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Commercial Cleaning in North Sydney NSW

We specialise in holistic commercial cleaning and cater to every type of business in North Sydney, NSW. Our present clientele includes shops, showrooms, restaurants, high-rises, offices, data centers, factories, warehouses, schools, government buildings and healthcare facilities among others. The holistic approach we adopt for office cleaning includes different methods, as appropriate on the basis of the specific needs. We use eco friendly products and state of the art equipment. We can attend to cleaning of all internal installations and fixtures including floors, partition walls, ceilings, furniture, lighting, windows, washrooms, stairs, elevators and sensitive areas such as server rooms. We have been cleaning everything from pantries and kitchens to parking lots and driveways for businesses based in North Sydney and surrounding areas in New South Wales.

Bespoke Office Cleaning in North Sydney

We offer bespoke commercial cleaning to every client. Even if two buildings or facilities are identical, there can always be some differences and these would demand a distinct approach to office cleaning. Some offices will have more telephones, computers, different types of hardware or machines. Some offices may have more furniture, upholstery, carpets or rugs. Tiled floors demand a different cleaning method than the ideal approach for hardwood floors. Carpets need regular vacuuming while area rugs have to be cleaned with a slightly different approach. Drapes and blinds cannot be cleaned in the same way. Exterior cleaning must also be approached differently from one property to another. Only a bespoke approach will be perfect for every business. Generic approaches are ineffective and they are also financially unreasonable.

One of the primary reasons why we offer a free consultation and nonobligatory site inspection is for us to have a comprehensive and lucid understanding of your needs. While the consultation helps you to form an opinion of our services and expertise, it also helps us to make a note of everything you need so we can come up with an informed estimate. Speculative quotes or standard pricing does not work. Your business may need us to provide consumables, in which case such costs will be factored in. You may opt for an annual contract involving routine cleaning and there can be onetime special cleaning sessions. Both call for different approaches to pricing. Bespoke commercial cleaning is the only pragmatic approach for every business in North Sydney and beyond.

All Inclusive Commercial Cleaning in North Sydney

A natural advantage of bespoke commercial cleaning is that it can cover as little or as much as you want. Since the whole cleaning program and its entire scope is chalked out after a detailed consultation with you, the needs are well documented and the services are tailored accordingly. You may want us to take care of everyday cleaning covering all types of janitorial services, such as daily cleaning of carpets, cleaning and maintaining floors, upkeep of lobby and reception area, cleaning of restrooms, kitchens and other specific areas, dusting and washing as and where needed, removal of waste, sanitising the premises and daytime, nighttime or round the clock maintenance of faulty systems.

We can create a schedule for you based on your convenience. Many companies want several cleaning sessions, especially commercial enterprises that deal with a lot of footfall at their premises. Many companies prefer a nighttime cleaning schedule so their operations are not hampered in any way and the cleaners can quietly do their job when no one is around. Some companies need daytime and nighttime cleaning. Effectively, the cleaning schedule you need may be for a few hours or up to a twenty four hours service. There are advantages of all approaches but some may be more viable for your business. We can discuss the details in the context of your business and come up with the perfect strategy.

Impeccably Detailed and Reliable Commercial Cleaning Service

Our approach is always methodical and detailed. We will layout an inspection plan and detail every type of cleaning. There will be a task schedule and a specification list. We have supervisory staff working with the cleaners and conduct routine reviews to uphold the finest standards of commercial cleaning. We host ongoing training for our cleaning staff, at times onsite to put things in the right context and to make the training more relevant. We maintain the highest level of security and ensure impeccable safety of all your possessions and the entire property.

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North Sydney NSW


The business locale of North Sydney incorporates the second biggest centralization of office structures in New South Wales with an expansive portrayal from the publicizing and data innovation enterprises. Promoting, showcasing organizations and related exchanges, for example, printing have generally commanded the business life of the zone however these have been supplanted to a specific degree by data innovation organizations. Companies whose workplaces are in North Sydney incorporate, Cisco Systems, Vocus Communications, NBN Co, Novell, Sun Microsystems, AGL, Hyundai, AAMI, Sophos, Symantec, Nando's, Vodafone and until October 2007, Optus.

Dissimilar to other major rural center points inside the Sydney metropolitan region, North Sydney has restricted shopping offices and no Sunday exchanging. There are four markets (Aldi, IGA , Coles and Woolworths Metro). The fundamental shopping complex is the Greenwood Plaza, which is associated with North Sydney station. Berry Square is another strip mall in Berry Street, once known as North Sydney Shopping World.