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Commercial Cleaning | Office Cleaning | Blacktown NSW | Clean Group

We are the only commercial cleaning Office cleaning Blacktown company that provides first-rate cleaning services. Our reasonably priced cleaning plans and packages are available on a daily, weekly, monthly and fortnightly basis – depending on our clients’ needs. They enjoy the liberty to request customized cleaning services that will match their needs and financial plans.

Establishments We Have Covered

Being in the industry for more than 20 years have given Clean Group a deep understanding of the role a clean workplace play in forming a brand’s image. We know how it creates a positive first impression on clients. We are also aware of how it impacts the overall well-being of the employees and their productivity rate. That is why we have adapted our cleaning methods to match the varying needs of our customers. With Clean Group, setting up a cleaning schedule has been a lot easier regardless of the frequency – daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

Our team is made up of reliable, honest and skilled professionals. They are widely experienced and extensively trained to perform commercial cleaning functions. With their help, we can guarantee your workplace will be spotless and sparkling. Our management team also helps ensure the high quality of work provided to clients by regularly conducting evaluations of cleaning programs. We provide a non-obligatory site inspection, free consultation and accurate quote for commercial cleaning office cleaning Blacktown services you require.

Throughout the years, we have covered countless establishments all over Blacktown NSW. This gave us significant experience in cleaning all sorts of business establishments. Some of these include, but not limited to the following:

Corporate offices
Factories and warehouses
Car parks
Retail and shopping centres
Hotels and clubs
Restaurant and food establishments
Schools and colleges
Hospitals and nursing homes

Commercial Cleaning | Office Cleaning | Blacktown NSW | Clean Group

We hold the record for delivering an excellent quality of cleaning services to corporations and business organizations in Blacktown NSW. Our team of professional cleaners have extensive experience in making use of advanced cleaning technology to satisfy all our client’s needs. We follow the highest cleaning standards and promote nature-friendly values.

Our expert cleaners work hand in hand to achieve our vision. They give prime value to our customers’ satisfaction and prioritise their needs. They take advantage of the latest cleaning techniques that help exceed client expectations. They also give primacy to providing prompt assistance to clients, honesty, and high quality of work.

In order to meet a client’s desire for a spotless and immaculate workplace, our professional and expert cleaners provide the following services:

Daily office cleaning
Floor maintenance
General cleaning
Office equipment cleaning
High-pressure cleaning
Washroom cleaning services
Window cleaning
Office carpet cleaning
Disinfection and sanitisation

Why Select Our Services?

More and more business owners trust Clean Group’s commercial cleaning services. We are the most reliable team to handle all types of workplaces with utmost care. We aim to provide first-rate cleaning solutions that include all areas of concern, starting from the reception area, up to the last cubicle in the restroom.
In addition to our excellent services, Clean Group takes pride in our highly-trained commercial cleaners and friendly customer service providers. They are committed to give excellent results and exceed our customers’ expectation. They value the trust given by our clients, and so they do all that it takes to give 100% satisfaction.

If you want only the best commercial cleaning services in Blacktown, Clean Group is what you need. You can contact us through phone or fill out our online form to request for a quote.

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Blacktown NSW


Blacktown is a suburb located 34 kilometres west of Sydney CBD. It is known to be the largest suburb in New South Wales and one of the most multicultural places in Sydney. Before the First Fleet arrived in 1788, Blacktown was inhabited by various groups of Darug people. It was believed that almost half of their population died of smallpox and other diseases shortly after the arrival of the British fleet.

By 2016, the area was estimated to have a population of about 47,176 residents. These people come from various countries including Australia itself. The most common countries of origin apart from Australia were India, Philippines, China, New Zealand and Fiji.the population of Blacktown can be found here. Blacktown weather .

The City of Blacktown NSW information can be found in the page. Click here for more information about the city of Blacktown NSW

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