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We Are Clean Group!

We take pride in being Australia’s leading commercial cleaning company with a team of dedicated and experienced office cleaners who are passionate about their work.

Clean Group is a team of 50+ highly skilled and expert cleaning professionals, who are experienced in professional cleaning of a range of commercial and residential properties, including offices, warehouses, retail stores, malls, hospitals, childcare centres, and more. We train our cleaners to follow a safe and toxic-free cleaning process and use only high-quality, eco-friendly products to ensure the health of our customers.

Meet our team here and get to know more about their backgrounds, work experience and specialities.

team head
Founder > Clean Group

Suji Siv

Hi, This is Suji, owner and CEO at Clean Group. I am responsible for overseeing the important business operations at the company. I also make major decisions regarding the use and distribution of resources, team and positions. I take regular meetings of the team to assess the growth parameters and take decisions accordingly.

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Regional Operations Managers

The management team at the Clean Group comprises of hard working and dedicated individuals who have proven their expertise and leading capabilities over time and so have been selected to lead our branch offices.



Responsible for managing day-to-day cleaning operations and the team, collecting reports from the team and taking timely actions on clients’ feedback.

amelia annand


Working as a Commercial Cleaning operations manager at Clean group Melbourne, I manage cleaning operations and projects for my team in Brisbane.

beau sleeman


As an operations manager at Clean Group, I oversee cleaning operations and manage day-to-day cleaning jobs in Brisbane on behalf of Clean Group.


Cleaning Supervisors

Our cleaning team consists of some of the best and most experienced cleaners in Australia. Over time, we have employed many expert cleaners who continue to provide top quality services to our clients.



I design strategy for new cleaning projects and manage my team and cleaning supplies/tools before, during and after the cleaning work.



I manage a team of commercial cleaners at Clean Group Brisbane. I lead the team during the cleaning of offices around Brisbane.



I have been working with Clean Group for 3 years and manage my team during the cleaning projects.



As a full-time cleaner, I provide cleaning services to offices, hospitals, shops, etc. around Sydney on behalf of Clean Group.