What is After Builders Cleaning? How Is It Different From After Renovation Cleaning?

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When a new building is constructed or an existing one is renovated, a lot of dust, dirt and garbage remains as residue at the place. Now, a new resident would not want to move to a place that looks dirty and is full of dust even though it’s newly constructed, which is why after-builders cleaning is required.

After builders clean or builders clean involves the cleaning of a property/building soon after recent construction work.

The construction of a building involves the use of a lot of material, including cement, sand, stones, tiles, lumber, etc. During the construction process and with the use of these elements, a lot of dust, rubbish and debris is generated, which makes it nearly impossible for anyone to start using the property without getting it cleaned thoroughly.

We (Clean Group) are often asked questions like what is after builder clean and how or whether it’s different from after renovation cleaning, so we decided to write this article as a comprehensive guide to after-builders cleaning, what it involves and how we do it at Clean Group.

What is After Builders Cleaning?

After builder cleaning refers to the process of cleaning a newly constructed property/building after a recent construction work with the aim to remove dirt, dust and debris left by builders and to make it ready for use.

The job of builders and construction workers is usually done once the property is ready, i.e. the construction work is done. They are not generally responsible to clean the property after construction.

But that doesn’t mean that the place needs not to be cleaned. On the contrary, the garbage left by builders makes it nearly impossible for anyone to use the place without properly and thoroughly cleaning it. But, at the same time, cleaning such a place by yourself is not feasible. There is a lot of garbage, waste material, dirt and debris left after construction and hiring a professional after builder cleaning service seems like the best idea for the cleaning of such property.

One thing you must understand about after builders clean is that it’s not the same thing as your standard house clean. So, it’s important that you research and hire a cleaning agency that specifically specializes in after building cleaning, and not just regular domestic cleaning.

After builders cleaning is generally performed in the following two stages:

Initial/Basic Cleaning

In the first stage of after builders clean, all the surfaces around the building are cleaned of dust, debris and rubbish. This type of cleaning may also be done during the construction work, especially when the tiles are being installed.

In-depth Cleaning

In the second and final stage of builders cleaning, all the dirt, debris and defects left by your builders after construction are removed. This includes straightening grout lines on tiles, removing splatter from windows, removing paint marks from furniture, floors, windows, doors, etc., removing grout haze from tiles, and more.

After this cleaning stage, your property will be ready to move. Final detail clean is the difference between a newly constructed property and a ready to move property.

Naturally, it may take some time to deep clean a newly built property because of the amount of detail.

The cost of complete after builders cleaning service will depend on a number of things, including the type and amount of building material to remove, skill & experience of cleaners, type of service, etc.

To know more about how in-depth after builders clean works, kindly refer to the Clean Group services section below.

What is After Renovation Cleaning? How is it different?

As the name suggests, after renovation clean is the cleaning done after a recent renovation or restoration work in order to remove the dirt and dust and make the place tidy again.

The difference between after builders clean and after renovation clean is the same as the difference between construction and renovation.

Building or constructing a new property involves building everything from scratch. A lot of construction material is used and, therefore, a lot of debris and waste remain once the work is done. Renovation or remodelling, on the other hand, involves minor reconstruction at an existing property, which comparatively uses less material and less waste is produced.

Depending on the level of the waste and dirt produced during the project, after builders cleaning is more intense compared to after renovation cleaning and involves a more in-depth cleaning.

After renovation cleaning can be done by anyone. Even your household maid or servant can clean after a minor renovation or remodelling project. But, for after builders cleaning, professional help may be needed.

The types of garbage left after both renovation and construction projects are almost similar, which include dust, dirt, debris, garbage, waste material, sand, paint marks, grout, etc. Only the amount can be different, depending on the size of the project. A building project is usually bigger in dimension compared to a renovation project and may, therefore, leave a lot of garbage after it.

After Builders/Renovation Cleaning Services by Clean Group

Clean Group is an Australia-based, full-service commercial cleaning agency that offers professional after builders cleaning services in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Cleaning the mess made by your builders during a construction project is not going to be easy, especially if you’re planning to do it yourself. But, why would you even consider doing it yourself when there are professional after-builders cleaning services out there that you can hire at an affordable price? To hire now, call us right away!

If you’re thinking that after builders cleaning is the same as any of your standard home/office cleaning projects and can be performed by any regular cleaner/s, think again.

At Clean Group, we offer specialist after builders cleaning services through a skilled team that is trained to clean a property after a recent construction, renovation or similar project. As a reputable commercial cleaning agency in Australia, we are trusted by hundreds of businesses and individuals across the country for efficient and affordable cleaning services.

When it comes to after builders or renovation cleaning, we do in the following two stages:

Stage 1 – Initial Clean: First, we clean the place for dust, dirt, debris, etc. and remove any garbage and waste items from the surface.

Stage 2 – Deep Clean: The next stage involves deep cleaning of the entire property, including removal/straightening of grout on tiles, cleaning of windows, doors, furniture and walls for stains, paint, etc. Your place will be ready to move once we are done with this stage.

Unlike other cleaning companies that will only do the basic cleaning of your newly constructed property, we will deep clean everything to make your place actually look new and ready to use. Depending on the unique requirements of our clients, we may offer the following after builders cleaning services.

Dirt, dust & debris removal

We will clean the surfaces/tiles, bathrooms, windows, doors, etc. of dust and dirt that may have been accumulated during construction or renovation.

Construction rubbish & waste removal

A lot of construction waste like cement, stones and sand may have been left by your builders. We will take care of that and make your place look clean.

Stain removal

If your furniture, tiles and/or windows or doors have paint and other stains on them, we will remove all such stains using modern machines & solutions.

Floor Cleaning

Your building floor is kind of a disposal ground for builders to dispose of any waste and rubbish during construction. Moreover, improper installation of tiles may lead to grout hazes that make your floor look hideous. But, don’t worry, we will take care of that as well. Besides cleaning the surface/floor, we will remove grout haze, straighten grout lines and fill any gaps.

Windows/Doors Cleaning

Our cleaning team will also clean/wipe/wash your windows and doors to remove stains and return back the shine.

Carpet/Furniture Cleaning

If you’ve got any furniture, carpets, etc. that got ruined during construction, we can clean them as well perform minor repairs.

Outside Cleaning

Not just the inside of your property, but also the exterior areas such as walls, pathway, lawn, etc. may get dirty and collect debris during construction. We will clean such areas and remove any garbage.

Why Clean Group is the best company for after builders clean

At Clean Group, we have been providing commercial cleaning services to both residential and commercial properties in Australia for over 20 years now. We are recognised for our best-in-industry cleaning team and our commitment to providing top-class services to all our customers in different industries. We have –

  • Experienced construction cleaners who are committed to getting a job done with efficiency and quality.
  • Best-in-class resources and team that you will not find anywhere else.
  • Eco-friendly cleaning solutions & methods to ensure complete safety of your people.
  • The most advanced cleaning tools and technologies to get the desired cleaning results for you.
  • Wonderful & dedicated customer support team that is always ready to assist you on call, email or chat.

When planning an after builders clean, make sure to hire a professional cleaning agency for the job rather than doing it yourself or getting it done by your regular house cleaners. After builders cleaning is a serious job and requires specific skills and tools to get the job done efficiently. Do not waste your time and money on unqualified cleaners.

To discuss your cleaning requirements or to get a free quote, call us today!

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