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Maintaining cleanliness and hygiene in a commercial space or an office is tricky. It is impossible to keep all aspects of your business clean, especially during busy days. When your staff are loaded with things to do, they may scuffle around the office to keep up with their deadlines. At the end of the day, they will be too tired to attend to office cleaning chores before clocking out.

When your work or business place is not cleaned on a regular basis, dirt and dust start to accumulate. Certain areas in it will also become a breeding ground for germs that can cause diseases. This will eventually lead to your staff getting ill and not showing up for work. In the long run, it will affect their productivity and your business’ overall growth.

It all works like a chain reaction. Issues will come up one after another. This is why cleanliness and hygiene in the workplace should never be taken for granted. One way to maintain you can implement them in your office is hiring professional commercial and office cleaners.

Clean Group offers professional cleaning services for businesses all over Sydney. We have a team of highly skilled individuals who specialise in cleaning and sanitising commercial and business spaces. For over 20 years, we have been providing Sydney with the best and reliable cleaning outcomes.

Value for Money

Clean Group is the best known commercial cleaning service provider in the city. We have a proven track record spanning more than two decades. Our staff are adept at providing superior-quality cleaning results that consistently impress our clients. We are a cleaning company that truly provides value for money.

What Makes Us Special?

Just like most commercial cleaning company, we started as a family-owned and operated company. But we have used our time in in the industry to expand our skills and service coverage. From a small-time domestic cleaning business, we have expanded to commercial cleaning. Today, our team of cleaning professionals handle specialise in cleaning resorts, offices, restaurants, gyms and a lot more.

If truly reliable commercial cleaners are what you need, you can find it here at Clean Group. Client feedback matters to us and we always strive for their satisfaction. Right from the first interaction with you, we will provide you with excellent customer service.

First-rate Cleaning

As we said, Clean Group has been successfully serving Sydney for many years now. To keep our services up-to-par with global standards, we invest in high-grade cleaning tools and equipment. It helps our staff provide impeccable, stress and hassle-free cleaning

Use our service and you will get first-rate commercial cleaning. You will also get all your requirements and needs completely fulfiled. We can guarantee to give you the utmost satisfaction by delivering tailored cleaning solutions that match your needs.

How We Achieve Excellence

An outstanding cleaning service requires three main things: hard work, dedication and honesty. We know this because having these three traits have brought us tremendous success for more than 20 years. They are what provide clients with the kind of high-level service they want and need. It also brings them satisfying results.

In order to do this, we are consistent with the kind of people we hire. We only want those who enjoy making clients happy in our team. They must like working hard to fulfil a client's need and exceed their expectations. They must also have a preserving attitude that enables them to go on working until they are able to deliver the client's desired outcomes.

In addition, we also look for dedication at work. Our staff must take pride in their work and be dedicated to providing our clients with the best service. Mediocrity should never be okay with them. They should always strive to produce the best cleaning outcomes that will ultimately help our clients grow their business.

Moreover, we want staff who are honest. They must be willing to perform all the required tasks and follow a client's cleaning specification even without supervision. Our staff also needs to put the safety and security of our clients at the forefront. We expect them not to do anything that will compromise the integrity and security of a client's business.

As an added measure, we always send our staff to your site in uniforms and with ID cards. This is to help you identify who you are letting in and out of your property. You and your staff will also know why our people are coming to your site at certain times of the day. We believe that doing this will help you strengthen the protection of your business.

Canada Bay NSW


Canada Bay is an inner residential suburb in Sydney, New South Wales. It is located 11 kilometres west of Sydney's central business district. The name of the suburb gives honour and was derived from 58 French-Canadian rebels who were brought to Sydney in the nineteenth century. They were imprisoned at Longbottom Stockade, broke stone for the construction of Parramatta Road and collected oyster shells for making lime.

Today, Canaday Bay serves as home to over 1,238 residents. About 63.8% of them were born in Australia. 59.6% speaks English, while about 13.6% of the population speak other languages, such as Italian. When it comes to religion, 42.1% of the people are Catholic, 8.8% of them are Anglican, while 22.2% identify with no religions at all. Click here for more information about the city of Canada Bay NSW

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