What is After Builders Cleaning? Including Checklist, Job Skills and Services in Melbourne

Posted On: November 27th, 2019 Author: Amelia Annand

Clean Group takes pride in providing after builders cleaning services to different commercial businesses in Melbourne. We are known to be the number one provider of after builders cleaning all over Melbourne.

Recently, Clean Group ventures in construction companies. We make businesses and commercial spaces shiny clean after construction or renovation.

Cleanliness comes first when it comes to selling properties. Well-kept buildings and spaces are more appealing to leads. Clean Group makes it easy by providing a wide-range after builders cleaning solution for construction firms.

This article will tell you how After Builders Cleaning ventured into this type of cleaning and how we became successful in doing so. Let’s get started.

What is After Builders Cleaning?

What is After Builder’s Clean

By definition, after builder’s clean is done after renovation or construction of a building, office, or any business. Most construction companies partner with their cleaning provider or vendor or sometimes, they also hire their cleaner.

Whatever the case may be, after builder’s cleaning business is booming and we are part of it. We make your building and store ready for operation. Melbourne strata cleaners are here to offer the professional builders cleaning Melbourne solution for you. After Builder’s Cleaning Company Clean Group makes your premises dust-free, fresh, and squeaky clean like construction never happened.

Our team of professionals builders cleaners in Melbourne will find ways to ensure the very first impression for all of your after builders cleaning business needs.

We offer Melbourne after builders cleaning services for:

  • Business Expansion
  • Office Renovation
  • Post-construction clean-up

Different Types of Builders Cleaning Services in Australia

After Builders Cleaning Services Options

Move-out Cleaning

This type of cleaning is required if a person or a business is done leasing a property or strata. Before vacating the premises, the lessee is required to clean it. The building management or the owner will inspect before the previous tenant returns the key. It is easier to hire a professional cleaner to ensure that you will not be encountering issues like uncollected garbage or furniture being left behind or uncleaned carpet. These problems may cause financial burdens to you if not properly dealt with.

After Construction or Renovation Cleaning

After Construction or Renovation Cleaning

This type of cleaning requires a pool of professional cleaners. Longer working hours are expected as you can imagine the amount of dust, dirt, and debris that is present in the area. Cleaning the building from top to bottom is necessary to make the premises look like new. Employees will appreciate the improvement and the renovation done in the workplace once Clean Group did its magic for making the area sparkly clean.

What Can Clean Group Do For You?

What Can Clean Group Do

Bathroom – Clean, sanitize, and disinfects all parts of the bathroom

Doors – Clean and wipe doors. Remove marks and stains.

Floors – Vacuum, sweep, and mop floors for hard and resilient floors

Positioning – Properly places and positions furniture

Spot Cleaning – Maintains cleanliness of walls, light switches, chairs, doors, and carpets

Vacuum – Vacuum all carpeted areas and upholstery

Kitchen – Clean and sanitize all parts of the kitchen. The service includes trash removal and proper segregation.

Trash Removal – Empty all bins and replace all liners if needed

Dusting – Dust all horizontal surfaces like window sills, picture frames, and other surfaces

Required Skills For Renovation or Builders Cleaners in Melbourne

Required Skills For Real Estate Cleaning Job

Many people think that a cleaning job is an easy job. Clean Group makes sure that all our after builder’s cleaning contracts are being done by professional commercial cleaners. All our cleaners follow ours after builder’s cleaning checklist.

We design this list to make sure that all requirements are met. This will seal and ensure the satisfaction of all our clients. Aside from these technicalities, we make sure that all our cleaners possess the core value, which sets them apart from the regular cleaner.

Clean Group’ Melbourne builders cleaners are driven with one purpose, and they work with integrity. Here are the required skills and values that we look for in an after builder’s cleaners cleaner:


As the old saying goes, honesty is the best policy. In all fields and any business, customers will trust you if you prove your honesty to them. In the cleaning industry, cleaners will have access to strata and offices. Honest people do not need to be reminded that they do not have to take what is not theirs. Integrity and honesty play a very crucial part in this business. Your cleaner is the face of your business. They will build the reputation of your logo. Dishonest employees can tarnish and destroy your business.

Stamina and Vitality

Let us admit it; cleaning can be very tiring. A cleaner should be physically fit for the job in able to perform well. Often, the after builder’s cleaning checklist will require the cleaner to work under the heat of the sun. Your cleaner should be able to endure this work condition without compromising the quality of his or her performance. The bottom line is, the cleaner should be healthy enough for the job.

Skills to Manage Time

After builder’s cleaning quotes a cleaning job depending on the cleaning duration. An excellent cleaner should know how to manage his time to complete all the requirements stipulated in his real estate cleaning checklist. He needs to work his way efficiently based on the cleaning duration given to him.

Knows How To Exercise Autonomy

This is the ability of the cleaner to work under minimal to zero supervision after adequate training was provided. This skill demonstrates the trustworthiness of your employees. Being able to work without supervision is a skill that can be learned over time.

Consistency and Attention To Details

Complacency is the enemy of most tenured cleaners. They tend to relax when they know the routine. When this happens, small details are often being left out and overlooked. Consistency is essential because this is where a cleaning contract relies on. If your customer found the quality of your work decreases over time, they will not renew or extend the deal anymore. You should hire a cleaner who is passionate enough. Someone who is driven and motivated to provide the same level of performance time and time again.

Good Judgement and Disposition

Our customers frequently give keys to their premises. They trust us that we will safeguard all things and information that we can find inside their property. Cleaners may come across customer’s sensitive data. The cleaner should be honest enough not to touch these things or not to discuss details and disclose information to his colleagues inside and outside of the premises. A cleaner should know how to be discreet and to keep secrets.

Ability to Solve Problems

One of the valued traits of a cleaner is their ability to solve problems or their ability to think out of the box. Clean Group cleaners are very known to be resourceful. Professional cleaners know how to deal and resolve daily issues that may arise in the workplace even without the aid of their managers.

Friendly and Pleasing Personality

A professional cleaner needs to have a certain degree of people skills. This person needs to be warm enough to sustain a harmonious relationship with his peers and his customers. A good cleaner needs to be a team player. These traits will ensure a light and friendly working environment for the cleaner and the rest of the team members. It is easier to complete a task if we work as a team.


Your employees need to be trainable. Apart from being trainable, you also need to look for their adaptability traits. Along the line, they need to unlearn the things that they are very used to do to make way for innovations and improvement. Your cleaners should learn how to love and embrace changes, especially if your company will benefit from it.


As a professional cleaner, he needs to take pride in what he does and what he can do. Hire someone who will be proud to say that they work as a cleaner. A person will only excel in a particular field if they are pleased and happy with what they are doing.

The Only After Builders Cleaning Checklist You’ll Ever Need

After Builder’s Cleaning Checklist

Cleanliness plays the most significant advantage in determining the value of the strata or property that you are trying to sell or lease in the market. Cleaning is also the fastest and most economical way of increasing the selling price of your property. You need to hire a professional after builder’s cleaner, and they will get the job done for you. After builder’s cleaning, companies can also help you maintain the cleanliness of the property during the whole selling process. Many sellers receive unexpected calls, and short notice advises from potential buyers seeking viewings.

Tackle all the duties from after builders cleaning checklist, and you will never need to look at another one:


  • Put away all personal things and items like gadgets, prescription drugs, bills, etc.
  • Declutter and clean all counters
  • Clean the refrigerator inside and outside. Remove decorative magnets from the exterior.
  • Set a reasonable temperature for the entire property
  • Empty trash bins
  • Remove or minimize family photos
  • Deep clean the bathroom including the toilets, shower area, bathtub, and sink
  • Make sure that all light bulbs and switches are working
  • Keep away pet items like food bowls, toys, litter boxes, beds, etc.
  • Make sure that the entire property smells clean and fresh.


  • Make sure that the grass has not overgrown
  • Trim overgrown shrubs and plants
  • Paint the shutters
  • Remove weeds from the garden
  • Fix walkways
  • Clean the exterior windows and glasses
  • Pressure wash walkways and cement
  • Clear the pathway leading to and from the property

After Builders Cleaning Service Provided by Clean Group

After Builder’s Cleaning Service Provided by Clean Group

In general, Commercial Cleaning Company Clean Group provides two different types of After Builder’s Cleaning. These are Initial or rough cleaning, and the other one is Final Detail Cleaning.

Initial or rough cleaning

The first stage of the after builder’s cleaning. It entails rubbish removal, first dusting, and removal of dirt and debris all over the building. This is typically being done halfway during the construction or renovation process. This cleaning is done to spot construction defects and other trade defects easily.

Final Detail Cleaning

This is where the real cleaning takes place. The final detail clean will give you the premises the final quality finish that you are aiming for. This process takes a long cleaning duration because of the amount of work required. This service includes removal of trade defects, straightening of grout lines and removing haze on tiles, tile detailing, removal of paint marks from floorboards and much more.

To make it simple, final detail cleaning can be anything apart from the cleaning required for a regular cleaning job. You may need specialized tools and equipment to complete this process successfully. Cleaning in Group or team can be beneficial in this type of project. You may expedite the cleaning process without compromising the quality of the job if you can come up with a team of professional cleaners.

After builder’s cleaning demands are increasing, which makes the professional cleaning business very fast-moving, it is vital to choose a cleaning company that meets the challenging need for this type of cleaning. If you agree with all the things that I mentioned in this article, please leave a comment below. Ask us a question or share your tips on how did you become successful in this venture.

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