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Clean Group is your one-stop shop for expert cleaning services. We have the most flexible and reliable cleaning solutions in Kingsgrove. We have an exceptional history in working with high-profile customers.

All our staff are transparent and honest. And we do not lock clients into extended contracts.

Moreover, we have an impeccable quality assurance procedure. Our keen supervisorial team facilitates this procedure with their keen eyes. They inspect every property with unfailing regularity and conduct performance audits. This ensures our staff did not miss a single spot in your office.

Together with this, we also provide preventive maintenance. This service is available for all types of business facilities. Our maintenance service is so efficient that it can preempt major infrastructural issues. With it, we guarantee to help you save money on premature damages and repairs.

Clean Group can attend to all your cleaning and maintenance needs. Just give us a call today and talk about your requirements. After which, we will conduct a free site inspection. Then we will offer you the best, personalised solution. We provide a non-obligatory site inspection, free consultation and accurate quote for commercial cleaning office cleaning Kingsgrove services you require.

Certified and Committed Personnel

We are a highly recognized commercial cleaning company in Kingsgrove. Part of this success is due to our excellent cleaning practices. The primary reason, however, is our solid commitment to providing the highest standard of cleaning service in a timely manner.

All our staff undergo certifications and training in commercial cleaning. They are knowledgeable about cleaning diverse types of commercial establishments. They cover factories, warehouses, distribution centres, office buildings, hospitals, educational institutions or retail properties. Regardless of the location, our team can always render it spotless.

Local Level Operations Throughout Sydney

Clean Group is a business that operates at a local level. This enables us to cover the whole country in an effective manner. We are able to associate with local builders to complete all our local cleans. All our partners are encouraged through the federal support network, which we have built over the past two decades.

We run training programs across Sydney to ensure that our staff are always up-to-date with the highest commercial cleaning standards. We view them as our greatest assets, and so we want to help them reach their full potential with every cleaning job they undertake.

Their health and security, as well as our clients’, is also of utmost importance to us. That is why for every contract we sign into, we produce site-specific risk assessments and method statements. We also supply COSHH data sheets, as well as copies of our Health & Safety Policy.

Impact of Commercial Cleaning on the Environment

By employing local cleaners, we get the additional advantage of reducing our carbon footprint in the environment. This means we are able to minimise the impact our services have on the environment. In addition to this effort, we also make use of eco-friendly cleaning chemicals and products. We ensure that while we are doing our job as commercial cleaners, we are also doing our part to save the environment.

If you are in need of a dependable, forward-thinking cleaning company in Kingsgrove, contact Cleaning Services Group today. Hearing from you will be a delight to us. You can contact us by telephone on 02 9057 9095 or email: sales@cleangroup.email

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Kingsgrove NSW


Kingsgrove is a residential suburb located 23 kilometres south of Sydney CBD. It got its name from King's Grove Farm - a 500 acres of farm granted to Hannah Laycock by the governor. Laycock gave the name to the farm in honour of Governor Philip Gidley King who gave her the land grant. The name was later on shortened to the suburb's current name, Kingsgrove.

The main shopping centre of the area is located on Kingsgrove Road. Along with this, there are also a few other commercial and industrial developments located in other directions surrounding Kingsgrove. It also boasts of popular parks which include Smith Reserve, Dowsett Park, Butler Reserve and Kingsgrove Avenue Reserve. Click here for more information about the city of Kingsgrove NSW

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