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When you’re in need of commercial cleaning, Clean Group is the best place to go. We help people improve their work life by improving the quality of their working environment. Over the years, we’ve built a stellar reputation as a cleaning support provider to businesses in the region.

We offer the most comprehensive cleaning services. Ours can cover the needs of a wide range of businesses from different industries and sectors. Our cleaning staff can service commercial properties, medical, educational and childcare facilities, as well as offices and strata.

We provide a non-obligatory site inspection, free consultation and accurate quote for commercial cleaning office cleaning Bayview services you require.

Trustworthy Service

Clean Group puts primacy on client security and trust. To safeguard our reputation as a trustworthy company, we take extra care in selecting professionals to join our team. We go to great lengths in order to find individuals who share the values as ours.

We require our staff to undergo background checks to provide our clients with the utmost security and confidence. In addition, they sign a confidentiality agreement that aims to protect the physical property and intellectual rights of our clients. All our staff also come to assigned locations in uniforms and identification cards.

On top of all these, our company has public liability insurance coverage to protect both parties against unwanted contingencies.

Another integral part of Clean Group’s trustworthy service is giving clients safe, eco-friendly cleaning solutions. We continuously look for new ways to enhance our methods and make it “greener”. Whenever we can, we always opt for organic cleaning products that don’t contain harmful chemicals.

This green solution is perfect for organisations and businesses under medical, childcare and food industry. But even those from other industries can benefit from going green. That’s because green cleaning ultimately provides a safer and healthier working environment for everyone.

Healthy and Safe Commercial Cleaning

The safety of both our staff and clients are important for us too. We believe that providing an unsafe service defeats the mission our company strives to uphold. This is why we fervently commit ourselves to healthy and safe business practices.

Our safety policies include 3 important actions - Identifying hazards, reporting accident/ incident and taking corrective actions. Hazard identification involves determining potential hazards in a given site. Staff are required to immediately report hazards to supervisors or operations managers so that necessary actions can be taken.

Moreover, we also require our cleaning staff to report accidents and incidents of any kind during cleaning implementations. Regardless of the severity, the injured person or his representative must provide a complete account of the incident.

Lastly, managers or supervisors should take corrective actions for any identified hazards, given that the client has been duly informed about it. Any corrective actions taken should also be detailed in order to prevent reoccurrence of the incident.

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Bayview NSW


Bayview is a residential suburb in Sydney, New South Wales. It is located 31 kilometres north of Sydney’s central business district. Its current name was derived from its location that affords a view of Pittwater. Patrick Bryan was one of the first known British settlers in this area. He built a house on today’s current site of the Bayview Golf Links in 1821.

While Bayview is dominantly residential, it serves as home to the largest yacht importer in Australia. It also houses the largest yacht share fleet and Pittwater’s largest yacht charter fleet. Click here for more information about the city of Bayview NSW

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