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Clean Group is a locally owned commercial cleaning company in Alexandria. We consist of an amazing team of trained and skilled commercial cleaners. Their unwavering dedication has made us the leading cleaning business in Syndey. It is their hard work that makes many business establishments welcoming inside and out.

We believe that a clean place is a happy place. So we have made it our personal mission to transform all working premises into one. We also want to make our services accessible for many. That’s why we make our services available at an affordable cost.

Our white-glove services can guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. It can make any workplace fresh and appealing. It will also turn your office into a place that fosters well-being and good health.

For cost-effective commercial cleaning, contact Clean Group immediately. We provide a non-obligatory site inspection, free consultation and accurate quote for commercial cleaning office cleaning Alexandria services you require.

The Leading Professional Office Cleaners in Alexandria

Clean Group provides only the best cleaning services in Alexandria. Our staff are experts in handling cleaning products and knows the standard safety procedures by heart. They work efficiently to produce results in superior quality and ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

We have provided cleaning support and maintenance services to a large number of businesses all over Sydney. Our areas of the commercial cleaning services include, but not limited to:

  • Offices
  • Medical Centres
  • Stratas
  • Gyms
  • Shopping Centres
  • Our goal is to provide a clean workplace that will enable your employees to be at their best and perform well. That is why we provide commercial cleaning services at affordable rates and in superior quality. We can modify cleaning service plans to fit your needs and budget.

    In addition, we also offer daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning. If you require spotless commercial cleaning, call our team of cleaning professionals and get an instant response.

    What to Expect from Clean Group

    Most business establishments in Sydney require a thorough cleaning usually at the end of the year or after any events or functions. Whatever the occasion may be, Clean Group can deliver excellent cleaning services that match your needs. That is because our cleaning staff in Alexandria are brilliant, conscientious, budget-friendly and timely professionals.

    For any commercial cleaning needs, approach our cleaning contacts in Sydney based on your location. We’d be happy to meet and discuss the cleaning requirements and plans with you. All our quotes are compulsion-free and we charge no hidden fees.

    We have covered various types of commercial building, from multi-storey offices, industrial complexes, to smaller strata offices. We are familiar with each office type, so we know the different approaches to cleaning. Our team of professional cleaners also go the extra mile to provide first-class cleaning results while our customer support team promptly responds to all customer queries.

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    Alexandria NSW


    Alexandria is an inner-city suburb of Sydney NSW that is part of the City of Sydney's local government area. It is located 4 kilometres to the south of Sydney CBD and is roughly bounded by 4 roads on all directions. It was believed that the suburb was named after Princess Alexandra, Queen consort of King Edward VI, but the naming of the area predates the Princess’ birth date by 6 years.

    This suburb is a highly industrial suburb with moderate to high-density residential areas. Terraced housing once populated Alexandria but they were demolished for industrial use and warehousing. Today, only clusters quiet residential areas stands along the northern boundary of the suburb. Click here for more information about the city of Alexandria NSW

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