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Regardless of the type of business, your workplace will always require consistent cleaning. It may be day-to-day, weekly or a monthly cleanup. Ultimately, office cleaning is a routine chore. This means that the floors will need to be mopped and cleaned daily. High-traffic carpets and rugs will need to be vacuumed every day. Some fittings may require daily cleaning while some may need a weekly cleaning program.

Despite the universal routine nature of this chore, different edifices or workspaces will require different cleaning services. No matter how unique the approaches needed to address the cleaning issues within your workplace are, Clean Group can offer you the best bespoke commercial cleaning plan in Epping. We provide a non-obligatory site inspection, free consultation and accurate quote for commercial cleaning office cleaning Epping services you require.

Holistic and Bespoke Commercial Cleaning

There are a lot of important reasons to hire commercial cleaning services. The chief reason being to maintain the aesthetics of your business dwelling. But not only that, regular cleaning also helps prolong the durability of different fixtures. It can contribute to the optimum performance of various installations. It can prevent premature repairs and delay critical needs to replace or upgrade them as well.

Clean Group's commercial cleaning solutions can do this. We can maintain your property and eliminate unnecessary expenses resulting from its poor condition.

Moreover, we provide bespoke services to all our clients. We don't offer a standard approach even for clients who are in exactly the same industry, no matter how comparable the office cleaning requirements are. This is because the real need is determined by the way the property is utilised.

Two restaurants may not have the same cleaning issues. The cuisine served, the manner they are prepared and served, as well as the number of customers opting for takeaway, may greatly differ. The kinds of materials used for flooring, foyers, ceilings, walls, kitchens, washrooms, driveways and parking lots could also have a consequential bearing. A normal approach to this may seem to suffice if you are considering an immediate action. However, it would not lead to effective cleaning. Every material used within the premise will require a distinct approach and that is why a bespoke approach is the best way to go.

Respectable Standards of Commercial Cleaning in Epping

We regard every industrial cleaning job with equal significance. Each project, irrespective of the size or scope, is dealt with equal diligence to make you satisfied with the results. We do not prioritise bigger commercial cleaning jobs or more regular cleaning schedules at the cost of smaller or infrequent ones. Both short-term and long-term service level agreements are handled with continuous dedication. One-time or seasonal cleaning tasks are also treated with the time commitment they require.

We have various types of cleaning staffs to cover different projects. Our staff assigned to long-term cleaning jobs are not moved one-time cleaning jobs. We also have cleaning specialists who work on different cleaning tasks. Those who are experienced in polishing and cleaning floors are not tasked to clean roofs, and vice versa.

Clean Group company promises impeccable standards of industrial cleaning in Epping. We have quality assurance supervisors assigned to every team that ensure this. The supervisors conduct routine inspections of the whole property, while the cleaning staff go about their own tasks. Some inspections are scheduled, while others are proactive and impromptu. We believe that it is our responsibility to make sure the working premise is in a pristine condition, regardless of the time, day and regularity. It is this continuing endeavour that has made us the most reliable commercial cleaning company in Epping, New South Wales.

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Epping NSW


Epping is a residential suburb located 18 kilometres north-west of Sydney CBD. It was given its name in 1899 after Epping Forest in Essex, England. The original settlers of this area were the Wallumedegal Aboriginal people.

Epping features community facilities that were by provided by the councils and some organisations. Some of these are Epping Aquatic and Leisure Centre, Epping Branch Library and Epping Leisure and Learning Centre. The suburb also has business establishments on Rawson Street like Coles supermarket, news agencies, Asian grocers, pharmacies, and many restaurants. Click here for more information about the city of Epping NSW

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