Clean Group Defence Shield. Electrostatic sprayer application technology together with Zoono-71 Surface Sanitiser Killing up to 99.99% of germs for up to 30 days TGA Approved.

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  • Up To 30 Days Of Virus Protection


Say Goodbye To Your Cleaning Worries

Commercial Sanitising Services & Office Disinfecting Cleaning Services for Complete Virus Protection

Clean Group is an expert cleaning & disinfection service provider with specialization in COVID-19 disinfecting & sanitising. Our cleaners are fully trained in comprehensive cleaning, disinfection & sanitising of a place for proper infection control of harmful viruses, germs & bacteria. Call us today for a free on-site quote!









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Trusted by thousands of businesses throughout Australia.

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Sydney office cleaning

Top Sanitising & Disinfecting Cleaning Company Australia

At Clean Group, we are committed to helping you keep your business premises, offices as well as your warehouse clean and protected against viruses and germs through highly effective office disinfecting and sanitising cleaning services and solutions.

Hire our expert office disinfecting cleaners to disinfect your office to get rid of any unwanted guests like viruses, germs, bacteria and COVID 19 commonly found on surfaces and other accessible & inaccessible areas. Getting your place sanitised on a regular basis will help prevent the spread of harmful germs & viruses that may compromise the health of your staff or family.

Did you know coronavirus (COVID-19) can spread through touch? Many common things & frequently touched surfaces at your office, such as telephone, , keyboards, door handles, water faucets, etc. are frequently used by multiple people who may house unseen viruses & germs, some even more dangerous than COVID-19. Mere touching these surfaces can shift the virus to your body and will eventually make you sick, very very sick! Similarly, sensitive areas like toilet seats hold a lot of disease-causing germs. This is why it’s not enough to just clean your house or office for dust & dirt. You also need to get your place regularly sanitised & disinfected to stop the spread of these deadly viruses, germs & bacteria to ensure complete health safety of your people.

Our cleaning specialists at Clean Group use high-quality cleaning solutions, sanitisers & disinfectants to effectively clean your place of all viruses in no time. As of now, we provide services in Sydney & Brisbane regions but feel free to call our service availability at your location. To book our disinfecting/sanitising service or to request a free on-site quote, you can call our sales team at 1300073089.

Our Sanitising Cleaning & Disinfecting Cleaning Services

We are proud of being Australia’s leading cleaning and disinfecting company that specializes in the coronavirus((COVID-19))-proof disinfecting & sanitising of commercial and residential properties.

  • Daily cleaning of your house or office is recommended to keep your family/staff healthy and safe. Hire our full-time cleaners for daily cleaning & disinfection of your place.
  • Weekly Cleaning Based on your specific requirements & preference, we can also offer customized, weekly or bi-weekly cleaning service, where our cleaners will help keep your premises clean & safe.
  • Sanitising Cleaning We also offer commercial sanitising services to hospitals, medical centres and other places where our trained team of cleaners uses industrial-grade sanitisers to eliminate germs & bacteria.
  • Disinfecting Cleaning To make your place and family safe from harmful germs and viruses, you can now hire our commercial disinfecting services Sydney. Our team of expert cleaners will disinfect all surfaces at your place.
  • Same-day Cleaning We also provide emergency, one-day cleaning and office sanitising services where we can arrange our best cleaners’ team for your project within the 24-hours notice. Book Now!
  • Cleaning Consulting Have questions or want to know about safe sanitising, cleaning and disinfecting practices for infection control of viruses? Give us a call to consult your requirements with our experts.

Why choose Clean Group’s Sanitising Cleaning & Disinfecting Cleaning Services

Besides being an expert and highly experienced disinfection cleaning company in Sydney, we are known for our modern, eco-friendly and safe cleaning practices with amazing virus cleaning capabilities.

Disinfecting Surfaces

Most of the disease-causing viruses such as COVID-19 are found on surfaces. We will clean & disinfect all the surfaces at your place, removing most types of germs.

Non-Toxic, Green Solutions

We only use non-toxic, eco-friendly and certified cleaning solutions and chemicals that are safe for humans, children & pets and effective for infection control.

Quick Office Disinfecting Service Results

Quick Cleaning Results

We can arrange a cleaning team for you within 24 hours. Our expert cleaners take minimal time to thoroughly disinfect & sanitise your place for the best results.

Outstanding Support

To make sure you remain safe & happy always, we have a dedicated support team to take care of all your queries and help requirements.

Office Sanitising Services

Industries We Serve

We provide sanitising cleaning and office disinfecting services to individuals, and businesses of all kinds, including but not limited to

  • Businesses
  • Medical Centre & Healthcare
  • Hospital Cleaning
  • Public Areas & Transport
  • Government Offices
  • Hotels & Restaurants
  • Offices & Warehouses
  • Retail Stores

Frequently Asked Questions

We specialize in the cleaning and disinfection/sanitising of a place for infectious things like body fluid, blood, viruses, bird dropping, odour, sewage spills, sharps, needles, syringes, etc. at hospitals, warehouses, prisons, ambulance and similar places for preventing the spread of infection.

Besides the regular cleaning, dusting and mopping of all your floors, furniture, etc., we will also disinfect sensitive areas like beds, tables, floors, kitchen/bathroom tiles, toilet seats, etc. to kill germs & bacteria. Also, we can sanitise your medical equipment, tools, gloves, etc. to make them free of viruses and other harmful things.

Our cleaning services are highly affordable and one of the best in Australia. We do not have a fixed price quote, as we offer custom quotes based on the specific cleaning requirements and expectations of a project/client. Call us for a free on-site inspection of your place, based on which we will give you the best price quote.

Yes, all our cleaners are properly licensed to professionally offer cleaning services using safe & high-quality solutions. Also, we have public liability insurance and workers’ compensation insurance for the entire team of cleaners. We only hire experienced and police-verified personnel to work with us.

What Our Clients Say About Our Service

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