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All About Baulkham Hills NSW

Baulkham Hills is a suburb in the Hills District of Greater Western Sydney, in the state of New South Wales, Australia. It is 31 kilometres north-west of the Sydney central business district within the local government area of The Hills Shire, with a small portion south of the M2 Motorway in the City of Parramatta. 

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Demographics of Baulkham Hills, NSW

Elevation: 103 m
Postal code: 2153
Federal division: Division of Mitchell
Location: 31 km (19 mi) north-west of Sydney CBD
LGA(s): The Hills; City of Parramatta
Population: 37,050 (2016 census)
Weather: 22 °C, Wind SW at 5 km/h, 95% Humidity
Local time: Monday, 9:50 pm

Everything You Need To Know About Baulkham Hill, NSW

Photo Courtesy of: Subway® Restaurant


Address: 375-383 Windsor Rd, Baulkham Hills NSW 2153, Australia

Main Phone: (02) 9686 7233

View Subway on Google

Latitude: -33.7590735

Longitude: 150.9912349

Did you know that Subway rates 3.6/5 based on 86 total ratings?

Reviews for Subway

Neil Burton


2 months ago

Always tasty and fresh, great staff always very friendly.



6 months ago

Good food like many of the other subways, competes well with other fast food places and can be even better due to the fact that you make it yourself and it’s healthy

Andrew Molloy


2 weeks ago

It was ok No cookie but

Photo Courtesy of: James Freer

BP Baulkham Hills

Address: 134 Seven Hills Rd, Baulkham Hills NSW 2153, Australia

Main Phone: (02) 9624 7583

View BP Baulkham Hills on Google

Latitude: -33.7616125

Longitude: 150.9740938

Did you know that BP Baulkham Hills rates 4/5 based on 49 total ratings?

Reviews for BP Baulkham Hills

vel Vella


4 months ago

Best Management by Mr Raj. Highly recommended this Bloke.

Wynston Smyth


3 weeks ago

Cheaper than Ampol across the road

Niranga S.S.


9 months ago

Don’t drink the coffee. I had the worst coffee in my life here. I paid the premier price for the coffee 4.70. Imho 7 eleven 1 dollar coffee is way way better than this. They are saying they serve the best coffee in the area. But it is the worst.

Photo Courtesy of: Briggs Jourdan


Address: Old Northern Rd, Baulkham Hills NSW 2153, Australia

Main Phone: (02) 9883 0555

View Liquorland on Google

Latitude: -33.7595599

Longitude: 150.9908799

Did you know that Liquorland rates 4.3/5 based on 30 total ratings?

Reviews for Liquorland

Lee Rolton


3 months ago

Small but good price range and friendly staff.

Maureen Sheehan


2 months ago

Lovely staff very helpful

Wayne Kendrick


a year ago

Staff are always friendly, reasonable prices, convenient location.

Photo Courtesy of: Joel Ward


Address: 12 Old Northern Rd, Baulkham Hills NSW 2153, Australia

Main Phone: (02) 9639 1000

View Elevation107 on Google

Latitude: -33.760903

Longitude: 150.992654

Did you know that Elevation107 rates 4.1/5 based on 257 total ratings?

Reviews for Elevation107

Leon Z


3 weeks ago

Overall good experience with a little twist Quick shipping&fair priced item. Customer service could go better. I ordered a pair of ski online however received a wrong model. I was quite upset, email back and rang service line however a young fella not only acting rude but classified my email as a spam (seriously?) Andrew quickly solve my problem and refund on that ski. Truly appreciated his professionalism.

Fernando Rodriguez


a month ago

After a little hiccup with shipping, the team took over this matter and surprised me a FREEBIE. 🤗 Great prices, lots of prods and looking forward to more products coming soon. Definitely browse here 1st 🤟🏻🏂

Amy Grosso


4 months ago

Had a great experience with Elevation 107! I ordered twice in lockdown and their website was really easy to navigate. I ordered a click and collect item and was able to pick that up in a safe manner the same day I ordered. When I ordered for delivery I was notified that day that it was packed and ready to be sent and it arrived that week. I can’t say the same for other businesses whose orders took months to arrive. The staff are friendly and efficient. Can’t wait to order with you guys again!

Photo Courtesy of: Grove Square – The Hills

Grove Square – The Hills

Address: 375-383 Windsor Rd, Baulkham Hills NSW 2153, Australia

Main Phone: (02) 9639 6216

View Grove Square – The Hills on Google

Latitude: -33.7590154

Longitude: 150.9915792

Did you know that Grove Square – The Hills rates 4.1/5 based on 2165 total ratings?

Reviews for Grove Square – The Hills

Janis Boyle


a month ago

I couldn’t recommend Consierge Car Wash Baulkham Hills more highly. Great service, friendly guys and amazing wash, polish ad vacuum cleaning of my car. For all that the price was great. Wouldn’t go anywhere else. Five stars plus.

Tony Cook


a week ago

First time at this centre . Good we’ll set up and clean. All major supermarkets and quiet a few different speciality stores

Lee Rolton


3 months ago

A good local. 3 supermarkets and some national fashion chain stores. Food court doesnt have much though.

Photo Courtesy of: Matthew Wu

Baulkham Hills High School

Address: 419A Windsor Rd, Baulkham Hills NSW 2153, Australia

Main Phone: (02) 9639 8699

View Baulkham Hills High School on Google

Latitude: -33.7520348

Longitude: 150.9904016

Did you know that Baulkham Hills High School rates 3.8/5 based on 160 total ratings?

Reviews for Baulkham Hills High School

Stephen Tsai


a week ago

Swaggyman69420 (M7 400k Yasuo BTW) is single and looking for a girlfriend, please message him on league of legends as he is actively seeking for a significant other (preferably a submissive yuumi main who can meow) he is happy to carry you to at least bronze and is happy to duo bot as long as you’re cute uwu

kay boobie


2 weeks ago

This skool is academikally overacheiving, as I have atendded their as well. It provides very manly oporto-tunnities to expand you’re IQ levals, as well as having thyme to conecct with new fiends. Baulkham Hills High School prioretises learning ova everthing else, it is a grate school to get in to. As I was saying, over da course of my 19 yers at this shcool i have raelised that my iq has significkantaly grown… arigato uwu baulkham hills!!!!

Aum Desai


3 months ago

I go to James Ruse. Baulko benefits from Jame’s Ruse benefits. No doubt it is a good school but James Ruse is better. The facilities at James Ruse are both newer and the campus is much bigger.

Photo Courtesy of: Harcourts Hills Living

Harcourts Hills Living

Address: Suite 10, Level 7, 25/33 Old Northern Rd, Baulkham Hills NSW 2153, Australia

Main Phone: (02) 9686 3999

View Harcourts Hills Living on Google

Latitude: -33.757959

Longitude: 150.993188

Did you know that Harcourts Hills Living rates 4.3/5 based on 211 total ratings?

Reviews for Harcourts Hills Living

Akram Khan


a month ago

Friendly, Honest and Patient Professional Bought my first ever home from Nick and he has been nothing short of perfect! Easy to talk to, very knowledgeable and friendly throughout the process. He kept an open communication line, was honest and was diligent in making sure I was comfortable throughout the process. Could not recommend him any more. It has been an absolute pleasure and I will be calling him if/when I am ready to sell!

Garry Johnston


3 months ago

After Nick keeping in touch with us over a span of about 8 years, we finally made the decision to sell. It was the best decision we made to go with Nick as our agent, because he did exactly what he said he would do, kept us informed of what was going on in the market, gave us the feedback from prospective buyers and would at all times be honest. His knowledge of the market is exceptional, not only as a Real Estate Agent, but his knowledge of how it all works from beginning to end. He loves what he does and that is clearly visible in the way he talks to people and the amount of effort he puts in helping Vendors prepare for launching and selling their property. Didn’t matter when you rang he was always friendly, approachable and would help you in any way he could, nothing was too much trouble. If you are thinking of selling your property you could not go wrong with having Nick as your agent, believe me you could do a whole lot worse. After a while you start to consider him as part of the family.

Chandrika Vijayavel


3 months ago

We are very happy with the friendliness & support that we received from Andrew. Will definitely recommend Andrew & team.

Photo Courtesy of: Flight Centre

Flight Centre Baulkham Hills

Address: B25 Olive Street &, Old Northern Rd, Baulkham Hills NSW 2153, Australia

Main Phone: 1300 729 980

View Flight Centre Baulkham Hills on Google

Latitude: -33.7589312

Longitude: 150.9920868

Did you know that Flight Centre Baulkham Hills rates 4/5 based on 29 total ratings?

Reviews for Flight Centre Baulkham Hills

Amannda Mayo


3 months ago

Due to Covid we had to postpone our honeymoon to cairns in September so received a credit which have used to book our new honeymoon in March 2022. However we feel we have been ripped off as this time we only booked one way flights we feel we should have credit left but flight centre have not answered our emails. Not good customer service. And they tried to charge us a $60 re-booking fee. Not happy.

Mark Watson


10 months ago

Friendly and informative staff, all of whom are approachable with a sense of them not only being professionals in their business and work, but are members of the local community as well.

Gail Baker


2 years ago

Whenever I tried to contact Katie, she was available, but if not, she rang back quickly – even when she was on holiday herself. She was a gem. She arranged changed bookings for us at the drop of a hat and everything went as smoothly as WE allowed. She was terrific. Congratulations and thanks, Katie.

Photo Courtesy of: Ability Options Baulkham Hills

Ability Options Baulkham Hills

Address: 14/35 Old Northern Rd, Baulkham Hills NSW 2153, Australia

Main Phone: (02) 8841 3000

View Ability Options Baulkham Hills on Google

Latitude: -33.7576878

Longitude: 150.9929742

Did you know that Ability Options Baulkham Hills rates 1.4/5 based on 5 total ratings?

Reviews for Ability Options Baulkham Hills

Dion Barbeau


3 weeks ago

I can see why all the reviews here are so bad. This office is so unorganised and don’t appear to have found anyone a role in over a decade. They don’t respond to emails at all. Beyond terrible service.

Scott Miller


2 years ago

The team is very non-responsive to phone calls, emails and social media. When asked about services they offer, the representative didn’t know they offered those services and became defensive when I pointed her to the website. Further to this, the initial response to my question was go to NDIS and speak with them. NDIS specifically sent us to Ability Options, only to have ability options not respond to any communication. I’m pretty sure they won’t even read this google review as they’re so unorganised. I know that if the employees were treated the way they treat their customers, they would be very frustrated and expect better service. Very disappointed that this service is one of the few out west and to be honest, they should not receive funding from NDIS given their complete lack of professionalism and engagement with their customers. It’s not hard to respond to an email or call back request in today’s world, but for ability options it’s their Mount Everest.

Rachael Shaw


4 years ago

Parking is ridiculous! and suite 13 is just above the stairs – if you come up lift you don’t even see it. my appt was at one and I’ve been waiting 20 mins in their open layout office metres away from lady I’m meeting as she takes personal calls and deals with other cases and chats to collegues. I was on time and she isn’t even working on my stuff and I’m hearing personal stuff. just sitting in the middle of a weird office. I’m not even a customer yet… do these people know I can choose someone else?

Photo Courtesy of: Richardson & Wrench Baulkham Hills

Richardson & Wrench Baulkham Hills

Address: 24 Old Northern Rd, Baulkham Hills NSW 2153, Australia

Main Phone: (02) 9686 1234

View Richardson & Wrench Baulkham Hills on Google

Latitude: -33.7600522

Longitude: 150.9926068

Did you know that Richardson & Wrench Baulkham Hills rates 4/5 based on 4 total ratings?

Reviews for Richardson & Wrench Baulkham Hills



6 years ago

Bought my first home back in 2007 from them and sold it a month ago with them. Roy and John are so professional and way beyond my expectation of real estate agents. Very friendly and very good at what they do.

Adam Mckern


10 years ago

We brought our first property through these agents and had no hassle, the agent went well & beyond for both us and the vendor.

Robert Wilson


3 years ago

Photo Courtesy of: Sydney Art School – Baulkham Hills Studio

Sydney Art School – Baulkham Hills Studio

Address: 9c Old Northern Rd, Baulkham Hills NSW 2153, Australia

Main Phone: 1300 278 252

View Sydney Art School – Baulkham Hills Studio on Google

Latitude: -33.761019

Longitude: 150.993313

Did you know that Sydney Art School – Baulkham Hills Studio rates 4.1/5 based on 15 total ratings?

Reviews for Sydney Art School – Baulkham Hills Studio

Harold T


a month ago

Called up and talked to Helen on the phone to enquire about a class. Rude and abrupt responses including “you’ll be lucky to get a spot in that class” and no attempt to see what other classes could work.

Narelle Hanna


a year ago

Christina is a remarkable teacher! Love her classes

Bharat Marwaha


a year ago

Great little place to learn and refine art skills for kids and adults, friendly staff and good teachers!!

Photo Courtesy of: Vision Personal Training – Baulkham Hills

Vision Personal Training – Baulkham Hills

Address: 7B Old Northern Rd, Baulkham Hills NSW 2153, Australia

Main Phone: 0474 135 105

View Vision Personal Training – Baulkham Hills on Google

Latitude: -33.7611994

Longitude: 150.9931773

Did you know that Vision Personal Training – Baulkham Hills rates 4.9/5 based on 76 total ratings?

Reviews for Vision Personal Training – Baulkham Hills

Soraya Penato


2 months ago

After years of failing to lose weight on my own, I was desperate to find a PT and gym that would help me with this goal. At first, I was skeptical of joining up due to the price but decided to give it a chance. After almost a year of joining up, I have lost 10kg and gained an immense amount of knowledge on nutrition. I cannot speak more highly of my PT, Hayden, who helped me understand food, tailored PT sessions to my needs and wants and held me accountable every step of the way through regular check ins. The team at Vision Baulkham Hills all work so well together in fostering a community spirit and it is without a doubt that I highly recommend this gym to anyone needing help with their weightless goals.

Emma Read


a month ago

Great community spirit and definite commitment to helping you reach your own fitness and weight loss goals. Great energy, trainers, atmosphere and camaraderie. Recommend This studio to everyone, no matter your health status or goals

Maddie H


a week ago

The Vision Team at Baulkham Hills have played such an important role in helping me to achieve my health goals. All the trainers are friendly and create such a welcoming environment. Definitely worth the investment!

Photo Courtesy of: Edward Zia

Westpac Branch Baulkham Hills

Address: 375-383 Windsor Road Stockland Baulkham Hills Shopping Centre Shop, 100, Baulkham Hills NSW 2153, Australia

Main Phone: (02) 9686 5299

View Westpac Branch Baulkham Hills on Google

Latitude: -33.7590491

Longitude: 150.9918784

Did you know that Westpac Branch Baulkham Hills rates 2.5/5 based on 11 total ratings?

Reviews for Westpac Branch Baulkham Hills

Sophie Louise


a week ago

Just came in to verify my ID for my online banking. Olivia took me in straight away, she was lovely, personable and very efficient. Very happy with the service



7 months ago

Very rude staff. Also was promised a phone call and some documents to be printed, didnt get back to me been a week.

Mike Smith


a year ago

Team member I encountered was Aggressively rude and Condescending. Looking at other reviews of this branch, I think Westpac needs to send the Customer service training team here as soon as possiable.

Photo Courtesy of: Hao Huynh

Baulkham Hills Veterinary Hospital

Address: 332 Windsor Rd, Baulkham Hills NSW 2153, Australia

Main Phone: (02) 9639 6399

View Baulkham Hills Veterinary Hospital on Google

Latitude: -33.763777

Longitude: 150.994606

Did you know that Baulkham Hills Veterinary Hospital rates 4.7/5 based on 168 total ratings?

Reviews for Baulkham Hills Veterinary Hospital

Neil Davidson


4 weeks ago

We had a problem with our daughters dog whilst looking after him and we couldn’t get him into his usual vet. This vet was so compassionate and although they were fully booked actually double booked us in to be able to see us that day. They were able to operate the next day and our daughters precious dog has fully recovered. Our daughter will now be using this vet in future.

shadi eftekhari


a month ago

Vets are friendly and nice with pets and very helpful with information they provide

Justin Beckhaus


2 months ago

Overpriced and will perform as many unnecessary tests as they can. Also did not inform of test results resulting in continuing to give unnecessary medication far longer than needed. Their different staff members give completely contradicting information. Stay away if you value your pets life and your wallet.

Photo Courtesy of: McDonald’s Northmead

McDonald’s Northmead

Address: 225 Windsor Rd, Northmead NSW 2152, Australia

Main Phone: (02) 9639 3603

View McDonald’s Northmead on Google

Latitude: -33.7739728

Longitude: 151.001529

Did you know that McDonald’s Northmead rates 3.6/5 based on 1235 total ratings?

Reviews for McDonald’s Northmead

brenda mazing


a year ago

It’s a long wait

KieranAndRebekah Cook


a year ago

It’s maccas.

Peter Wu


a year ago

They are so friendly and smile to all customer.

Photo Courtesy of: Kidz Place Early Learning Centre

Kidz Place Early Learning Centre

Address: 119 Old Northern Rd, Baulkham Hills NSW 2153, Australia

Main Phone: (02) 9639 2596

View Kidz Place Early Learning Centre on Google

Latitude: -33.7506399

Longitude: 150.994532

Did you know that Kidz Place Early Learning Centre rates 4.8/5 based on 18 total ratings?

Reviews for Kidz Place Early Learning Centre

Aditya Sharma


4 weeks ago

Our son was at Kidz place for 2 years. We had a wonderful experience with the team there. He was nurtured and learnt valuable lessons. He was treated like family. We never had a single complaint! I would highly recommend this place. Thanks to Mr. Stephan, Meggie, Iresha, Irene, Reena and all the others. We shall always remember you!

anna wu


a month ago

My kid was happily stayed in KidZ place for three years, by the time she graduated, she said she didn’t want to leave. All the educators are very patient, kind, friendly and professional. They taught children well and made a good transition during the kids growth. Stephan leads a great team, especially during Covid-19 period, he built the trust, caring feeling among the community. Highly recommended!

Rui Pfeiffer


5 months ago

Kidz Place provides great service to kids and parents. Our son loves it and enjoyed his time there with all teachers. The owner runs the centre very well and created this family-like culture. My boy has never been reluctant to go. Teachers are professional and caring. Programs are well designed for different ages. Kids are learning skills and having fun everyday. The food they provide is particularly good and healthy. If we didn’t have to, we really didn’t want to leave this centre. Highly recommend it.

Photo Courtesy of: Myhealth Baulkham Hills

Myhealth Baulkham Hills

Address: Shop 92, Grove Square – The Hills, 375-383 Windsor Rd, Baulkham Hills NSW 2153, Australia

Main Phone: (02) 9686 9222

View Myhealth Baulkham Hills on Google

Latitude: -33.7590552

Longitude: 150.9915552

Did you know that Myhealth Baulkham Hills rates 2.7/5 based on 73 total ratings?

Reviews for Myhealth Baulkham Hills

Bec Anne


a week ago

Had an appointment with Dr Natalie, she seemed nice to begin with until i wanted to ask a few questions & she was quick to dismiss me saying ‘she doesn’t have time to answer my questions in a 10 minute time frame’ i wasn’t aware that i had a time limit & was only in there for 5 mins. She was rude & dismissive. I felt maybe i was being sensitive but the more i thought about it the more upset i felt as i feel like as a Dr you should have more care & professionalism especially seeking help for things such as your mental health! Now that i have read these reviews i realise i wasn’t the only one who felt this way. I will not be going back to see her again & i hope my next visit i will find a better GP as i was looking for someone to continue seeing as i am new to the area. Very dissapointing!



2 months ago

Dr Ayesha is very professional, kind , helpful and always look for details. I am very happy to meet you during my Pregnancy

Akshat Gupta


4 months ago

Can’t speak for the rest, but Dr Thilini is incredible and the most attentive and well knowledged GP. Doesn’t leave a stone unturned and gives you all her time. She’s fantastic. My wife has found her independent experience with Dr Thilini exactly the same.

Photo Courtesy of: Hao Huynh

The Hills Chinese Take Away Food

Address: 24A Old Northern Rd, Baulkham Hills NSW 2153, Australia

Main Phone: (02) 9686 1057

View The Hills Chinese Take Away Food on Google

Latitude: -33.7602097

Longitude: 150.9928077

Did you know that The Hills Chinese Take Away Food rates 4.1/5 based on 48 total ratings?

Reviews for The Hills Chinese Take Away Food

Anirudh Mehta


a year ago

Food was bland

Ms Roig


6 months ago

We ordered a late night snack from this restaurant. It was our first order so we didn’t know what we were going to get. It was delivered within 15 minutes to our doorstep. The food was fresh, hot and delicious. We will order from there again. It’s lockdown and it’s not easy to find good food that is delivered.

Melissa Verco


6 months ago

Lockdown awesomeness Food was soo good will be going back here again and again ordered fried dumpling, spring rolls, special fried rice, satay beef, mongolian beef, sweet n sour pork and honey chicken. Now in a food coma

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