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All About Enfield NSW

Enfield is a suburb in the Inner West of Sydney, in the state of New South Wales, Australia. It is 11 kilometres south-west of the Sydney central business district in the local government area of Municipality of Burwood.

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Map of Enfield in New South Wales

Postal code: 2136
19 °C, Wind N at 13 km/h, 97% Humidity
Local time:
Wednesday 11:22 pm
3-star averaging $102. View hotels
Croydon Park

Clean Group Enfield

Weather Report of Enfield NSW, Australia

Everything You Need To Know About Enfield, NSW

Photo Courtesy of: Comfort Inn & Suites Burwood

Comfort Inn & Suites Burwood

Address: 117 Liverpool Rd, Burwood NSW 2134, Australia

Main Phone: (02) 9744 0521

View Comfort Inn & Suites Burwood on Google

Latitude: -33.8872373

Longitude: 151.0996931

Did you know that Comfort Inn & Suites Burwood rates 3.7/5 based on 169 total ratings?

Reviews for Comfort Inn & Suites Burwood

Belinda Valentine


6 months ago

We stayed for 15 nights while we worked at the Royal Easter Show 2021 and found it to be a fanatically convenient and friendly environment. The 2 bedroom apartment we stayed in was spacious, clean and comfortable, everything we needed was at our fingertips. We would recommend the Comfort Inn and Suites to anyone wanting a great stay in Sydney. They also have meeting rooms and parking, great for trainings.. Will definately be staying again!!

Divikesh naicker


5 months ago

Got put into room 2 on floor lever jusy avbobe car car. Couldn’t sleep all i could hear was the traffic noise all night.

Wayde Walker


a year ago

The staff here are amazing and accommodating. I was in a room that faces the main road, inside the driveway, and there is no sound proofing in the rooms. The suites are nice, contain everything you need. Internet can be a bit hit and miss, depending on what you need to do with it.

Photo Courtesy of: Alejandro Gallego

Burwood Bed and Breakfast

Address: 90 Shaftesbury Rd, Burwood NSW 2134, Australia

Main Phone: (02) 9744 6074

View Burwood Bed and Breakfast on Google

Latitude: -33.8794468

Longitude: 151.1069457

Did you know that Burwood Bed and Breakfast rates 2.5/5 based on 65 total ratings?

Reviews for Burwood Bed and Breakfast

Jesse Mullens


3 months ago

Just very happy with all of the service these guys provided. Highly recommend.

Derek Mckiernan


5 months ago

Friendly staff Good breakfast The part I stayed in was great



a year ago

Good for us it was free government lodging. Can’t complain.

Photo Courtesy of: CB Chandrababu

ibis budget Enfield

Address: 626 Liverpool Rd, Strathfield South NSW 2136, Australia

Main Phone: (02) 9642 0666

View ibis budget Enfield on Google

Latitude: -33.8871497

Longitude: 151.0713686

Did you know that ibis budget Enfield rates 3.5/5 based on 334 total ratings?

Reviews for ibis budget Enfield

Chris J Angel


a year ago

The Staff is Really friendly & nothing seems to be too much for them. Also, the rooms are excellent, whether it be a room with 1 single double bed to the rooms with a double bed and a single bed up top. And it’s the price is excellent considering the fact you have a big screen TV & a Fridge freezer, lovely hot showers, and Great cleaners. I always stay there when I’m in the area.

Mohammed Yousuf


5 months ago

Not bad as a budget hotel. Very small toilet.

Michael Ready


a year ago

Comfortable budget establishment with friendly and helpful staff. If you’ve stayed at any Ibis Budget or Formule One before you know what to expect – basic amenities, comfortable bedding, air con, small shower and toilet. What makes the difference is housekeeping and reception and at Enfield they excel in both departments. However, budget building means noise travels easily so how quiet in corridors and carpark your fellow guests are can make the difference between a good night or an excellent night. With seemingly high occupancy (certainly whilst I was there) it’s an unavoidable problem but offset that against a good value for money stay and I would have no hesitation staying again.

Photo Courtesy of: Kamal Bajagain


Address: 184 Liverpool Rd, Enfield NSW 2136, Australia

Main Phone: (02) 9747 8177

View bp on Google

Latitude: -33.887176

Longitude: 151.097802

Did you know that bp rates 3.4/5 based on 25 total ratings?

Reviews for bp

siddharth sharma


5 months ago

Hired a van from the station., Facing the harassment in getting the deposit return. Been visited multiple times to the petrol station, they asked me to wait for a week., and it’s been more than a week long ago still haven’t got any return. On top of that they don’t pick my phone calls.

Shinhye “Zzine” Kim


5 months ago

The staff on Tuesday at 5.47 p.m. was too rude. He will need to behave more to the customers who need to collect parcels. He didn’t look up my parcels too long and kept saying wait, wait, there is a customer ‘behind’ you.

Allison Nguyen


4 years ago

I’m coming back to do the car wash after the second time. Super friendly staff, very thorough with their clean. I’m using a motorpass card so I don’t fork out any money, which is a bonus. While I wait, I usually walk down to the local park and read a book.

Photo Courtesy of: Hays – Recruitment Agency Burwood

Hays – Recruitment Agency Burwood

Address: West Tower, Suite 3, Level 4/56 Railway Parade, Burwood NSW 2134, Australia

Main Phone: (02) 9744 3344

View Hays – Recruitment Agency Burwood on Google

Latitude: -33.8773087

Longitude: 151.1008643

Did you know that Hays – Recruitment Agency Burwood rates 2.9/5 based on 16 total ratings?

Reviews for Hays – Recruitment Agency Burwood

sagarika jain


4 months ago

Hays has helped me find my first job after graduation. Thank You Amanda for all your help and support.

Pete Broadhead


10 months ago

Stuck in a job i dont like and interested in hardly no communication after starting at the job im in now very disappointing just 2 weeks to go n counting days down til out of contract i wont use recuitment agency again

Jimmy Ohara


10 months ago

Great helpful Team (essentially 5 🌟). Did the hard yards to obtain me a full-time position. hmmm 🤔👀😁😅.

Photo Courtesy of: Hanson Australia

Hanson Australia

Address: 10 Dunlop St, Strathfield South NSW 2136, Australia

Main Phone: 1300 136 464

View Hanson Australia on Google

Latitude: -33.8954126

Longitude: 151.0805902

Did you know that Hanson Australia rates 4.7/5 based on 3 total ratings?

Reviews for Hanson Australia

Sadiq Sidig


3 years ago



a year ago

Greg Dorahy


5 years ago

Photo Courtesy of: Subway® Restaurant

Subway Burwood

Address: shop 28/42 Railway Parade, Burwood NSW 2134, Australia

Main Phone: (02) 9745 6435

View Subway Burwood on Google

Latitude: -33.8774515

Longitude: 151.1025089

Did you know that Subway Burwood rates 2.1/5 based on 36 total ratings?

Reviews for Subway Burwood

Andrew Wang


3 weeks ago

Not too sure what all the negative comments are on about. My experiences here have always been positive so far

linh lam


a month ago

Once again, the lady (Indian) she was extremely rude all the time. Look like she doesn’t want to work there.

vivian Cruz lasso


a month ago

Definitely the girl (indian) she is so rude all the time it isn’t the first time that I go there and always she is In the same mood. She looks like she doesn’t wanna work there.

Photo Courtesy of: Rory McLornan

Dan Murphy’s Strathfield

Address: 350-360 Liverpool Rd, Strathfield South NSW 2136, Australia

Main Phone: 1300 723 388

View Dan Murphy’s Strathfield on Google

Latitude: -33.8888931

Longitude: 151.0907438

Did you know that Dan Murphy’s Strathfield rates 4.4/5 based on 806 total ratings?

Reviews for Dan Murphy’s Strathfield

Laura BlackRoseStar


7 months ago

This is a shout out to Mikayla. 😀
I asked her a question. As she had no idea … and fair enough, asked a fellow employee for the answer. The snappy response from the other “employee” (learn to curb your abruptness in future), “go and look online”….you solved the mystery…👍🏼

What was the question you might ask? Apparently Cream Apera USED to be called Cream Sherry. Yeah no big deal, but snappy earned a mention for lack of store etiquette.

Thank you for helping me out today.
PS stars are for Mikayla not snappy with the distinctive accent.

Sudhanshu Gulati


2 months ago

Wonderful collection as expected with any Dan Murphy store but the customer service is what makes a material difference, which has been exemplary every time I’ve visited this place!!

Loren Sciarrone


2 months ago

Normally, I’d give this place the most outstanding reviews, I’ve never had a bad experience here, not until this weekend and on 2 separate occasions which only makes this worse. It started by my asking the manager “Emma” if I could take $150 cash out which seemed to offend her as if the money was coming out of her pocket and I wasn’t paying for it, she handed me $20 notes and $10 notes as her till had no $50 notes left, I kindly asked her if she could check the other till when she responded “no there’s none in there, I remember checking it, we are not a bank”. I then responded, there is no need to be rude. She insisted she wasn’t and I left with a really sour taste in my mouth, only to return the next day to pick up a gift for my father for fathers day when she combed down the isles making comments about the customers and how unsatisfied she was with their social distancing, only for her to walk back up to the register and breathe down the other cashiers neck to helicopter over his performance, clearly making him uncomfortable. Waiting in line at the counter, she cut off a customer and made corrections to what they were saying, keeping in mind this woman was elderly. If this were on a single occasion, I’d be able to get over it, but twice? Nah uh! I really encourage a review of this employee’s position there, as a manger in the retail industry, it’s a requirement to be customer service orientated, kind and helpful where possible. The difference between customer service and great customer service, are the lengths the staff are willing to go to for their customers, Emma in particular, sent me packing, never to return again.

Photo Courtesy of: IJK Computer Store

IJK Computer Store

Address: 230/228-236 Liverpool Rd, Enfield NSW 2136, Australia

Main Phone: (02) 9745 0877

View IJK Computer Store on Google

Latitude: -33.8863063

Longitude: 151.0957963

Did you know that IJK Computer Store rates 4.1/5 based on 334 total ratings?

Reviews for IJK Computer Store



2 weeks ago

Received excellent service from the young gentleman working in the support and warranty section. Had a cable issue with my gpu and received outstanding service. Great local computer store!

Jose Jimenez


7 months ago

Worse service just pray to God that your product is not faulty otherwise you’ll wait months for repairs. If you ask for a refund they’ll only give you a portion of what you pay even if they’ve got a full refund from the manufacturer.

Antonio Giorgi


in the last week

Money angry people don’t know how to do business, poor customer service.

Was a long term customer to this place, all good till one day I ordered a particular item and received another one in stead. After returning the wrong order shockingly the Asian lady at the front counter told me i wasn’t allowed to go back in their shop because was a trouble for them replacing the order wrongly processed by them 😲. Always had the impression they after money and not customer support at all, and that day had a confirmation of it. After months my little son gaming Motherboard was not working with in warranty but after many hesitation as didn’t want ever to step foot again in that shop, decided to rma the Motherboard. Wrong choice again! When entered that place, straight walked to the warranty bay and told the customer support guy about the problem, he scanned the serial number item and told me “i can see you purchased this from here 2 months ago”, then he received a service call from the same lady at the front counter saying to him my account was deleted and the item wasn’t purchased from there. 😲😲😲. I just left and purchased my son another mobo from different shop. My advice is Just to be careful with these people 👎👎. Probably they been long enough in Australia to know they shouldn’t Lie and discriminate to customers saying “you can’t purchase from here” . Hope one day department fair trading can teach them a good lesson.

Photo Courtesy of: Ak Mundru

Town & Country Motel

Address: 401-405 Liverpool Rd, Strathfield NSW 2135, Australia

Main Phone: (02) 9642 0444

View Town & Country Motel on Google

Latitude: -33.8912514

Longitude: 151.0885146

Did you know that Town & Country Motel rates 3.6/5 based on 112 total ratings?

Reviews for Town & Country Motel

Benjamin Cooley


7 months ago

Our school group of 40 stayed here for the Sydney Easter Show. Sandra and staff were very accommodating and it worked out well.

Colin McKay


a year ago

Spacious room with microwave, kettle & iron. Helpful staff. They offered us a room change when we pointed out the leaking taps and they fixed one of the lights that was not working.

Ashlee Mikisch


2 years ago

The carpet in the room is sticky the room smells. There’s paint peeled off the doors. It’s definitely not worth $120

Photo Courtesy of: Logans Pianos

Logans Pianos

Address: 250 Burwood Rd, Burwood NSW 2134, Australia

Main Phone: (02) 9744 2400

View Logans Pianos on Google

Latitude: -33.8799706

Longitude: 151.1032825

Did you know that Logans Pianos rates 4.6/5 based on 310 total ratings?

Reviews for Logans Pianos

Rob C


a week ago

I asked about an amplifier and if they would price match, YES. Dylan helped me do an A B C Comparison between the alternatives. I was welcome to test demo the Rio of amps to ascertain the single best option. There are heaps of discount sellers, but very few are dedicated to a client’s true happiness. It’s funny how the YouTube reviews did not reflect many key aspects of the 3 amps. There is still a reason why we need old fashioned stores and service!!

Prashant J.V


3 weeks ago

I had purchased a Fender Strat II via online and the product arrived on time and in good condition as well. The product is packed and shipped in good, brand new condition and working as expected. The shipment was initiated almost instantly and with tracking. The price was very competitive compared with other shops. I will continue to buy more products form Logan. Keep it up!

Martin Angelo Catolico


3 weeks ago

Very friendly staff! You often get people that only wants to sell regardless – they are not them!!!! They absolutely know their instruments and keen to give you advise on better options suitable to your needs as a beginner. Would be the go to shop from now on! Been a delightful experience purchasing!

Photo Courtesy of: Devine Real Estate Strathfield

Devine Real Estate Strathfield

Address: 50 The Boulevarde, Strathfield NSW 2135, Australia

Main Phone: (02) 9747 1144

View Devine Real Estate Strathfield on Google

Latitude: -33.8742594

Longitude: 151.0941074

Did you know that Devine Real Estate Strathfield rates 4.3/5 based on 376 total ratings?

Reviews for Devine Real Estate Strathfield

Wyn Chiem


2 weeks ago

We were with Devine Real Estate for 11 years and by far the best real estate agent I’ve dealt with. Our property manager Vanessa was professional but very personable and was responsive and helpful to any issue we had during our tenancy. She was particularly supportive when we had to deal with some difficult neighbors. A very positive experience overall. Highly recommended.

Admin Kingz Motors


in the last week

Andrew was an absolute pleasure to work with, an honest and genuine man. He made the purchase so comfortable, enjoyable, smooth, and more importantly everything he said he would do he delivered and much more. Highly educated and knowledgeable in the property market shows his attention to detail and love for his job. A massive thank you from myself and my wife. All the best in the future.

Suzanne Gebara


4 weeks ago

Great and professional service, very helpful and patient with every step of the application. Responses were prompt and quick. The home we moved in was so clean made the transition that much easier, just unpacked and started enjoying the new house. All staff we dealt with, were very professional and a pleasure to deal with.

Photo Courtesy of: Australian School of Remedial Therapies

Australian School of Remedial Therapies

Address: 18A Margaret St, Strathfield NSW 2135, Australia

Main Phone: 0416 286 899

View Australian School of Remedial Therapies on Google

Latitude: -33.874793

Longitude: 151.090709

Did you know that Australian School of Remedial Therapies rates 5/5 based on 12 total ratings?

Reviews for Australian School of Remedial Therapies



4 months ago

Master Zhang is the best !! This class is way better than I thought. Also, he is so nice and knowledgeable. I am definitely happy to meet him and always thank you to the teacher. So sad to graduate haha 🤣🤣 I will miss this class and teacher ❤

Ning Tsou


4 months ago

The best teacher in the world 🌟🌟🌟 We love you teacher!!!! 🎁🎁🎁

Jenny Liu


2 years ago

President Zhang is rigorous in teaching, humorous and active in the classroom. It emphasizes knowledge points in combination with daily applications. The clinical internship arrangement is also very reasonable every month. Gain from learning!

Photo Courtesy of: Mancini’s Original Woodfired Pizza

Mancini’s Original Woodfired Pizza

Address: 21 Burwood Rd, Belfield NSW 2191, Australia

Main Phone: (02) 9742 5945

View Mancini’s Original Woodfired Pizza on Google

Latitude: -33.9029194

Longitude: 151.0843361

Did you know that Mancini’s Original Woodfired Pizza rates 4.1/5 based on 1101 total ratings?

Reviews for Mancini’s Original Woodfired Pizza

Dana Pichaloff


3 months ago

How amazing! Absolutely love Mancini’s! Delicious food, great service and amazing staff! Really enjoy the extensive menu and working through every item during these difficult times! Thanks Mancini’s – until the next time! 👏👏

David Bourke


5 months ago

My wife and I, along with a friend, had our first visit to Mancini’s last night for dinner. Excellent food with great sized portions. The menu has great variety and there are so many good looking dishes, we intend to return soon to try some more of these. Aside from the food however, we wish to publicly thank Elias and the staff (along with several other diners), who came to the aid of our friend, who suffered a medical episode towards the end of our evening. The care, concern and assistance offered by Elias, staff and other diners (along with two off-duty Police Officers) was amazing and we again wish to express our profound thanks and gratitude for all the assistance. Wonderful restaurant, run by fantastic people.

James V


10 months ago

I been going to this restaurant for many years. I love the pizza’s that are made in the wood fire oven. Very consistent quality food! Now I discovered their ice cream I can’t get enough of it..

Photo Courtesy of: Pure Gelato

Pure Gelato

Address: 30/32A Brighton Ave, Croydon Park NSW 2133, Australia

Main Phone: (02) 9716 4488

View Pure Gelato on Google

Latitude: -33.8970477

Longitude: 151.1078913

Did you know that Pure Gelato rates 4.7/5 based on 170 total ratings?

Reviews for Pure Gelato

Janette Nati


a month ago

Sensational gelato cake !!! I can highly recommend this place . I ordered a cake for my husband’s birthday and it was fantastic. We will continue to use this business for future birthdays. Great service extremely professional!

Elyse Thomas


2 months ago

So many flavours to choose from! I bought a cake with chocolate and hazelnut gelato and it looked beautiful and tasted even better. I was surprised to find that they deliver a fair distance as I live 25km away from the store and they were happy to deliver to me. I’d definitely buy another cake from here!

Andre Sara


3 weeks ago

Found “Pure Gelato” at Whole Farms at Milperra. Simply brilliant! Tried the Mango gelato, perfection. Not to sweet, super creamy, no dairy and natural colours

Photo Courtesy of: Sydney Piano World

Sydney Piano World

Address: 136 Liverpool Rd, Enfield NSW 2136, Australia

Main Phone: (02) 9715 7118

View Sydney Piano World on Google

Latitude: -33.8876974

Longitude: 151.0999467

Did you know that Sydney Piano World rates 4.7/5 based on 35 total ratings?

Reviews for Sydney Piano World

Cathy Sui


a month ago

Wendy is super helpful. Great communication, service and price. Everything you can expect from a piano. The delivery and installation were professional, prompt and very patient walking through of the functions.



3 weeks ago

Really great and easy experience. Wendy was super helpful, provided clear and regular communication. Excellent service.

Nick (N.A)


8 months ago

Great service and excellent range

Photo Courtesy of: Croydon Tennis Centre

Croydon Tennis Centre

Address: 43 Brighton St, Croydon NSW 2132, Australia

Main Phone: (02) 9747 4259

View Croydon Tennis Centre on Google

Latitude: -33.8893893

Longitude: 151.1098766

Did you know that Croydon Tennis Centre rates 3.7/5 based on 26 total ratings?

Reviews for Croydon Tennis Centre

katie may


4 months ago

I have been attending this service almost daily for years and am amazed at the rudeness of customers who come in. There are so many entitled people! I was there the day the woman went in to pick up kids and claims the owner was rude, nah, she just informed her of the process that was happening to make sure all the kids were safely picked up. I would rather wait 2 extra minutes to pick my kids up and know that the centre were handing me my children back. I have seen and heard rudeness of customers to the staff on site, and am surprised they are back the next week. People are so quick yo write a bad review when life doesn’t hand things to them on a plate. This centre is an awesome place to go, super family orientated. The staff are more than pleasant, and if you discuss with them any issues you have they are very accommodating. The number of times I have heard customers trying to get out of paying what I consider extremely reasonable costs, is unbelievable. I don’t know any other outdoor centre that offer make up lessons if the weather is bad. People seem to think that Croydon Tennis Centre control the weather, I assure you they don’t, and they offer lessons if the gods above think we need a change in seasons suddenly. I highly recommend this place if you want good prices and a great atmosphere.

kate Graham


3 months ago

A genuine awesome family orientated place to go. We have been attending croydon tennis centre for years. First as a couple and now as our children grow up we attend as a family. Not only do my children attend lessons here but we utilise the courts during the week and on weekends when available. We love that the staff are super professional & friendly, the prices are super reasonable (bargain really), that we can call and get in touch with someone over the phone or talk to someone face-to-face (1.5m at the moment) if we have any queries. The coaches are always professional, and our children are loving their lessons with Sebastian and Elias. Cant recommend this place enough to people. Especially that is open during the lockdown and they are being very professional about following the government’s rules with regards to the health and well-being of people attending. If you are looking for a great family orientated sports venue, this is it.

Elif Incekara Hafalir


6 months ago

I have been coming to this place for a while for tennis lessons, and my experience was good especially with the coach Tomas, until my son attended the vacation care.
Today, I went to pick him up early so that I can get to pick up my other child from another camp on time. I was in the line to pick up my child but people started to cut the line and all of a sudden I was at the back and I would not be on time for my other kid.
The lady at the pick up (I think she is the owner) was EXTREMELY RUDE when I told her that I need to get my son so that I can pick up my other child on time. She was unprofessional and rude.

I update my review with one more star just because the coaches who work here are very nice and friendly.

Photo Courtesy of: All Needs Dental Burwood

All Needs Dental Burwood

Address: 176 Burwood Rd, Burwood NSW 2134, Australia

Main Phone: (02) 9744 2799

View All Needs Dental Burwood on Google

Latitude: -33.8779734

Longitude: 151.1037922

Did you know that All Needs Dental Burwood rates 4.3/5 based on 18 total ratings?

Reviews for All Needs Dental Burwood



8 months ago

Dr Anna is an amazing dentist ..! Very professional, kind, patient and truly wants the best for her clients !!

Katherine Milham


a year ago

Incredibly skilled and compassionate staff from front desk, to hygienist and dentists. My 3 year old had a traumatic tooth injury and they were wonderful at calming him down and giving him the best possible treatment to avoid further complications. Could not recommend this practice more highly. So thorough and really took their time with him to ensure he was comfortable. We were seen by Anna and Achilles.

George Siderides


2 years ago

What can be said about the place which simulates the warm embrace of a mother’s arms? The staff are professional, sophisticated and elegant, working away to suit our needs until the last star falls from the night. Every appointment is a reminder that not all heroes wear capes, as you have made a stereotypical childhood fear into the most pleasurable experience of the year. Your actions deserve more praise than I can offer. Thank you for taking care of us.

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