh Museum.

The British colonisers first arrived in Beenleigh in the 1860s. The first permanent European settlement were by John Davy and Frank Gooding. They built a sugarname plantation and named it Beenleigh after their family estate in Devonshire, England. Click here for more information about the city of Beenleigh QLD

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