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Clean Group Brisbane understands your customers’ high expectations. We cater to hospitality businesses from traditional restaurants and bars to high-end pubs. In our present economy, every penny counts. With over two decades of cleaning experience, we are confident that we can meet and exceed your cleaning expectations with our very cost-effective cleaning solutions. This article will tell you how our commercial cleaning Brisbane managed to be on top of every commercial cleaner that provides the same services in the same market. We will tell you how we were able to make it in the number one spot here in Brisbane.

Do not spoil the party. Be the life of the party. Many patrons expect that each bar and pub they go to offer the best hospitality. Part of this expectation is the cleanliness and hygiene of the place.

As we all know, partying can be messy. Drinks and alcohol spills are given. Floors are abused to the highest level. A lot of disco cleaning companies in the market offer basic lounge cleaning. Clean Group goes over the top by making sure that toilets are getting the attention that it needs. We take away trash and help you maintain the welcoming vibe of your business.

Local authorities and councils often visit this type of establishments for random checks and inspection. This is also one of the reasons why your business needs to be immaculate at all times. Your customers have high demands on your facilities too. Think about social media. One wrong choice of not having your club clean can spread a bad reputation for you and your business like wildfire.

Keeping your pub clean means:

  • No food poisoning
  • Happy and satisfied customers
  • Good word of mouth
  • Return guests
  • Higher revenue

Types of Services for Pub and Bar Cleaning

Types of Services for Pub and Bar Cleaning

Lounge cleaning services can be tricky especially if you need to clean in the dark. On the contrary, we know how you and patron love to drink out and socialize with friends or their families. To give your customers a wonderful total party experience, you need to hire a bar cleaning company that will maintain the highest modern hygiene requirements for you and your business. We offer:

  • Cleaning of Bar Area
  • Cleaning of Point of Sale Areas
  • Cleaning of Walk-In Fridges, Coolers, and Fridges
  • Overall Cleaning of Front Areas
  • Cleaning of Tables, Chairs, Couches, and Benches
  • Cleaning and Maintenance of Toilets
  • Cleaning of Drinking and Eating Areas
  • Cleaning of Guest Rooms
  • Cleaning of Floors
  • Pressure Washing of Exterior Floors
  • Restocking of Toilet Consumables
  • Canopy and Window Cleaning

What is the Difference Between Bars, Pubs, Discos, and Lounges

What is the Difference Between Bars, Pubs, Discos, and Lounges

Bar – in simple words, this business is licensed to sell drinks and alcoholic beverages. They are allowed to stock and trade alcohol drinks. They offer a wide selection of wine, mixed drinks, fruit punches, specialty brew and many more.

Disco – is a place where you can drink, eat, party and dance the night out. Disco is also recognized for its loud music and elaborate lighting and effects.

Lounge – It is a public place where you can just simply relax and release your stress out. Normally, lounges offer a comfortable place to sit, good music, and a selection of drinks and beverages.

Club – this place is more private. Oftentimes, it requires membership. Same as what the other hospitality businesses can offer, Club also offers music, drinks, and pure relaxation.

These businesses may differ by definition but Clean Group Brisbane understands that their optimal goal is to keep their house clean and inviting to patrons and friends.
If you would like more information about our pub and bar cleaning, drop us a message on the comment box provided below. Feel free to share your insights and your trade secret on how you can make your pub cleaning business a success.

Clean Group Brisbane offers pub cleaning services that are client-centric. We have an outstanding cleaning team and offer a competitive price that delivers the real value for your money.

Five Ways on How to Keep Your Pub Clean

Five Ways on How to Keep Your Pub Clean

Bars and Clubs are an excellent place to get together. People go to hospitality businesses for various reasons. People get together to party, celebrate, mourn, or to simply destress. Regardless of what it is, no one will appreciate a dirty pub.

A well-maintained pub is welcoming to patrons and clientele. In the age of social media, people will highly likely give you a good review and recommendation if you offer a clean, cozy, and fun ambiance. Cleanliness will also eliminate the possibilities of food poisoning and cross-contamination. It is also important for your business to pass the regular inspection to make sure that you are on the right side of the law and avoid closure.

Here are some ways to keep your pub clean and sanitized:

Hire a company that offers professional pub cleaning services.

Most of the jobs inside the pub cannot be done by your employees alone. If you want your pub to be at its best, do not hesitate to get professional help. Hiring pub cleaners will help you save time, effort, and money. It eliminates the pressure in your staff and at the same time, you can put your mind at ease because you know that you are meeting the standards required by the authorities.

Adhere to a regular cleaning schedule.

It is easier for you to have a routine cleaning after you had hired a professional cleaner that will take care of your pub cleaning needs. Make sure that your cleaners follow a certain checklist to ensure that job scopes are done perfectly. The cleaning schedule will tell the cleaners which particular area is due for a cleaning. Normal cleaning frequencies are daily, weekly, fortnightly, and monthly.

Make your employees follow a hygiene rule.

You cannot achieve an absolute clean space if your employees are not into it. Make them wash their hands before and after a certain task or as often as possible. Create signages that will remind them to follow this rule. Put sanitizer containers in highly used areas, especially in the kitchen. Advise your food handlers to always sanitized their hands. Apart from handwashing, your staff should be cleanly dressed at all times.

Proper Hygiene also includes the following:

  • Showering and bathing regularly
  • Keeping hair clean and covered or tied back
  • Using clean utensils for tasting food
  • Using separate cloth for cleaning and wiping plates

Practice “Clean As You Go”

Cleaning as you go means developing a habit of cleaning a mess immediately. It is helpful to designate a cleaner in each area of the pub to ensure all areas are kept clean. Each cleaner will be your eyes and they can act immediately should the need arise. If a customer spilled a drink, your cleaner can mop it right away.

Deal with bad smell immediately.

The bad smell does not have a room for a pub or club. It indicates poor cleaning and low maintenance. Always identify where the smell is coming from. One of the sources is thrash bins. Make sure to collect and dispose of trash before it overflows or before it emits an unwelcome smell. Toilets are also notorious for bad smell. Assign a cleaner that will monitor the status of the restroom during your business hours. Place exhaust fans at different places inside the pub to make sure that rooms are adequately ventilated.

Pub Cleaning Checklist

Pub Cleaning Checklist

The checklist will always ensure that jobs are not forgotten. As an owner or manager, it is your responsibility to maintain a clean and welcoming environment for all of your patrons. Do not wait for your club to look disorganized before you hire professional help. Pub cleaners follow a checklist to help them achieve the quality of the premises that you are dreaming of. Besides, you need your business to be as pristine to attract more customers.

Sanitation Procedures

We all know that all businesses that serve food and beverages have to comply with local health laws and regulations. Following the proper sanitation, the procedure is a must when creating a checklist.

Sanitation procedures include regular and proper handwashing. It is critical for all businesses that serve food and beverages. Advise your staff to wash their hands after:

  • Coughing, sneezing or touching mouth or nose
  • Handling objects like garbage and money
  • Using bathroom
  • Smoking
  • Cleaning tables
  • Handling raw foods

Sanitation has two components. These are:

  • Cleaning schedule showing each section or item to be cleaned, who will clean it and how frequently does it need to be cleaned.
  • List of cleaning sanitizing agents and cleaning supplies showing instructions on how you can use and store it safely.

To effectively create a list, you should categorize the scopes that need to be done during the start of the shift, at the end of the shift, and throughout the day. You can include the cleaning frequency on each scope to easily identify if the cleaner needs to do it on a daily or weekly schedule.

Place the checklist in an area that your employee can easily see. They should understand that they are also responsible for keeping certain areas clean.

Opening Checklist

  • Prepare garnishes like lime, lemon, olives, and cherries
  • Wipe and clean cabinets and fridges
  • Prepare the things you need like straws, bar mats, picks, and other items
  • Sanitize your bar and stool
  • Put the dishes away

Closing Checklist

  • Sweep, vacuum, and mop floors
  • Throw empty bottles
  • Restock fridges with drinks for the next shift
  • Sanitized bottles
  • Throw out fruit mixers at the end of your shift
  • Clean and sanitize taps
  • Clean and sanitize soda nozzles
  • Clean floor drains
  • Wipe and sanitize all tables and counters
  • Put used napkins, aprons, and rags in the laundry bin
  • Turn on the dishwasher
  • Wash all dirty dishes before you go home.

3 Effective Cleaning Tips for Bars and Pubs

3 Effective Cleaning Tips for Bars and Pubs

Always use Personal Protective Equipment when cleaning.

Employees’ safety is vital when working with hot equipment. You can advise your cleaner to use Clamshell Grill Gloves or Oven Mittens to protect their hands from hot oil and equipment.

Wash hands and put disposable gloves before beginning to clean the beverage tower.

Remove the nozzles and diffusers and place it into a sanitizer solution. Use a beverage tower brush to clean the underside of the diffuser and valve areas inside the lower valve bodies. Dip and rinse beverage tower brush in sanitizer solution between each cleaning. Wipe diffuser and valve areas with a clean, sanitizer-soaked towel. Rinse nozzles and diffusers and allow them to soak in the solution for one minute. After a minute, reinstall the nozzles and diffusers.

Rinse the beverage tower brush to remove soil before storing to help extend product life.

Do not be overwhelmed with the idea of cleaning your pub. You can always hire a professional to do the job for you. Hire a pub cleaner so that you can focus more on how you will grow your business. If you are interested in getting a free, non-binding quote from the best commercial cleaner for your restaurant, pub, or bar, call us today and we would like to hear from you.

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