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Most adults spend their waking hours working in an office. Therefore, it is essential to maintain the cleanliness of their workplace. However, many regular commercial cleaners only provide minimal cleaning in the form of quick vacuuming and removal of trash. As a result, deep-seated dirt, dust, allergens or pathogens remain on the floor, carpet, rugs or office furniture. These things can cause a series of problems that arise like a chain reaction.

A dirty surrounding poses serious health problems among your employees. It can cause frequent absences and sick leaves. The employees’ frequent absences will, later on, result in lower productivity. The decrease in their productivity can hurt the core operation of your organisation and profit.

To prevent these problems, you should choose a commercial cleaning partner that can provide impeccable cleaning. Clean Group can clean your entire workplace and remove the dirt that regular cleaners can’t.

Learn more about our services and commercial cleaning can help your business. Contact our team in Smithfield and let’s discuss your needs. We provide a non-obligatory site inspection, free consultation and accurate quote for commercial cleaning office cleaning Smithfield services you require.


Want to have Productive Employees?

Having productive employees is not just about having the most skilled and hardworking ones. Research shows that the air quality in an indoor environment also contributes to one’s productivity. It also says that unhealthy indoor air coming from the HVAC system can decrease cognitive functions. Another report from EPA shows that air quality is one of the top five health risks in Australia.

What all these findings tell us is that commercial cleaning shouldn't be brushed aside. It is because it helps a great deal in warding off the start and spread of diseases. The studies also show that if you want productive employees at work, you must provide a clean and healthy working environment.

Clean Group can provide this kind of working environment. We’ll transform your workplace into a healthy and happy place. When we clean your office, we’ll make sure no dirt is left behind. Anything that can cause distractions and illnesses among your employees will be taken out as well.

Our staff are capable of doing many things apart from the standard vacuuming and taking the trash out. We guarantee to deliver outstanding cleaning that can affect your employees in a positive way. If you trust Clean Group, you’ll get maximum clean that’ll give your workers the maximum productivity.

Qualities of a Reliable Cleaning Company

But while the value of a clean workspace is incontestable, no one finds the tasks to be delighting to perform. Not only is it boring, but it is also tedious.

That’s why companies like Clean Group is here. Our experts will do the cleaning chores so you don’t have to. You can trust they will do the job in the highest quality because they possess these qualities:

Regardless of your cleaning needs, Clean Group will carry them all out for you.

We have custom-made service plans and flexible schedules.

Attention to details
Our staff have keen eyes and they can remove dirt even in the most hidden areas in your office.

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Smithfield NSW


Smithfield is an industrial and residential suburb in Sydney, New South Wales. It is located 30 kilometres west of the Sydney CBD. The original settlers of the area were the Cabrogal tribe, a sub-group of the Gandangara tribe. Its current name was given by John Ryan Brenan after meat markets in London and Dublin. He planned to turn the area into a meat market and cattle sale yard. The sale yard failed, but Smithfield continued to develop as a commercial centre. It also remains as an important employment centre in south-western Sydney. Today, the suburb’s commercial area is located on The Hosley Drive, the main street of in Smithfield. Click here for more information about the city of Smithfield NSW

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