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All About Zetland NSW

Zetland is an inner suburb of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia 4 kilometres south of the Sydney central business district, in the local government area of the City of Sydney. Zetland is a largely industrial suburb with medium- to high-density residential areas.Wikipedia

Zetland is the beautiful area of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia and Commercial cleaning and office cleaning Zetland services by Clean Group Sydney play an important role in it.

Weather Report of Zetland NSW, Australia

Map of Zetland in New South Wales

Demographics of Zetland, NSW

Area: 80 ha
Postal code: 2017
LGA(s): City of Sydney
Weather: 21 °C, Wind NE at 19 km/h, 65% Humidity
Location: 4 km (2 mi) south of Sydney CBD
Population: 10,078 (2016 census)

Clean Group Zetland

Everything You Need To Know About Zetland NSW

Photo Courtesy of: Meriton Suites Zetland

Meriton Suites Zetland

Address: 8 Defries Ave, Zetland NSW 2017, Australia

Main Phone: (02) 8074 9000

View Meriton Suites Zetland on Google

Latitude: -33.9076337

Longitude: 151.2126387

Did you know that Meriton Suites Zetland rates 4.4/5 based on 1347 total ratings?

Reviews for Meriton Suites Zetland

Melissa Jensen


2 months ago

Stayed here in 2013. Amazing apartment, spacious with all mod cons. Quiet, despite Southern Cross Drive close by. Staff were friendly, warm, and welcoming. I needed extra days, was done immediately. Easy access from almost anywhere. Great base if you plan to do anything in and around Sydney. I look forward to staying again, once lockdowns over. I highly recommend this place.



a month ago

My friend lives here. He complained about the weak wall structure. But the rest is great. Good views, top-notch infrastructure, and access to a variety of facilities.



a month ago

Just letting everyone know this is a COVID hotel/respite centre for those covid positive Sydney people who can’t quarantine at home or have just come out of hospital and still positive. It has been a COVID hotel for close to 18mths and the staff/medical people/police all walk around Zetland & in the shopping centre.

Photo Courtesy of: Meriton Suites Waterloo

Meriton Suites Waterloo

Address: 30 Danks St, Waterloo NSW 2017, Australia

Main Phone: (02) 8394 4200

View Meriton Suites Waterloo on Google

Latitude: -33.8981821

Longitude: 151.215217

Did you know that Meriton Suites Waterloo rates 4.3/5 based on 1052 total ratings?

Reviews for Meriton Suites Waterloo

Anae Liu


6 months ago

Great place to stay! We had the two bedroom apartment and it was huge! Beds were very comfortable, location was great – walking distance to the local shops with a wide variety of restaurants. Only negative thing i have to say is the distance from the part of the building we were in to the entry/exit of the hotel was very long.

Emma Halfpenny


a month ago

Hard to get anyone to answer the phone at reception. Tv doesn’t work, balcony doors don’t lock, shower head falls down and after a sleepless night of road works they wake you up with a fire drill.

K Forster


4 months ago

Fine for one night and the apartments are huge. Looks lovely from the outside but as soon as you go in, it’s not very clean. Scuff marks over every wall and surface in the building. Bright white lighting everywhere.

Photo Courtesy of: Nadz

The milk bar by Cafeish

Address: Shop 1/105 Regent St, Redfern NSW 2016, Australia

Main Phone: (02) 9698 8598

View The milk bar by Cafeish on Google

Latitude: -33.8919009

Longitude: 151.2008303

Did you know that The milk bar by Cafeish rates 4.2/5 based on 629 total ratings?

Reviews for The milk bar by Cafeish

Leah Schwarz


a month ago

The loaded fries here are SENSATIONAL. Best in Sydney. A real cheat-day treat. The fries are so crispy and golden they’re more like wedges, and the mac and cheese is so creamy and cheesy and smooth with the most amazing chili kick which just ties the dish together. 10/10!

philipp friedrich


a year ago

Pretty good burger place. Nice and cosy, good pick and I’d come again for sure..

Some of the desserts are calories nuclear bombs but absolutely amazing.

Definitely a.l good spot for a cheat day if you’re bulking 😊

Stephen Oroszvari


5 months ago

This place is fun, the burgers are good value. It wasn’t very busy, the food took a tad longer than I would expect fast food to arrive. Probably, because there was only one cook tonight. The “oomph” was missing from the burgers, they tasted a bit too bland for me. The aoli used for chip dipping sauce and for the burgers was too sweet, kind of like something cheaper out of the bottle. Other than that, I will be back.

Photo Courtesy of: The Grounds of Alexandria

The Grounds of Alexandria

Address: 7a/2 Huntley St, Alexandria NSW 2015, Australia

Main Phone: (02) 9699 2225

View The Grounds of Alexandria on Google

Latitude: -33.9106777

Longitude: 151.1941376

Did you know that The Grounds of Alexandria rates 4.1/5 based on 3632 total ratings?

Reviews for The Grounds of Alexandria

Sophie Evans


a year ago

Nice atmosphere but the food was underwhelming, especially for how much it cost.

nandini v


a week ago

This is one of my favourite restaurant and cafe in Sydney. The atmosphere and vibe is charming. Every time they have got some or the other theme setup done. The coffee is the highlight, as it’s always smooth and consistent. Wherever I had the grounds coffee beans, it never disappoints. Whoever visiting Sydney, should try this place.

Rekha Goel


a year ago

Hi. I would like to just drop my review as we went there yesterday to celebrate Father’s day. On hearing some good things about the food and the venue, I booked breakfast (The Cafe). It was really disappointing, both the food and the customer service. We ordered a Croissant for my son but It came out cold. No option of warm or cold was mentioned on the online menu. As my son prefers a warm/toasted one, I requested them if they could just warm it up and bring, but I was informed that it cannot be done!!! My son had a cold croissant which wasn’t his choice though. Then came our food which was again cold, even the breads were dried out. We asked for freshly crushed black pepper and sachets were handed to us. Very poor quality food was served. The customer service was also very disappointing, the staff was just not interested in the requests. It looked like for them its just about eat whatever is served! We did not enjoy our breakfast time at all and would definitely think twice before recommending this place.

Photo Courtesy of: Sydney Tools Alexandria

Sydney Tools Alexandria

Address: 88 Bourke Rd, Alexandria NSW 2015, Australia

Main Phone: (02) 9690 0875

View Sydney Tools Alexandria on Google

Latitude: -33.9102005

Longitude: 151.1961656

Did you know that Sydney Tools Alexandria rates 4.2/5 based on 587 total ratings?

Reviews for Sydney Tools Alexandria



in the last week

Highly recommend George (funny guy) and Chris who working there. If you are looking for something or wanna asking for help. These two gentlemen are your helpers. This is the only and very first time I had a very satisfied shopping experience with Sydney Tools Alexandria. Thanks a lot guys

Lohan Goncalves


3 weeks ago

Do not but anything in this store!!!
I had a very bad experience on Sydney Tools Alexandria. Bad service, staff does not treat customer with kindness.

I’ve got a core drill gun from them and it stopped working in the first day of use. I came back to swap it for another one at the end of the day and I got told that they couldn’t swap it for a new one. They took it to fix and told me to come first thing in the morning in the next day and it would be ready. I came back 8:30 on the following day and no one even had a look to fix that. I had to cancel my job at that day because of them and came back home. Next day I came back to pick up the core drill gun and the guy who was dealing with me said the core drill fix suppose to have a charge on it but they would do it for free at this time.

That’s ridiculous!!! I’ve paid $1500,00 for a new product, it stop working in a day, they denied to swap for a new one, come back in the next day it wasn’t ready, I had to cancel my job and I still had to listen that it suppose to have a fee on it. Shame!!!

Tu Khuu


in the last week

Many thanks to Chad for the excellent customer service. I strongly recommend this gentleman and this store. Once again, Thank you for assisting me.

Photo Courtesy of: 贺Helen

Bread & Circus

Address: 21 Fountain St, Alexandria NSW 2015, Australia

Main Phone: 0418 214 425

View Bread & Circus on Google

Latitude: -33.9021436

Longitude: 151.1954983

Did you know that Bread & Circus rates 4/5 based on 545 total ratings?

Reviews for Bread & Circus

Wes Lo


in the last week

There is a big gap between the quality of the food and the menu just like the rest of the reviews pointed out. Ordered the pancakes and it has a texture of a rubber, the cream curd has gone off sour and the banana wasn’t caramelized as stated. Big let down for the price point.

Elle Formica


3 weeks ago

Food here is really great but it’s soo $$. Can never get through on the phone either 🙁

Dee Name


7 months ago

Coffee was good, almond milk tasted fresh and was made creamy and strong. I ordered the sourdough Meredith chèvre sandwich box which was enormous, if you are not starving you can share that with a friend. I feel that they need to concentrate more on their seasoning and balancing of flavors. They are in the inner city and if they want to compete they need to at least wow Sydney with the flavors. This whole area is pretty interesting but the communal bathroom is atrocious.

Photo Courtesy of: Goodstart Early Learning Kensington

Goodstart Early Learning

Address: 1 Black Lion Pl, Kensington NSW 2033, Australia

Main Phone: 1800 222 543

View Goodstart Early Learning on Google

Latitude: -33.905195

Longitude: 151.216792

Did you know that Goodstart Early Learning rates 4.3/5 based on 18 total ratings?

Reviews for Goodstart Early Learning

Ying Yang


a month ago

My son enjoyed his stay in Goodstart very much. He built strong connections with his educators, and played well with the kids. The environment of the centre is really good, educators in nursery room are really caring.

Jo Potts


7 months ago

We have been so happy with Goodstart Kensington – from the teachers to the admin staff who have always been so easy to deal with and so accommodating. My kids loved their time there and we could not have asked for more than what was provided. My kids had such a great experience the whole way through Goodstart Kensington from nursery to pre-school; everyone of the teachers are caring and are fantastic at teaching.

Maki Varas


8 months ago

I feel like my son has been discriminated against in this centre. I have tried to get him into the centre for a few months now and they have let many other children in except for mine. I spoke to head office which advised the centre had openings availableo for my son’s age but then when we went in for the booked tour, and they saw my son, the director advised there was no availability. Now I have called again and head office again advised they could see there was availability on Mondays and Fridays but when I spoke to the director again she saw it was my son and advised they are now “overbooked”. She then proceeded to advise that they have let 12 other children in this year although my son was on the waiting list. I don’t understand why this is happening or why she has chosen to not let my son in but I will definitely not be recommending this centre as we feel completely discriminated against.

Photo Courtesy of: Secret Garden Backpackers

Secret Garden Backpackers

Address: 243 Cleveland St, Sydney NSW 2016, Australia

Main Phone: (02) 9189 4173

View Secret Garden Backpackers on Google

Latitude: -33.889918

Longitude: 151.2061779

Did you know that Secret Garden Backpackers rates 3.1/5 based on 131 total ratings?

Reviews for Secret Garden Backpackers



4 months ago

When I first arrived to Sydney 2 years ago, this was the best hostel I could ever wish for! It had such a family vibe environment but since then I have visited several times and not had the same experience.

I even worked here at one point two years ago for a while and we had such a close staff team who were very helpful and friendly and everyone in the hostel was so inviting back then, everyone helped everyone get jobs, we had a days out everywhere with groups of 20-50 people.

I’m not sure what happened with all the management changes and new rules applied here. My phone is filled with so many photos of good memories that we shared here.

This hostel was such a good location, close to the park, close to the station, great coffee across the road at Dina’s cafe.

I’m sure if you looked far enough in the reviews you’ll find another review from myself going on about how good this place was at the time.

Ian Larkin


3 months ago

I absolutely love this place! The new manager Florencia is such a star! I stayed a few month back and can honestly say this hostel changed a lot. Much nicer people, the showers are very clean these days. Even free yoga classes are offered! Have never tried it before but loved it! Keep up the good work!

Family PC


4 months ago

Got my nose broke by a drunk guest, staff didn’t call ambulance or even ask if I was okay.

Photo Courtesy of: Moore Park View Hotel

Moore Park View Hotel

Address: 853 S Dowling St, Waterloo NSW 2017, Australia

Main Phone: (02) 9310 2875

View Moore Park View Hotel on Google

Latitude: -33.9009685

Longitude: 151.2147553

Did you know that Moore Park View Hotel rates 4.2/5 based on 366 total ratings?

Reviews for Moore Park View Hotel

Troy Luff


a week ago

Great to be back at the pub again and this is certainly your good old fashioned pub. Really friendly and helpful staff, good prices and a great pub meal. The only reason it wasn’t 5 stars was I ordered a HOT apple pie for dessert but it was quite small and cold as though it had come straight out of the fridge

Pat Norman


a year ago

Biggest (and arguably the best) Chicken Parmi in Sydney. Trivia on a Tuesday night is OUTSTANDING. The food and service here is fantastic and I genuinely love this pub. I have friends who come down from up north just to enjoy their parmi, and the buffalo wings are top shelf as well. VISIT THIS EXCELLENT PUB.

Stevanie Salim


4 months ago

We came for lunch and ordered the chicken burger. Both chickens on the burger was burnt. Mine was worst than my partners. I couldn’t even taste the chicken itself due to the burnt crumbs on the exterior. I had to pick off the crumbs to eat it. The chicken itself was also very dry.

I don’t think we will come back anytime soon.

Photo Courtesy of: Greg Chappell Cricket Centre

Greg Chappell Cricket Centre

Address: 106/35 Doody St, Alexandria NSW 2015, Australia

Main Phone: 1800 469 928

View Greg Chappell Cricket Centre on Google

Latitude: -33.9167807

Longitude: 151.1958106

Did you know that Greg Chappell Cricket Centre rates 4.6/5 based on 47 total ratings?

Reviews for Greg Chappell Cricket Centre

Dilum Bandara


in the last week

Helpful staff and quick service. Pretty good collection. Staff wasn’t sure of what prices advertised online vs store

cameron lamb


3 months ago

Great store, awesome range and great staff. Would recommend this business

Alan O’Connell


a week ago

Great range and excellent service. Especially considering current covid restrictions.

Photo Courtesy of: Three Blue Ducks Rosebery

Three Blue Ducks Rosebery

Address: 1/85 Dunning Ave, Rosebery NSW 2018, Australia

Main Phone: (02) 7251 8662

View Three Blue Ducks Rosebery on Google

Latitude: -33.9169885

Longitude: 151.2022776

Did you know that Three Blue Ducks Rosebery rates 4.1/5 based on 841 total ratings?

Reviews for Three Blue Ducks Rosebery

Linda Robson


in the last week

A great spot for a lovely week day lunch with friends. We were too early for the roast lamb but still had a lovely lunch including pork burgers 🍔 , chicken 🍗 and prawns 🍤 The staff were lovely and friendly. The one watch out is that the chicken may look like it’s undercooked because it is but pinkish near the bone but it is perfectly cooked, tender and delicious.

Aditi Puri


in the last week

There is something seriously wrong with this place. I wish I could give zero stars. Such a horrible food 🙁 Had high hopes because of Andy Allen’s name attached to the restaurant. Very very disappointed. Only good thing was prawns in the entree. Chicken was too dry was not even going down our throat. 🙁 Any other charcoal place makes better chicken. Desserts not sure if that was intentional, the chocolate mousse was served on the bed of salt 🙁 i know it is recommended by chefs to put a pinch of salt in every dessert but it was too much salt we could hardly taste mousse. Another dessert for rice pudding was not having any sugar in it. I have never eaten any rice pudding in the world which has absolutely no sugar in it. Our evening was spoiled completely. Never coming back again and not recommending to anyone ever.

Ashley Mannino


2 weeks ago

Super fresh and absolutely incredible food in such a warm and inviting space (definitely take the time to look up!). The team are bubbly and happy, and more than capable of accommodating multiple complex food intolerances. Their booking services is seamless as well. I honestly couldn’t have had a better brunch – thank you!!

Photo Courtesy of: Suttons City Holden Service

Suttons City Holden Service

Address: Showroom 1/2 Link Rd, Zetland NSW 2017, Australia

Main Phone: (02) 9062 4062

View Suttons City Holden Service on Google

Latitude: -33.9112305

Longitude: 151.2113052

Did you know that Suttons City Holden Service rates 3.7/5 based on 264 total ratings?

Reviews for Suttons City Holden Service



a month ago

Inconsistent, and wanted to overcharge.

They wanted me to pay a third of the value of the car in replacing things that were apparently ‘worn’ when there was nothing wrong with the car, as I had it checked at an official Holden place in another part of Sydney.

They just wanted my cash. Also “cloudy brake fluid” sounds like a money grab upon reflection.. Wouldn’t go here except for basics like a pink slip. Not sure if this place is even an official Holden service place anymore.

It’s a shame cause I had a decent experience here few years ago.

Josh Bradburn


2 months ago

Called up to try and order parts for my car, to get repairs done here. Service advisors aren’t available until 10:30am. I am a shift worker who works night shifts. Promised a call back on 4 occasions, no calls received. Every time I called through to try again, same response. “We need to get the documents for you and that will take a few hours. And we will email the service advisors to give you a call”

If I could rate 0 stars, I would be. Avoid taking your car here for repairs.

Mafe Bravo


3 months ago

Sorin was an incredible man to work with during the purchase of two cars! He was very lovely, patient and thorough 🙂 An absolute pleasure to be able to buy a car so comfortably and securely.

Photo Courtesy of: Rizwan F

Sydney City Toyota Waterloo

Address: 824 Bourke St, Waterloo NSW 2017, Australia

Main Phone: (02) 9690 9999

View Sydney City Toyota Waterloo on Google

Latitude: -33.8998657

Longitude: 151.2108116

Did you know that Sydney City Toyota Waterloo rates 4.4/5 based on 808 total ratings?

Reviews for Sydney City Toyota Waterloo

Usman Liaqat


in the last week

I went to see the car which was listed for 29,888$. When asked, the car did not have service history available. For 51000 Km there were only 1 service log was listed. They did not know how many owners the car had. The independent car-history was not available. So dodgy. I will definitely take this further and shoot few emails to Toyota and report how they are stealing people money.

I asked Les to negotiate negotiate the price a bit as the car did not have the log history as listed on their ad. On the ad it states that car comes with full log history. They never got back to me and meanwhile they raised the price on their add from 29888 to 30,888$!! I called few times to speak to the manager, but was turned away saying the manager is on call.

These people are absolute greedy and just want to steal money from people. Highly unprofessionals. BE AWARE!

Alison Mcdermott


2 weeks ago

Customer service was poor. 2 different sales people said they would send me details and never followed through. I then arranged a test drive with the manager, and when I turned up for the test drive, the car had been sold and no one bothered to let me know. I think this was a sign I was not meant to do business with this dealership.

Dean Nikolaou


a month ago

The service team are great front line staff. Very friendly. Treasure them with Tim Tam’s. Unfortunately had a negative sales person experience. Can not beat Japanrse consideration engineering. Very proud to have my Toyota. ありがとうございました

Photo Courtesy of: Chris Sinclair

Dan Murphy’s Alexandria

Address: 2/10 Fountain St, Alexandria NSW 2015, Australia

Main Phone: 1300 723 388

View Dan Murphy’s Alexandria on Google

Latitude: -33.902352

Longitude: 151.1949565

Did you know that Dan Murphy’s Alexandria rates 4.4/5 based on 1229 total ratings?

Reviews for Dan Murphy’s Alexandria

Shaun Collier


in the last week

Great choice of foods and friendly staff. All covid safe. Also some great specials each week

Adam Pasfield


in the last week

Great place to get a discount on the 6 bottles of 1l generic vodka to hide around that house. That vodka may be the only thing keeping you sane when the kids throw a tantrum, but the smile on the cashier’s face at 10am makes me feel like my life is less of a crime scene and more of a depressing indie film

Mick C


2 months ago

Great shop. Next to Woolworths. Can do all your essential shopping in one go.

Photo Courtesy of: racka hattori


Address: 411 Cleveland St, Redfern NSW 2016, Australia

Main Phone: (02) 9319 5027

View bp on Google

Latitude: -33.8917982

Longitude: 151.2132364

Did you know that bp rates 3.4/5 based on 53 total ratings?

Reviews for bp

Anya Nova


10 months ago

We were running out of petrol and still had about 3L left (26km worth), we put 5L to make it to our destination without stress (6km away) in which cost $7 and when we drove off the petrol was still exactly the same! Paid $7 for no petrol, dodgy.

Caroline maaelopa


11 months ago

Its a really small supermarket but it really doesn’t have that many varieties of brands you could buy and its a bit expensive

Adam Zampa


4 months ago

I visited this servo about an hour ago to my surprise it was flooded with cars in courtyard( illegally parked) it took me 10min to park just to buy a water bottle. To my surprise the store inside was deserted. This servo serves as a car park for illegal parking. My advice don’t come here and waste your time.

Photo Courtesy of: CAMILLA AND MARC Head Office


Address: 287 Young St, Waterloo NSW 2017, Australia

Main Phone: (02) 9358 5177

View CAMILLA AND MARC Head Office on Google

Latitude: -33.9017778

Longitude: 151.2077476

Did you know that CAMILLA AND MARC Head Office rates 4/5 based on 2 total ratings?

Reviews for CAMILLA AND MARC Head Office

Sherif Khalifa


11 months ago

Asad Khan


a year ago

Photo Courtesy of: Noel Hanigan

Store DJ

Address: 2/108 Botany Rd, Alexandria NSW 2015, Australia

Main Phone: (02) 9993 0758

View Store DJ on Google

Latitude: -33.8981099

Longitude: 151.1994703

Did you know that Store DJ rates 4.7/5 based on 881 total ratings?

Reviews for Store DJ

Benjamin Le


a year ago

Amazing service, caring and helpful staff! It’s always a great experience buying with StoreDJ. They would provide advice and help even when I wasn’t a paying customer. These guys are the real deal, and would recommend to anyone.

Adam M


3 months ago

Absolutely fantastic service. These guys are the very best. Super fast shipping, willing to price match competitors to ensure best deal. Having dealt with some very average to poor competitors, won’t think of shopping elsewhere in future. Many thanks again guys, keep up the great work.

James Flett


a month ago

Absolute top tier store. Staff are incredibly helpful and go above and beyond to service your needs. Any queries, problems or concerns are efficiently and promptly responded to with customer care clearly being very apparent. Especially during lockdown, they’re extremely responsive and do the most to get what you need. Wouldn’t go elsewhere.

Photo Courtesy of: Australian Meat Emporium

Australian Meat Emporium

Address: 29/31 O’Riordan St, Alexandria NSW 2015, Australia

Main Phone: (02) 9690 0979

View Australian Meat Emporium on Google

Latitude: -33.9109071

Longitude: 151.1979047

Did you know that Australian Meat Emporium rates 4.5/5 based on 448 total ratings?

Reviews for Australian Meat Emporium

Isaac Kutcher


a week ago

Australian Meat Emporium is hands down the best place to get meat in inner Sydney. The warehouse is huge and has an incredible selection of meat on display that you can browse yourself and choose your own portions.

The staff are also wonderfully helpful and will assist in not only choosing the best cuts, but will also provide cooking and preparation tips as well as carving and dicing the meat to whatever the specifications.

Dav Hoban


3 weeks ago

Always love a trip to the big fridge..!! So much quality meat to choose from at reasonable prices. It’s not as cheap as ‘Coles’, but then the quality far trumps the supermarket meat. You pay for what you get… and I’m happy to pay a tiny bit more for far better quality!

Rob Greenhalgh Ward


a year ago

Great place to shop and amazing variety! A meat wonderland!

Photo Courtesy of: Ernesto Llamas

ALDI Australia

Address: 20A Danks St, Waterloo NSW 2017, Australia

Main Phone: 13 25 34

View ALDI Australia on Google

Latitude: -33.8976048

Longitude: 151.2122587

Did you know that ALDI Australia rates 4.3/5 based on 1157 total ratings?

Reviews for ALDI Australia



a year ago

A small store with hardly any people to ask about products 🙁

Craig Hennessy


a year ago

Good medium size store, but very often slow line to registers , even with not many people in the store.. particularly if the store manager is needed with a customer (this happens all the time!!)

Jackson Preston


a year ago

Decently sized Aldi but the parking is hard to access

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