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Commercial Cleaning Merrylands and Office Cleaning Merrylands From Clean Group Merrylands

Clean Group will take care of your business image. We are an established cleaning firm that has been helping numerous businesses for more than 20 years. By providing you with a sparklingly clean place of business, we’ll help you impress your clients, gain their trust and eventually winning them over.

Maintaining a clean business premise is essential in growing your business. It demonstrates your professionalism and commitment to high-quality work. When your clients see this, they are more likely to trust you and partner with you. It will also encourage them to recommend you to their peers and colleagues. We provide a non-obligatory site inspection, free consultation and accurate quote for commercial cleaning office cleaning Merrylands services you require.

Motivated Staff

Clean Group has always been committed to providing superior quality cleaning to business owners. Our trained and professional cleaners have enabled us to achieve this goal.

They work consistently together to provide impeccable results our clients love.

That’s why we make it a point to share our success with them. Whenever a client gives us pleasant feedback, we let our cleaners know about it so they’ll be even more motivated to do their job excellently.

We also give recognition to employees who perform outstandingly.

Our management believes the giving the recognition our staff deserves will help in making them stay inspired and motivated to work.

We want them to continue striving to improve themselves and their skills for their own overall development. When this happens, they’ll be able to take better care of our clients.

How We Do It

Our staff are dedicated individuals. They are reliable and innovative as well. Together, we work closely in taking a proactive approach to commercial cleaning. We anticipate issues that may possibly arise and take precautionary measures to avoid them or resolve them immediately.

We do this to make sure that your business premise will be cleaned and maintained to the highest industry standards.

Our proactive approach made us the leading commercial cleaning company in the region. Over time, we continuously serve some of the biggest organisations and businesses in the country.

When we come to your site, our cleaners will eliminate all unpleasant things in your office. We’ll ensure that our working space is clean, spotless and fresh. We guarantee to revitalise your workplace with our cleaning solutions.

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Merrylands NSW


Merrylands is a residential suburb in Sydney, New South Wales. It is located 25 kilometres west of the Sydney central business district. Its current name was derived from the English home of politician and explorer Arthur Todd Holroyd. He was granted land in the area in 1855 and gave his name to the adjoining suburb of Holroyd . Click here for more information about the city of Merrylands NSW

Frequently Asked Questions

What Commercial cleaning services do you offer in Merrylands?

Clean Group Merrylands offers a wide selection of cleaning services you can choose from. Starting with routine cleaning, carpet cleaning, internal-external window cleaning, office cleaning, gym cleaning, childcare cleaning, medical centre cleaning, school cleaning and the list goes on. Just check our website to know more.

How much does it cost for commercial cleaning in Merrylands?

The cost will depend on how much time, how much material and what type of equipment needed for a cleaner to perform the cleaning that is required for your business. Our friendly sales managers can do a free onsite visit to determine the best price and cleaning program for your premises. Call us now on

What to look for when hiring an office cleaner in Merrylands?

Clean Group Merrylands cleaners are all professional, reliable and well trained. We only employ full-time cleaners. This ensures that the cleaners are committed to high cleaning standards.

Do cleaners in Merrylands have insurance?

Absolutely! We are fully insured. Certificate of our insurances will be mailed to you with our quotation so you can have peace of mind.