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Clean Group is known as a reliable commercial cleaning company in Aspley. Over the years we have partnered with clients coming from different industries. These clients are owners and administrators of educational institutions, malls, medical facilities, hotels, restaurants and resorts.

They have been trusting us because of the consistently high-quality services we deliver. They also love that our cleaning programmes are always relevant to their needs. It helps that our team are passionate, friendly and reliable. They work towards meeting our client’s expectations.

Our team has now grown to have more than 60 experienced staff. They possess nationally recognised certifications and have extensive training in their trade. They also adhere to safety measures, health regulations and our standard customer care procedures.

When you choose us for your commercial cleaning needs, you’re assured to get the safest and most outstanding results. We provide a non-obligatory site inspection, free consultation and accurate quote for commercial cleaning office cleaning Aspley services you require.

Why Choose Our Cleaning Services

Clean Group has been able to build and maintain a stellar reputation in the cleaning industry. This is because of our continuous effort to uphold fair and morally upright company practices. The thing we do exemplify our trustworthiness, fairness and reliability.

Some of these things are

Respecting the rights of our staff
We take pride in the outstanding work our staff provide. They are the reason why we remain to be the leading cleaning company in the state. We acknowledge this fact and do not wish to exploit them. And so, we make sure our staff get the support they need. They are also paid above minimum average.

Taking no shortcuts
We make sure all the corners in a given location get a thorough cleaning. Our staff don’t take shortcuts just to make the job easier for them. Instead, they implement meticulous cleaning procedures and ensure they don’t miss a single spot.

Providing our own cleaning supplies
Clean Group has specially sourced products. These have been tested and proven to be free of harmful chemicals. We’ve been using them for many years now, and so we know they are effective.

Working behind the scenes
When we do work in your workplace, we’ll stay out of sight and out of mind. That means your employees won’t notice our presence during their working hours. They’ll even think their working area, the restroom, the kitchen and other areas have cleaned itself.

Get Safe and Secured Cleaning Services

Opening your office doors to us is opening doors to the most efficient and outstanding office cleaning services.

Because Clean Group wants to provide a safe service, we take extra care in selecting the people to welcome in our team.

We only accept individuals who pass a thorough background checking. We also require them to submit police checks or clearances.

Moreover, our staff will come to your business dwelling in uniforms and with identification badges. This is so they will be easily identifiable within your business premise.

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Aspley QLD


Aspley is a residential suburb in Brisbane, Queensland. It is located 13 kilometres north of the Brisbane CBD. The original settlers of this area were the Australian aborigines of the Duke of York. They were part of the Turrbal tribe who occupied the area in different directions. The suburb’s name was taken from John Morris’ property that was purchased in 1865. The property was located in Maundrell Terrace near the State School. Click here for more information about the city of Aspley QLD

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