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All About Moorebank NSW

Moorebank is a suburb of Sydney, in the state of New South Wales, Australia. Moorebank is located 27 kilometers southwest of the Sydney central business district in the local government area of the City of Liverpool. Moorebank features a mix of residential and industrial areas.

Moorebank is a beautiful area of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, and Commercial cleaning and office cleaning services Moorebank by Clean Group Sydney play an important role in it.

Weather Report of Moorebank NSW, Australia

Map of Moorebank in New South Wales
Demographic of Moorebank NSW

Postal code: 2170
LGA(s): City of Liverpool
Location: 27 km (17 mi) south-west of Sydney CBD
17 °C, Wind NE at 8 km/h, 67% Humidity
9,747 (2016 census)

Clean Group Moorebank

Everything You Need To Know About Moorebank NSW

Photo Courtesy of: Rhys T

Woodlands Tandoori Liverpool

Address: 238 George St, Liverpool NSW 2170, Australia

Main Phone: (02) 9734 9969

View Woodlands Tandoori Liverpool on Google

Latitude: -33.9234474

Longitude: 150.9249499

Did you know that Woodlands Tandoori Liverpool rates 3.8/5 based on 264 total ratings?

Reviews for Woodlands Tandoori Liverpool

Hiral Trehan


5 months ago

Really good Food & service. I would have given 100 star if I could. Best service I ever had in an Indian Restaurant. Strongly recommend. I’ll definitely come back here in my next holidays in Sydney.

vijay singh


a week ago

Very clean good food and excellent service recommend highly.

Ricki T


10 months ago

Great experience! Good customer service. Good food. Cheaper than other places. Would recommend 👍👍

Photo Courtesy of: C J’s Sandwich Factory

C J’s Sandwich Factory

Address: 21/30 Heathcote Rd, Moorebank NSW 2170, Australia

Main Phone: (02) 9824 2776

View C J’s Sandwich Factory on Google

Latitude: -33.9308443

Longitude: 150.9340253

Did you know that C J’s Sandwich Factory rates 4.2/5 based on 26 total ratings?

Reviews for C J’s Sandwich Factory

Josh Howard


a year ago

Tasty tasty tasty and great service to match. Ordered via Deliveroo and both the lady in the cafe who called me to advise driver on the way, and the man delivering the food were lovely people. The food was fresh, tasty and I’m very impressed. Hot chips how they used to taste growing up, good gravy and fresh sandwiches. Awesome stuff, thanks!

Brendan Heffernan


3 months ago

The bacon and egg rolls ever.

Alex Cordova


a year ago

Always leave there smiling or laughing, great crew

Photo Courtesy of: ibis budget Casula Liverpool

ibis budget Casula Liverpool

Address: 437 Hume Highway Corner Of Grove Street, Casula NSW 2170, Australia

Main Phone: (02) 9822 2777

View ibis budget Casula Liverpool on Google

Latitude: -33.9391012

Longitude: 150.9125091

Did you know that ibis budget Casula Liverpool rates 3.7/5 based on 343 total ratings?

Reviews for ibis budget Casula Liverpool

Rod Howarth


3 months ago

Pretty comfortable budget motel. Much better than was expected. Very close to fast food outlets.

sayyed bakhtiar


2 weeks ago

So much easily low prices economy budget packages

simone ryan


9 months ago

Great for the price you pay. Staff very helpful

Photo Courtesy of: Jaime De Andrade

Liverpool City Library

Address: 170 George St, Liverpool NSW 2170, Australia

Main Phone: (02) 8711 7177

View Liverpool City Library on Google

Latitude: -33.9219191

Longitude: 150.9258387

Did you know that Liverpool City Library rates 4.3/5 based on 150 total ratings?

Reviews for Liverpool City Library

Susan Pearson


a week ago

Only visited the coffee shop for a much needed coffee. Well placed and acceptable coffee.

kim seok jin salam


a month ago

I would like to visit Liverpool library, is there any Arabic story book like poetry and stuff I can find in Liverpool? Thank you.

marc vangelderen


5 months ago

A comfortable & restful place. Coffee very well brewed.

Photo Courtesy of: The Reject Shop

The Reject Shop

Address: Shop M5B, Westfield, 124 Macquarie St, Liverpool NSW 2170, Australia

Main Phone: (02) 9822 8118

View The Reject Shop on Google

Latitude: -33.9188738

Longitude: 150.9223069

Did you know that The Reject Shop rates 4.1/5 based on 312 total ratings?

Reviews for The Reject Shop

kat ahmed


a month ago

It serves me well knowing they r open especially during the pandemic u can find everything u need there and the customer service is great happy 😊😊

Charles Leslie


a month ago

Plenty of excellent bargains, a lot of Tesco UK foods made in EUROPE, NOT in China, yummy pommie foods, great range of housewares and all sorts of wares for the garden, should be bigger, would fit more in…..heh..heh 🙃

Mick Moussa


7 months ago

Went to buy some stuff for a party, lots to choose from, staff were friendly and helped me… Stock was at a great price so I bought loads of items… Was served at the counter quite quickly and was out of the store within 10min which I loved… Thank you to the management of the Reject Shop at Liverpool… Great Service…

Photo Courtesy of: Gemelle Ristorante Italiano

Gemelle Ristorante Italiano

Address: 79 Bathurst St, Liverpool NSW 2170, Australia

Main Phone: (02) 9602 5294

View Gemelle Ristorante Italiano on Google

Latitude: -33.9250298

Longitude: 150.9206085

Did you know that Gemelle Ristorante Italiano rates 4.4/5 based on 506 total ratings?

Reviews for Gemelle Ristorante Italiano

esme chin


a year ago

Best Italian restaurant in town, authentic Italian food that will rival anything you could find in italy. I hope it reopens again as it is my favourite restaurant and sydney will be missing the best Italian restaurant if it doesn’t. And its service is number one – the staff are friendly attentive and gives a family atmosphere and its got in-house safe parking on top of their excellent service and amazing food. Sorely missed during corvid, hope the owner will reopen

Lucas Steve


a year ago

Best hidden gem you will find, great food, awesome atmosphere and simply one of those consistently great performing restaurants that will become one of your regulars.

Derrick Lenehan


a year ago

Excellent Italian restaurant with professional service and good atmosphere. A nice cellar of wines including some good vintages. Food was excellent and made to perfection. I have been going here for years and it never disappoints.

Photo Courtesy of: Hays

Hays – Recruitment Agency Liverpool

Address: Suite 202, Level 2/13-15 Moore St, Liverpool NSW 2170, Australia

Main Phone: (02) 9601 8822

View Hays – Recruitment Agency Liverpool on Google

Latitude: -33.9226011

Longitude: 150.9264399

Did you know that Hays – Recruitment Agency Liverpool rates 2.5/5 based on 13 total ratings?

Reviews for Hays – Recruitment Agency Liverpool

Shaila Sharif


2 months ago

Very professional and responsive team. I loved working with them. Taneka and Brianna from Hays Liverpool were very helpful throughout my journey with Hays . ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Moira Nanai


a year ago

HIGHLY NOT RECOMMENDED AGENCY!. I’m quite surprised as I thought they are local and I applied for several administration and customer service roles via email as I have been working in corporate for close to 30years and never come across an agency that treats people this way. After applying for several roles within 3weeks period, I decided to call HAYS to follow up on my applications, and they finally decided to book me in for an interview to see Brianna. I was excited and made an effort to go in, I even paid for car park just to attend the interview on the day. The interview with Brianna went well and was told by her that she will be in touch. When I got home on the same day, I made an effort again to write a thank you email to Brianna to say thank you for her time in intrerviewing myself and to let her know that I am keen and available to work once a role becomes available. Two weeks later after the interview, I have seen many roles being advertised by HAYS, I tried calling Brianna about the advertised roles as the job descriptions suit my experiences. She kept saying some excuses after excuses. And I did not give up, I just kept applying and made several calls to Hays! Brianna answered my call last week and she told me that Coles is looking for night fillers and I agreed to put my name forward for the role, she promised she will call me back, to this day, I have not received one phone call from Brianna as she promised. Now, I completely understand that sometimes things can be hectic and quite busy, but this is very unprofessional, uncaring, unreliable, disregarding others and I will not even want to work or represent HAYS in the workforce. Brianna, if you were working for myself, I would FIRE you on the spot because that’s now how you should treat people and do business and For your records, I am now happily employed by a company that has values and morals and have compassion for other human beings👍😀

Robert Turner


a year ago

Another 1 star review. 2pm on a Friday no answer.

1.5 hours later, I receive a call from a woman who says:

“I miseed a call from you” no explanation of who she is or who she works for.

I had to guess where she was from and she admitted she was from HAYS.

Then she explains she has been “working from home” and has been swamped with calls and conference calls.

I call BS. If you are that swamped, you need MORE people taking calls. More likely decided to SKIVE OFF, or was taking drugs.

Photo Courtesy of: Sohaib Ashraf


Address: 69 Hoxton Park Rd, Liverpool NSW 2170, Australia

Main Phone: (02) 9821 2222

View bp on Google

Latitude: -33.9275684

Longitude: 150.9094621

Did you know that bp rates 4/5 based on 26 total ratings?

Reviews for bp

Melanie McCormack


a year ago

Ordered through uber and received a very nice message in my bag that brought a smile to my face. Will definitely be going through them again for any future snack orders 🙂

Sinan Adam


a year ago

Great service. Always happy to go there for snacks or petrol. Lovely staff.

Fazle Rabbi


11 months ago

Customer service depends on the nationality.

Photo Courtesy of: P S


Address: Shop 2004/2006 Macquarie St, Liverpool NSW 2170, Australia

Main Phone: (02) 9821 1464

View Sportsgirl on Google

Latitude: -33.9194908

Longitude: 150.9244821

Did you know that Sportsgirl rates 3.4/5 based on 9 total ratings?

Reviews for Sportsgirl

Michaela Barnett


5 months ago

Feels like it’s 40° in the store

Living With The Erdems


2 years ago

The ‘store manager’ Jaime obviously hasn’t come to terms with her role in providing ‘customer service’. No matter what age the customer is, they are a customer. You don’t follow a 12 year old girl around the store and make a rude comment like “if you’re going to touch that, you better put it back” when she didn’t even touch the ‘eyebrow kit’. Then denying her comment but admitting that she was following her around. At least have the decency to own up to your pathetic and appalling lack of customer service. Don’t you have better things to do in the store than to “follow” a 12 year old girl???

Jasmine Merhebi


3 years ago

Good prices.. friendly staff

Photo Courtesy of: Imad Ali

Liverpool Hospital

Address: Burnside Dr, Liverpool NSW 2170, Australia

Main Phone: (02) 8738 3000

View Liverpool Hospital on Google

Latitude: -33.9203105

Longitude: 150.9321876

Did you know that Liverpool Hospital rates 3.1/5 based on 259 total ratings?

Reviews for Liverpool Hospital

Kat A


2 weeks ago

The government needs to have more staff instead of doing all the upgrades , add more staff, most staff were lovely but the ones that weren’t could clearly tell there all over stressed running around. Food yummy as well

Aleena Jacob


a week ago

I gave birth to my first here in March. Overall I had a pleasant experience starting from all my check ups in the antenatal unit to the labour, birthing unit. The midwives were great and empathetic. But I wasn’t happy with staff in the postnatal unit. Being a first time mum was overwhelming as it is but the midwives attitudes made it worse. Except for one special midwife by ythe name Julie who was there as an angel on night shift. She was so kind and empathetic when my baby wouldn’t sleep in the bassinet, cried constantly and I didn’t know what to do. I’ve visited this hospital for other reasons too and haven’t been disappointed with the service, treatment and level of care provided.

Chris Huynh


11 months ago

Great public hospital. Very clean and modern. My wife gave birth to our son here and it had been a pleasant experience. Staff are friendly, professional and supportive. Street parking can be difficult to find. Paid parking lot is available nearby and also underground. Although this can be busy too. Train station is also nearby.

Photo Courtesy of: Kai Adin Cooper


Address: Shop 5/271-273 Newbridge Rd, Moorebank NSW 2170, Australia

Main Phone: (02) 9600 8898

View Subway on Google

Latitude: -33.928661

Longitude: 150.9481916

Did you know that Subway rates 3.7/5 based on 133 total ratings?

Reviews for Subway

Hadil Mus


in the last week

Honestly, everytime I order uber from this subway im always dissapointed. Everytime i feel like subway i decide to give this one another chance and im always let down. Last time i ordered the chicken fillet subway the chicken was way too dry like cardboard. This time i ordered i went with the seafood sensation since that always taste good. I asked for chilli and WOW did they put chilli, im convinced that while they were putting chilli the lid mustve fallen and spilt the entire bottle on my subway. I dont understand how someone can put that much sauce! I tried my best to eat as i was starving but it was so unedible. And i normally can handle hot chilli. Never ever ordering from subway Moorebank again.

Rachel Costello


2 months ago

cookies to die for

Charles Cavalcante


12 months ago

Well here we are again, I’m wanting something different and I see the Subway sign and I’m happy… I started eating Subway sandwiches back in Tacoma Washington around 1980 and have enjoyed them since. This shop is clean and the service is friendly and attentive. As the food is a constant and can’t tell the difference in taste from the beginning first sandwich to the last one, it’s consistent and always with the freshest ingredients too. Good job Subway! I’ll be back and I highly recommend this shop

Photo Courtesy of: Hemani Mehmi Indian Restaurant

Hemani Mehmi Indian Restaurant

Address: 265 George St, Liverpool NSW 2170, Australia

Main Phone: (02) 8740 3631

View Hemani Mehmi Indian Restaurant on Google

Latitude: -33.9246003

Longitude: 150.9243515

Did you know that Hemani Mehmi Indian Restaurant rates 3.5/5 based on 523 total ratings?

Reviews for Hemani Mehmi Indian Restaurant



2 months ago

I live further out travelled 30 min and got it takeaway and it was spot on. Worth every minute of the trip! Hands down best Indian in oceania that I’ve had. Always go with the Tali (3 meat curries). Family were over the moon for our weekend treat! Hope things go back to normal so we can eat-in at the joint soon!

Maree Piljic


2 months ago

Delish Indian! Have eaten here for years but moved out of area so it had been a while. We ordered takeaway tonight and I remember why we loved it so much. The food is seasoned beautifully and meat and veg cooked well!

terence goulden


2 months ago

We have ordered from here a few times now during the covid lock down, we have tried other places but the food here is always hot, fresh, full of flavour and very tender, no where else has been close. Can’t wait for lock down to be over so we can eat in. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Photo Courtesy of: William Keough

Liverpool Exhaust

Address: 41 Seton Rd, Moorebank NSW 2170, Australia

Main Phone: (02) 9602 3111

View Liverpool Exhaust on Google

Latitude: -33.937125

Longitude: 150.9388012

Did you know that Liverpool Exhaust rates 4.6/5 based on 165 total ratings?

Reviews for Liverpool Exhaust

shaheen pushian


a month ago

Amazing and professional service at a reasonable price. They changed my car exhaust that I’ve had for the past 3 years and I have had no issues from the fix date and it looks amazing. I highly recommend if you want someone that cares and looks after your car.

Ayman Ajaj


in the last week

Brilliant is the only way to describe these guys. Had an exhaust leak and a booking to tune the car someplace else. Came into the shop on a timer and these legends made room for me and fixed my problem with 20 minutes. Absolutely fantastic service.

Collins B


4 months ago

Photo Courtesy of: Macarthur Community College

Macarthur Community College

Address: Suite 5/403 Hume Hwy, Liverpool NSW 2170, Australia

Main Phone: (02) 8080 2121

View Macarthur Community College on Google

Latitude: -33.9357872

Longitude: 150.9144134

Did you know that Macarthur Community College rates 3.8/5 based on 10 total ratings?

Reviews for Macarthur Community College

Rosemary Rangi


5 months ago

Great place to learn and interact with new people. Great tutoring by Lubi teaching computer classes

Kamala Dissanayake


a year ago

It’s a good atmosphere for students to learn

Mr sammy


2 years ago

TAE Course 40111 cost is very high. They charge by two units at the time and some cost up to $2700. Unbelievable price since other RTO is cost less. This is local, price should not be that high.

Photo Courtesy of: Aussie Home Loans Liverpool

Aussie Home Loans Liverpool

Address: 2/403 Hume Hwy, Liverpool NSW 2170, Australia

Main Phone: (02) 9734 9599

View Aussie Home Loans Liverpool on Google

Latitude: -33.9358051

Longitude: 150.9147498

Did you know that Aussie Home Loans Liverpool rates 5/5 based on 40 total ratings?

Reviews for Aussie Home Loans Liverpool

Rita McLean


a month ago

Perfect Experience. Refinancing of existing loans and investment loan pre-approval done all in one go. Hassle-free, friendly, speedy and professional service. Highly recommended.

Andrew Callus


3 months ago

I was recommended Aussie Liverpool by a friend. Evelyn and Sylvia were fantastic throughout the whole process from start to finish. Great Communication and nothing was ever an issue. I would highly recommenced Evelyn and will be sure to use Aussie in the future.

Rohida Khan


2 months ago

A big thank you to Shareek and his team. What an amazing experience without any hassle. Quick and efficient very professional.

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