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Commercial Cleaning Mascot and Office Cleaning Mascot From Clean Group Mascot

Clean Group offers a one-stop solution for all cleaning needs in Mascot. Because office cleaning is a routine exercise, we provide our services for as many times as you need. It may be day-to-day, weekly or monthly cleaning.

Our cleaning crew can perform various cleaning tasks with consistency. They can mop floors and vacuum high-traffic carpets on a regular basis. They can also dust furniture and remove fingerprints on surfaces. Not only that, but they can also extract dirt from challenging fixtures and installations as needed.

Along with these basic skills, we are equipped with the best approaches for specific situations. We have the perfect bespoke commercial cleaning plans for any type of business facility. We provide a non-obligatory site inspection, free consultation and accurate quote for commercial cleaning office cleaning Mascot services you require

Holistic And Bespoke Commercial Cleaning in Mascot

There are a lot of good reasons to hire commercial cleaning services. One of the main reason is to maintain the beauty of your workplace. Regular cleaning also helps in optimising and prolonging the life of various fixtures and installations. It will hamper premature damage and delay the need for repairs or upgrade.

Clean Group's holistic cleaning solutions will do all these. We will maintain your property to eliminate unnecessary expenses. Our cleaning solutions are not standardised and doesn't come in fixed bundles. We don't offer the same cleaning plans even for clients working in the same industry.

We believe that all businesses are unique. Regardless of how comparable the requirements are, we always look for the significant differences in their cleaning needs. This is our way of ensuring that our clients' unique needs will be addressed accordingly.

Get More Perks with Clean Group

Enjoy more perks if you choose us to be your commercial cleaning partner. Some of the benefits you can enjoy are

Free site inspection and consultation
Discount options to save you more money
Advanced cleaning equipment for onsite cleanups
Customised cleaning plans; take only what you need and take out what you don’t

If you want to enjoy all these, contact us and request a quote today.


Highest Standards of Commercial Cleaning

We look at all our cleaning projects with equal significance. We attend to each one with the same diligence, regardless of the scope of size. No matter what the project type is, we always aim to give our clients utmost satisfaction.

We do not discriminate between bigger and regular cleaning jobs and small and infrequent ones. Both of our short-term and long-term projects are handled with unwavering dedication. Each of our team is assigned to a specific cleaning project. When our staff are assigned to one project, they won’t be asked to prioritise another one.

On top of this, we have quality assurance supervisors that double check the work of our staff. They conduct regular inspections as the staff go about their own tasks. Some of these inspections are scheduled, while others are impromptu.

This is how Clean Group delivers our promise of impeccable standards of industrial cleaning. We make it our personal endeavour to make any business premise pristine and spotless.


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Mascot NSW



Mascot is suburb located 7 kilometres south of Sydney CBD. It is also found on the north-western side of Botany Bay. Mascot is known as the location of Sydney Airport that was opened in 1920. This suburb has a mix of industrial, commercial and residential areas. Its main shopping centre can be found on Botany Road. Most commercial and residential re-developments, on the other hand, is located around Mascot railway station. Click here for more information about the city of Mascot NSW

Frequently Asked Questions

What Commercial cleaning services do you offer in Mascot?

Clean Group Mascot offers a wide selection of cleaning services you can choose from. Starting with routine cleaning, carpet cleaning, internal-external window cleaning, office cleaning, gym cleaning, childcare cleaning, medical centre cleaning, school cleaning and the list goes on. Just check our website to know more.

How much does it cost for commercial cleaning in Mascot?

The cost will depend on how much time, how much material and what type of equipment needed for a cleaner to perform the cleaning that is required for your business. Our friendly sales managers can do a free onsite visit to determine the best price and cleaning program for your premises. Call us now on 02-8379-8944

What to look for when hiring an office cleaner in Mascot?

Clean Group Mascot cleaners are all professional, reliable and well trained. We only employ full-time cleaners. This ensures that the cleaners are committed to high cleaning standards.

Do cleaners in Mascot have insurance?

Absolutely! We are fully insured. Certificate of our insurances will be mailed to you with our quotation so you can have peace of mind.