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Clean Group specializes in all types of commercial cleaning. Since our inception, we have worked with a variety of small businesses and large corporations. Our existing clients include owners of restaurants, hotels, schools, malls, healthcare facilities, large office building, retail stores, warehouses, factories, and workshops.

Through the years, we have been exposed to varying kinds of cleaning requirements. We provide general cleaning services, but can also tailor it to our clients’ specific needs. Additionally, we are capable of handling office equipment that is integral to a business’ day-to-day operations.

We offer a daily, weekly or monthly cleaning schedule. Our staff can attend to your property either during the daytime or after business hours, whatever your preferred time is. If there are certain policies or rules within your workplace, our staff will respect and observe them.

Moreover, you can take advantage of our free consultation and non-obligatory site inspection. We will provide an accurate estimate based on our understanding of your office cleaning needs. You also have the freedom to decide whether our proposition works for you or not. We provide a non-obligatory site inspection, free consultation and accurate quote for services you require.

3 Reasons to Hire Professional Commercial Cleaners

Many business owners mull over the option of outsourcing office cleaning services. A big part of their concern is the amount of money it would cost them to do so. What they do not realize is that hiring from the outside would actually save them more money. Apart from this, there are also other benefits they can get from outsourced commercial and office cleaners.

You get to hire experts
People from commercial cleaning companies have been properly trained and have extensive experience in cleaning commercial properties. Some companies, like Clean Group, even offers customised services so all your cleaning needs would be covered.

You have more time for things that matter
When you hire commercial cleaners you can pass on the cleaning responsibility to a specialist. That means you will have more time to attend to more important business matters. You can focus on your own specialisation while the cleaning specialists work their magic in your business property.

You actually save more money
Having your own cleaning team means recruiting your own staff and keeping them on your payroll. This would be a recurring financial obligation for you on top of other associated costs such as supplying the cleaning and safety supplies. You will also need to deal with staff training, retention and hiring again should any of your staff resigns. Moreover, upholding the highest cleaning standards will become a challenge for your organisation.

Outsourcing professional commercial cleaners may seem ominous at first. But in reality, the pros outweigh the cons. You do not only save money, but you also get premium cleaning quality and will have more time for important business matters.

Commercial Cleaning Office Cleaning Botany NSW Clean Group

Our entire cleaning infrastructure is state-of-the-art. From our industrial grade vacuum cleaners, top-of-the-line floor polishers and a wide range of pressure washers and handheld tools, all our cleaning devices are in the latest models and come with the highest specifications.

We also ensure that we are an eco-friendly commercial cleaning company. Our staff have a meticulous approach in handling all forms of wastes and debris. They also do not use any toxic or harmful chemicals. Clean Group does not just ensure your business place is in a pristine condition, we also make it a point to be environmentally-friendly.

Give us a call today and schedule a free consultation and site inspection. We will respond instantly and provide an accurate quote based on your specific needs.

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Botany NSW


Botany is a suburb located 11 kilometres south of Sydney CBD. It is part of Botany Bay's local government area and is administered by City of Botany Bay Council. This suburb was the landing site of Endeavour, the vessel commanded by Captain James Cook for his first voyage to Australia and New Zealand. On his journal, Cook called the bay as "Sting Ray Harbour" and "Botanist Bay". Later on, the names were replaced with its current name "Botany Bay".

First seen as a country retreat, Botany saw industrial developments after the era of the Second World War. Today, it has become both an industrial and residential area. The suburb is also referred to now as the "gateway" to Sydney. This is due to the various industries associated with aeroplanes, major arterial roads and seaports that continue to develop in the area. Click here for more information about the city of Botany NSW

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