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Clean Group is the most reliable commercial cleaning office cleaning company in St. Leonards, New South Wales. Our holistic and customized approach to office cleaning is unparalleled by anyone in the city. That’s because our full suite of cleaning services can put all your worries aside. We can take care of your property’s cleanliness and aesthetics. We’ll also handle its general maintenance.

Our services come with free and non-obligatory consultation with a site inspection. This allows us to give an accurate quote for the type of cleaning service you need. If you’re looking for a one-stop solution to your commercial cleaning needs, we are just a call, email or online inquiry away. We provide a non-obligatory site inspection, free consultation and accurate quote for commercial cleaning office cleaning St Leonards services you require.

Holistic Commercial Cleaning

Our holistic commercial cleaning services can cover all your needs. We can clean an array of working areas; both exteriors and interiors. These include siding and glass facade, floors and stairs, lobbies and elevators, operational areas and server rooms, kitchens and pantries, washrooms and utility areas, driveways and parking lots, landscapes and all sorts of installations within an office building.

Our team also specialises in carpet and upholstery cleaning, and extensive cleaning of all technical infrastructures like computer hardware or lighting fixtures. Additionally, we boast of having many years of experience in cleaning all types of business and commercial facilities. It ranges from restaurants and hotels to government buildings and healthcare facilities, schools, malls and all types of retail establishments.

It is our holistic approach that has made us the most reliable brand we are today. We are trusted by a diverse range of clients, from small and medium enterprises to large businesses with multiple offices or branches.

Bespoke Office Cleaning

There can only be two approaches to commercial cleaning: a generic approach and a bespoke one. The generic approach makes use of a one-size-fits-all strategy. This, however, may not be effective for a customer’s particular needs.

Clean Group believes that every commercial property’s needs are unique. These needs are influenced by the nature of the business. Therefore the best cleaning strategy to use a bespoke strategy - a customised cleaning strategy that suits the specific requirements of a business.

Our team excels at developing unique methods to cater to varying customer needs. Regardless of the flooring type, upholstery, carpet or fixtures installed within a given business area, we can deal with it. We can also guarantee 100% satisfaction after our work is done.

State-of-the-Art Commercial Cleaning

Commercial cleaning is not comparable to residential cleaning. One reason is that the former has more extensive coverage. Other differences include the kinds of items involved and the frequency they need to be cleaned.

But whether you need daily or weekly cleaning, Clean Group has got you covered. We can come up with a schedule that is convenient for you so as to not disrupt the core operations in your organisation.

Our cleaning experts simplify the daunting cleaning tasks with the help of our state-of-the-art equipment. Some examples of these are industrial grade vacuum cleaners and eco-friendly cleaning products. All our methods are the latest too and staff are trained to deliver flawless results as well.

We consistently conduct training programs and upgrade our infrastructure in order to maintain our leading position in the commercial cleaning industry.

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St. Leonard NSW


St Leonards is a suburb in the lower North Shore of Sydney. It is located 5 kilometres north-west of the Sydney CDB. The area was named after Thomas Townshend, an English statesman and the 1st Viscount Sydney of St Leonards. The name used to apply to the entire area, from North Sydney to Gore Hill. Today, however, St Leonards’ township is known as North Sydney. This suburb houses a commercial centre that equals the business centres of the North Shores of Sydney. Some remarkable structures that can be found in St. Leonards are the clusters of skyscrapers and the major buildings for huge organisations such as Toyota Financial Services, IBM, and Lenovo.

The City of St Leonards has a state of the art tafe collage. The population of St Leonards is diverse. Click here for more information about the city of St. Leonard NSW

Frequently Asked Questions

What is considered Commercial Cleaning?

Cleaning that requires special needs like steam carpet cleaning, pressure washing, and window falls under the category of commercial cleaning. Often times, these are the cleaning needs that are not being done on a regular basis. It can be a spring cleaning or an end of lease cleaning. Clean Group’s professional office cleaners are equipped with the up to date equipment, trends and technique to accomplish the job.

What is included in office cleaning?

The included cleaning specifications will be discussed with you on the initial free quote visit by one sales manager and will be added to your sites cleaning specifications. The specifications will include daily, weekly, fortnightly quarterly and yearly duties that are needed to maintain the overall cleanliness and sanitation of your business. Some of the basic specifications are wiping the desks and horizontal surfaces, collection of rubbish, cleaning of toilets and kitchen.

How much does it cost to clean an office?

With Clean Group, we guarantee that the price we offer will provide you with the best value. Cleaning materials and equipment are always part of the quoted price. We do not want our customers to be worried about maintaining a certain stock of cleaning materials. Our friendly Sales Manager will visit the premise to discuss your needs and the cost will depend on how much time, how much material and what type of equipment needed for a cleaner to perform the cleaning that is required for your business.

Will the Commercial cleaners have police clearance and insurance?

Clean Group’s commercial cleaners no one but professional and experienced commercial cleaners. All our cleaners have been comprehensively vetted and all have a minimum of two years of office cleaning experience. We hold public liability insurance and workers’ compensation insurance. All paperwork is forwarded to your company before any cleaning is started.