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All About Arndell Park NSW

Arncliffe is a suburb in southern Sydney, in the state of New South Wales, Australia. Arncliffe is located 11 kilometres south of the Sydney central business district, in the local government area of the Bayside Council. Arncliffe is south of the Cooks River and Wolli Creek, close to Sydney Airport.

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Demographics of Arndell Park, NSW

Elevation: 53 m
Postal code: 2148
Weather: 20 °C, Wind SE at 10 km/h, 98% Humidity
Local time: Wednesday 7:51 pm
Population: 27 (2016 census)
LGA(s): City of Blacktown

Everything You Need To Know About Arndell Park NSW

Photo Courtesy of: Travelodge Hotel Blacktown Sydney

Travelodge Hotel Blacktown Sydney

Address: 170 Reservoir Rd, Arndell Park NSW 2148, Australia

Main Phone: (02) 8822 2000

View Travelodge Hotel Blacktown Sydney on Google

Latitude: -33.793763

Longitude: 150.89669

Did you know that Travelodge Hotel Blacktown Sydney rates 3.8/5 based on 459 total ratings?

Reviews for Travelodge Hotel Blacktown Sydney

Dahlene Gray


a month ago

Lovely room, friendly helpful front desk staff, good location to the Workers club or Maccas and the main shopping centre.

Beverly Farrugia


10 months ago

Great place nice and clean…..thank you..

Mohit Aassi


2 months ago

unprofessional guy working in reception…. Not helpful at all

Photo Courtesy of: Alpha Hotel Eastern Creek

Alpha Hotel Eastern Creek

Address: Brabham Dr and, Peter Brock Dr, Eastern Creek NSW 2766, Australia

Main Phone: (02) 8889 7700

View Alpha Hotel Eastern Creek on Google

Latitude: -33.8019638

Longitude: 150.8709717

Did you know that Alpha Hotel Eastern Creek rates 3.9/5 based on 419 total ratings?

Reviews for Alpha Hotel Eastern Creek

Don Tilney


3 months ago

Staff were extremely helpful and polite at the main desk. The breakfast was fantastic other than the coffee machine was empty and for some reason the kitchen staff didn’t do anything about it even when I asked. Don’t believe the advertised “till late” for the bar and restaurant. The car race finished at 8.30pm and we couldn’t get a meal and the bar shut at 9pm on a Saturday night even though thousands of people were leaving the race track across the road? The rooms are comfortable though.

Micheal Patten


2 months ago

Restaurant closed although we stayed there on the 21st if December and we received an email saying it will be closed from the 23rd of December. Not only that we got to tho the room there was a massive cockroach in the bath and then we decided to order food in from there in room menu and they stuffed that up 3 times. It’s not hard to put wedges in a bowl. However the staff made it all out to be my fault and I was at fault for complaining… then to the TV would not work and the staff was notified and they said we have k own about this…… well why put full rate paying guests in a room that is not up to scratch… again this was my fault for complaining … stay away if you want a pleasurable.hotel….. there is a way better hotel.up the street in the atura we will never be back here again…….

Big Dan


3 months ago

All the staff. All the meals. The cleanliness. The decor was absolutely fantastic. Friendly staff. Nothing was too much trouble. Very willing to make your stay a great one. The matress on the bed needed to be updated. But all in all. Great value for money.

Photo Courtesy of: life is always better


Address: Arndell Park Shopping Centre, Shop 2/69 Holbeche Rd, Arndell Park NSW 2148, Australia

Main Phone: (02) 8847 1437

View Subway on Google

Latitude: -33.7894309

Longitude: 150.8895178

Did you know that Subway rates 3.3/5 based on 99 total ratings?

Reviews for Subway

Heidi Logan


3 months ago

Only 1 other customer and it took a ridiculous amount of time to be served by an unfriendly staff member. Food wasn’t fresh and they charged me multiple times saying the machine didn’t work only for all attempts to appear on my account. When questioned they told me to come back in a couple of days. No receipt provided and no subway game entry provided despite purchasing a sub and drink. DO NOT RECOMMEND!

Amandeep Singh


2 weeks ago

Worst experience, too much sauce, even can’t eat it

Matt Tassal


11 months ago


Photo Courtesy of Candice Shields

Sydney Motorsport Park

Address: Ferrers Rd, Eastern Creek NSW 2766, Australia

Main Phone: (02) 9672 1000

View Sydney Motorsport Park on Google

Latitude: -33.8039321

Longitude: 150.8691711

Did you know that Sydney Motorsport Park rates 4.6/5 based on 1883 total ratings?

Reviews for Sydney Motorsport Park

Cam Wayland


3 weeks ago

Great track and Driving Solutions run a really good track day program with help from race drivers that sit in your car and help you with tips and directions to improve your skills and lap times. Garages are clean and spacious. However all this comes at a cost as not cheap for a session, but still keep going back as heaps of fun

Ej Amoj


a month ago

Nice place, went to the tuned meets hosted there. Cleanliness is good and everything is pretty easy to find. Get in early to those events other wise it’s harder to see some stuff or but anything

Michael Shahine


a year ago


Photo Courtesy of: Tobias Ziegler

St Hedwig Village

Address: 140 Reservoir Rd, Blacktown NSW 2148, Australia

Main Phone: (02) 9831 4744

View St Hedwig Village on GoogleLatitude: -33.7888697

Longitude: 150.8951493

Did you know that St Hedwig Village rates 4.2/5 based on 6 total ratings?

Reviews for St Hedwig Village

Steven Byrnes


8 years ago

My father-in-law has been living in the hostel part for a few years and his experience there has been very good. The level of care is excellent and we often visit him for lunch on Sundays as the food served in the dining room is so good. Note ‘St Hedwig Village’ is in three parts: Retirement Village units (self care), the Hostel (low care) and the Nursing Home (high care).

Ingrid Turner


2 years ago

Our community has a long relationship with this amazing Village. In every area: hostel, dimentia care, nursing home, homecare and independant living; they go above and beyond. 10’s of our people with their families, have been made to feel as much at home as possible. My Mum is currently in the dimentia ward. The piece of mind that she is being cared for so beautifully is an amazing thing. Top quality food, daily programmes that engage her appropriately, thorough care of her wardobe and excellent personal/medical care. This has facilitated her to be as content as can be expected as she progresses through this horrible disease.

John Gohari


4 years ago

Very good

Photo Courtesy of: E Ling

Stratco Huntingwood

Address: 15 Liberty Rd, Huntingwood NSW 2148, Australia

Main Phone: 1300 165 165

View Stratco Huntingwood on Google

Latitude: -33.793323

Longitude: 150.8734578

Did you know that Stratco Huntingwood rates 4.2/5 based on 325 total ratings?

Reviews for Stratco Huntingwood

stephen musgrave


in the last week

Delivered on time. Driver Ivan was more than helpful. Don’t lose him good workers are hard to come by

Alexy Mathews (Alex)


4 months ago

My thoughts and appreciation to Stratco for solving my long desire to have a pergola built. I was able to contact Mr. Dilan, he is so down to earth in solving all my query regard to the pergola. Thanks for his patience. He is having very good knowledge about the product and his experience in this area is immensely good. His suggestions were very apt and the materials which were ordered has been delivered on time. Moreover, the installers were also too good to deal with. I really love the product, over all, I’m very happy with the product and installation. Now Stratco has become our household name and you are highly recommended.

Adam D


a month ago

I went into the store yesterday with an idea for a patio but unsure of what I am wanting thank you to Bernadette who went through the products to see which would suit me best. Excellent customer service

Photo Courtesy of: Sydney Premier Karting Park

Sydney Premier Karting Park

Address: 50 Peter Brock Dr, Eastern Creek NSW 2766, Australia

Main Phone: (02) 9672 7530

View Sydney Premier Karting Park on Google

Latitude: -33.8041895

Longitude: 150.8792832

Did you know that Sydney Premier Karting Park rates 3.6/5 based on 829 total ratings?

Reviews for Sydney Premier Karting Park

Vee Morgana


a month ago

I took my two kids (10 and 12) to have a look, get advice on what karts would be suitable, and suss out whether the kids would be keen. The people who work there don’t really seem interested in offering any advice. It’s as though you’re expected to come in, know everything there is to know, and just pay and drive. Eventually when I worked out which type of kart would apply to each of the kids, I was ready to put some money down. I was told to come back in about 3.5 hours, as that’s when then next free slot would be available. I said ‘thank you’, and walked out, and will never come back. The people who work there don’t care, and seem totally unapproachable. The karts are dirty, and look like they’re about to fall apart. Don’t bother asking for assistance. This is not ‘premier’ – this is a joke. A one-star place, the barest minimum. The people who manage this are too thick to realise that if you put the effort in, you can charge 50% and people will flock there. Just look after the place, look after the karts and look after the customers. That’s where your money is. Instead, take me – ready to drop $300, and keep returning, and instead I was so disappointed, I’ll never set foot in this place. (We came on a Friday, just after midday. Told to come back at 430pm. The woman behind the computer barely turned around to speak to us). Look at all the negative reviews, and believe me, after spending 30 minutes at that place, I can see exactly why. Pathetic, sad, unkempt, indifferent. Spend your money elsewhere.

Victor Do


a month ago

Fantastic service by the SPKP team, from the booking process to registration and racing on track. The team were extremely friendly and welcoming. There were no large waits like in previous years with this new booking system and it has made the show so much more efficient and fun. Karts are well maintained and are FAST! (Lucky #13 was mine).

I struggled with some parts of the track as it has been a few years and it was spitting rain, however one of the staff members took out a kart and guided me through the different racing lines on the track during the session.

A big shout out to Andre down in the karts section, he was very friendly and took some photos of my time here. I recommend anyone, novice to professional to visit this place full some action thrill under a safe and professionally run environment.

Ruby K


a month ago

We bought the family here last Friday and wanted to say how much fun was had!! The sign in area is clean but very busy I applaud the 2 girls working there – they work non stop looks like they are doing a million different things – the phone is constant my only critique would be they need an extra person just for the phone and people who come without a booking. 2ppl doing so much I really hope the company appreciates them. Down at the karts the staff were great – great experience. Karts could be cleaner

Photo Courtesy of: Storage King Blacktown

Storage King Blacktown

Address: 29 Penny Pl, Arndell Park NSW 2148, Australia

Main Phone: (02) 9436 6315

View Storage King Blacktown on Google

Latitude: -33.7952486

Longitude: 150.8924616

Did you know that Storage King Blacktown rates 4.9/5 based on 175 total ratings?

Reviews for Storage King Blacktown



in the last week

Amazing people and really helpful, thank you Mark for the service



2 months ago

The staff at Storage King were very helpful. Highly recommend their services.

Corinne O’Malveney


4 months ago

Mark was great following up my enquiries. And walking us through the process. Gave us a good deal for our storage also, always good to save money.

Photo Courtesy of: Thermal Mark Transport Refrigeration

Thermal Mark Transport Refrigeration

Address: 24 Penny Pl, Arndell Park NSW 2148, Australia

Main Phone: 1300 798 380

View Thermal Mark Transport Refrigeration on Google

Latitude: -33.7954278

Longitude: 150.8933317

Did you know that Thermal Mark Transport Refrigeration rates 3.8/5 based on 27 total ratings?

Reviews for Thermal Mark Transport Refrigeration

Heath Southwick


a month ago

TM500, great unit, Thermal Mark, great team. Mark, Abraham, Shaun and the entire team. Easy to use controller. Great temperatures. Fantastic turnaround times. Spares, service and breakdown vehicles. One stop shop.

waael mehana


10 months ago

Had a great experience with an employee named Abraham 2 years ago. Since then all my needs have been taken care of. They have always been very fair with their quotes and always on time. Whenever there was any problems hee would go out of his way to ensure my trucks were ready. Will definitely be using this business for the foreseeable future.

James Maxwell


10 months ago

An absolute pleasure to deal with. Reliable, friendly and accommodating. As someone who works in a niche’ area of government services I would not bother going anywhere else for specialist refrigeration needs. Special shoutout to Abraham who always looks after me.

Photo Courtesy of: Paul Doherty

L & C Industrial Supplies

Address: Unit 2/21 Penny Pl, Arndell Park NSW 2148, Australia

Main Phone: (02) 8678 4029

View L & C Industrial Supplies on Google

Latitude: -33.796256

Longitude: 150.8935152

Did you know that L & C Industrial Supplies rates 5/5 based on 2 total ratings?

Reviews for L & C Industrial Supplies

Allen Brady


8 months ago

Great people to do business with..

Paul Doherty (Lowrider)


3 months ago

Photo Courtesy of: TRS – Transport Refrigeration Services

TRS – Transport Refrigeration Services

Address: 3 Distillers Pl, Huntingwood NSW 2148, Australia

Main Phone: (02) 8822 8100

View TRS – Transport Refrigeration Services on Google

Latitude: -33.7960891

Longitude: 150.8786773

Did you know that TRS – Transport Refrigeration Services rates 4.1/5 based on 20 total ratings?

Reviews for TRS – Transport Refrigeration Services

Matt Jackson


3 months ago

TRS is very helpful, great time and fast turn around

Terry Weekes


4 months ago

Staff great and helpful do great work here

Wayne Davies


8 months ago

Friendly staff and Always a grateful for getting things fixed at a short notice..

Photo Courtesy of: Sydney Filters

Sydney Filters

Address: 19/70 Holbeche Rd, Arndell Park NSW 2148, Australia

Main Phone: (02) 9672 7008

View Sydney Filters on Google

Latitude: -33.7900412

Longitude: 150.8892356

Did you know that Sydney Filters rates 4.8/5 based on 22 total ratings?

Reviews for Sydney Filters

Jakub Marval


3 weeks ago

Excelent delivery! Ordered Oil Filter that wasn’t in stock in my local area. Sydney Filters deliverd next business day!

Well done 🙂

Steve Schmidt


10 months ago

Absolutely happy!!!
Already order a few years now and never had any problems !!!
Good pricing and quality!
Thanks and cheers


Savvas Eleutheriades


a year ago

Excellent service from Sydney Filters. I have been ordering from them for a few years now. Excellent value, super quick delivery, great products! It’s funny how receiving a new filter kit from these guys can put a smile on your face. 🙂

Photo Courtesy of: Mr Rental Blacktown

Mr Rental Blacktown

Address: 2/13 Penny Pl, Arndell Park NSW 2148, Australia

Main Phone: (02) 9671 0700

View Mr Rental Blacktown on Google

Latitude: -33.7965845

Longitude: 150.8947157

Did you know that Mr Rental Blacktown rates 5/5 based on 2 total ratings?

Reviews for Mr Rental Blacktown

Yvette Montano


2 years ago

Amazing customer service from both the customer service team & the gentlemen delivering our goods. Highly recommend!

Sandra Hoban


2 years ago

Best service ever 💛💛

Photo Courtesy of: Elgas Sydney

Elgas Sydney

Address: 22 Holbeche Rd, Blacktown NSW 2148, Australia

Main Phone: 13 11 61

View Elgas Sydney on Google

Latitude: -33.7897355

Longitude: 150.8802895

Did you know that Elgas Sydney rates 3.9/5 based on 151 total ratings?

Reviews for Elgas Sydney

joel carter


6 months ago

Terrible customer experience, was attempting to install gas at property which required gas bottles in an unusual position, had an inspection team approve a position and turn around and call up 3 days later to reject the position after a gas plummer was about to start work. Useless in every way.

John de Smit


7 months ago

I can’t get through to the service team. it continuously tells me the that the number is not inservice.

Stanley Peter


7 months ago

Worst to deal with. Paid $120 more for 45kg gas cylinders as compared to other suppliers in the market,. Got ripped off for nearly 5 years.

Photo Courtesy of: Jungheinrich Australia

Jungheinrich Australia

Address: 4 Decker Pl, Huntingwood NSW 2148, Australia

Main Phone: (02) 9760 0666

View Jungheinrich Australia on Google

Latitude: -33.7967338

Longitude: 150.8861541

Did you know that Jungheinrich Australia rates 4.3/5 based on 26 total ratings?

Reviews for Jungheinrich Australia

Greg Higgins


3 years ago

A great place full of joy and warmth definitely makes you realise that there are still great people in the world

Mat Hunter


2 years ago

Great place to work.

Luke Perry


5 years ago

My dad used to work there

Photo Courtesy of: Man Who knows

Powertune Australia

Address: 4/32-34 Peter Brock Dr, Eastern Creek NSW 2766, Australia

Main Phone: (02) 9756 6789

View Powertune Australia on Google

Latitude: -33.8032003

Longitude: 150.8769661

Did you know that Powertune Australia rates 4.5/5 based on 42 total ratings?

Reviews for Powertune Australia

Susana Teixeira


11 months ago

Excellent customer service. They are affordable, friendly and genuine. They looked after my Barina with the same care than my BMW. Couldn’t be happier. Thanks George and the team.

spotify phone


a year ago

Very happy with the work. Were friendly and went above and beyond making my car safer and with working to a budget.

Marcello Napoli


a year ago

Powertune has been extremely professional in all my engagements with them. They are always providing the best performance outputs to the cars reliable limits, and most importantly providing me the after service support for ongoing upgrades and services. They honestly have always provided genuine and realistic advice which is always appreciated. You won’t be disappointed with the team as I have witnessed over the years as their standards keep climbing.

If you want to win the race…this is the place!

Photo Courtesy of: Ashish Rajput

Beaurepaires for Tyres Eastern Creek

Address: Lot 100 Brabham Dve (Cnr, Great Western Hwy, Eastern Creek NSW 2766, Australia

Main Phone: (02) 9132 4183

View Beaurepaires for Tyres Eastern Creek on Google

Latitude: -33.7933981

Longitude: 150.8707408

Did you know that Beaurepaires for Tyres Eastern Creek rates 4.1/5 based on 77 total ratings?

Reviews for Beaurepaires for Tyres Eastern Creek

Carolynne Glover


3 weeks ago

Thank you Joe for your amazing service. I will recommend it to everyone! Such a nice guy!

Google User


a month ago

You guys are amazing! From the moment I arrived in a panic as I had multiple nails in tyre. Service was impeccable. I felt like a VIP ! Thank You Joe and the team.



3 months ago

If a V8 supercars team is looking for New Pit Crew Members.. Look no more!! The lads handling the Truck and Trailers are Str8 Boss!

Photo Courtesy of: Workhorse Fleet Maintenance

Workhorse Fleet Maintenance

Address: 10 Raceway Pl, Eastern Creek NSW 2766, Australia

Main Phone: (02) 8882 4777

View Workhorse Fleet Maintenance on Google

Latitude: -33.806307

Longitude: 150.884885

Did you know that Workhorse Fleet Maintenance rates 5/5 based on 3 total ratings?

Reviews for Workhorse Fleet Maintenance

Craig Mcgowan


4 years ago

Great service. had the the truck repaired, serviced & hired a truck rental while all this was being done. Didn’t miss a day of work . thanks guys.

Ange Kroehnert


3 years ago

Quality work and service

Roxy Woo


2 years ago

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