Everything You Need to Know About Office Cleaning

There are hundreds of offices located all over the city. These offices provide jobs to thousands of Sydney residents. By choosing to come to the office daily and working 8-10 hours there, your employees trust you to provide them with a safe and healthy work environment. It your responsibility as a business owner or manager to maintain proper Office cleaning and sanitization on your office premises.

Office cleaning refers to the cleaning of a workspace with the purpose to remove dirt, dirt and germs and make the place safe for workers and visitors. A clean and good-looking office will not just help ensure the safety of your employees and reduce the number of sick days but also it will boost employee morale, which will have a direct impact on your business productivity and growth. A messy or dirty office will, on the other hand, leave consistently bad impressions on your visitors.  Here’s everything you need to know about office cleaning in Sydney, including what is covered in office cleaning services and useful tips for DIY office cleaning.

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Why Should You Hire Professional Cleaners?

Office cleaning services can seem like a luxury option to some people, compared to hiring in-house cleaning staff. However, from the perspective of a business owner or manager, commercial cleaning offers a huge range of benefits and plenty of advantages in every single industry.

Not only can professional office cleaning services keep your office tidy and clean, but they can also take care of quite a few lesser-known cleaning issues that regular staff may overlook. Commercial cleaning can also work out to be cheaper overall, especially for major cleaning jobs.

It Takes Pressure Off Office Staff

One of the most annoying things about an office job is having to keep your office tidy. A messy office covered with trash, dust and old documents can be a very poor workplace, but cleaning it up takes time, and you can’t always spare that time when working with customers or clients.

If regular members of office staff have to become the company’s unofficial in-house office cleaners, then they will either have to deal with the added workload or will not end up cleaning very often at all. Both are awful for the workplace and their productivity and can also turn off certain investors and potential customers.

Hiring new staff is harder if they are expected to clean their own spaces, too. Since most offices do not have that kind of rule, it can really stick out during the hiring process. Having to keep your office tidy is one thing, but having to dust and fully clean it regularly can wear down new hires.

It’s Often Cheaper

Hiring professional office cleaning services to tidy up small spills is obviously going to be more expensive than getting one of your employees to do it. However, a full cleaning service can be far cheaper for your business than having to hire cleaning staff, buy the equipment they need, and so on.

Commercial cleaners almost always have the full range of tools and equipment that they will need. Business premises are always more complex than home cleaning, and it is not easy to handle deep cleaning without the right gear – gear that can cost a lot to buy for your own company.

If cleaning floors is part of the job and something that you have paid them to do, then they will generally clean those floors, no matter whether they are lightly messy or completely stained. You would rarely have to pay extra unless the situation is extremely specific or it is part of your arrangement.

It’s Simpler to Manage

One of the hardest parts of running a business is being able to manage everything. This includes health and safety, pay, budgets, equipment, employee schedules, and even the individual details of each of your employees. If you hire a new cleaning team, you have to get through all of these obstacles.

Third-party professional cleaners are already their own established office cleaning service and business. They have their own supplies, own health benefits and are treated as employees of the cleaning company rather than a group that you hire into your business.

By having the commercial cleaning service manage your office cleaning needs, you (or the managers of your business) are able to save time and cut down on the number of records, documents and confidential information that will need to be tracked, stored and updated.

This also has the added benefit of letting the professional cleaners use their own expertise. Instead of having to build a full cleaning schedule and understand your offices’ cleaning requirements, a professional office cleaning company is able to take responsibility and figure it out themselves.

It Can Appeal to Customers

In general, a professional office cleaning company is going to be more thorough than a last-minute clean-up before opening up at the start of a week. Customers want to see business premises that look clean and safe, with dirt-free floors and as little clutter as possible. This goes for larger business clients, too.

If you are in an industry that involves customers coming to your business premises, then cleaning any space they will see is important. They might not see your offices or the main workplace, but getting commercial cleaners to work in a lobby or meeting area can be vital for showing the customer that you are a quality business.

Remember: poor quality is not just about your employees. It can also make a customer decide to go somewhere else, ruin business opportunities with clients, make people less likely to continue the hiring process, or possibly even cause you issues with health inspections and quality checks.

Commercial cleaners are a great option for cleaning and disinfecting any space, and when it comes to an office, they are often a core part of making that workplace look good. Do not underestimate the value of their job, especially if your offices are customer-facing and represent your entire business.

It Can Improve Safety

An office cleaning surface is able to offer a range of high-quality cleaning methods, but all of them are useful for health and safety reasons. Cleaning and disinfecting an office space is not just to prevent viruses and sicknesses from spreading but to protect employees that may have their own medical issues.

For example, in businesses that have a mixture of employees who may have certain allergies or sensitivities, it can be important to clean desks as often as possible and make sure to vacuum up food crumbs or other potential risks. This stops employees from having allergic reactions when dealing with customers.

There are also more direct health risks. The workplace environment in an industry that involves dangerous chemicals or other sources of danger should get a regular deep cleaning, and any industry that deals directly with germs (like medical businesses or offices) often need careful cleaning as well.

Remember that spills, dirt, debris and piles of scrap or refuse are all safety risks, too. Floors covered in rubbish can become tripping hazards, large broken furniture can take up lots of space, and damaged machines or old chemical containers become very dangerous if they are not properly disposed of.

It Improves The Workplace

An office cleaning surface is able to offer a range of high-quality cleaning methods, but all of them are useful for health and safety reasons. Cleaning and disinfecting an office space is not just to prevent viruses and sicknesses from spreading but to protect employees that may have their own medical issues.

For example, in businesses that have a mixture of employees who may have certain allergies or sensitivities, it can be important to clean desks as often as possible and make sure to vacuum up food crumbs or other potential risks. This stops employees from having allergic reactions when dealing with customers.

There are also more direct health risks. The workplace environment in an industry that involves dangerous chemicals or other sources of danger should get a regular deep cleaning, and any industry that deals directly with germs (like medical businesses or offices) often need careful cleaning as well.

Remember that spills, dirt, debris and piles of scrap or refuse are all safety risks, too. Floors covered in rubbish can become tripping hazards, large broken furniture can take up lots of space, and damaged machines or old chemical containers become very dangerous if they are not properly disposed of.

It Improves The Workplace

Employees need good conditions to work well. If your premises is full of trash and supplies are kept out in the open with no real organisation or consistency (or even just dumped on the floor in piles), then your business and employees will suffer as a result.

As an employee, it is important that a business allows you to actually do your job. This means equipment being accessible, floor space being open to help them move around, and general health, safety and convenience being a core focus of how the business premises is maintained.

For example, if your business has trash thrown everywhere and a carpet full of germs, stains and dirt, then employees can end up miserable during their shift. If dirt and dust are kicked up into the air, then dangerous germs can even get on their food or trigger their allergies, making the day even worse.

A cleaner office is good for motivation, and that does not mean disinfecting each surface or constantly mopping and vacuuming every inch of carpet. A clean area is simply better for motivating an employee and keeping the business’ morale high, which can be important on very difficult or work-intensive days.

It Improves Reviews

Customers hate dirty environments. A cleaner space makes it much more likely that you will get good reviews from people that use your company or business, whereas an area that has not been cleaned recently can make these reviews worse.

Even if you do not get better reviews, reviews themselves are more common if something goes wrong. You do not want bad reviews or an article on a local site talking about how badly cleaned your company is, especially if those reviews could impact the number of customers you will get.

Proper cleaning can sometimes lead to a good article, though, especially if you get an actual inspection. When somebody writes an article praising your company, they might mention how much cleaner it looks compared to the competition – and that article could draw in more attention, meaning more customers.

A review article is free promotion if it is good, but terrible if it is bad. The sooner you grab your phone and call commercial office cleaning services, the more bad press you will be able to avoid.

What is an Office Cleaner? How to hire one

Office Cleaner is a professional who has experience in and provides office cleaning services to commercial premises like yours. Choosing the right office cleaner is important not only for good cleaning results but also for the safety of your premises and staff.

With the demand for expert office cleaners increasing in Sydney, there are many companies and cleaners offering these services, which means finding the best professional cleaner wouldn’t be an easy job.
We’ll try our best to help you.

Depending on your particular cleaning job or office type, you need to find and hire a cleaner that has some experience in this industry. For instance, one must hire only professional and verified cleaners when looking for law office cleaning. On the other hand, cleaning of showrooms can involve a totally different set of things to do, so hiring the right cleaners with the right resources and experience is a must. After party office cleaning will generally involve a lot of dirty cleaning work, including stains like wine, food, etc., so a cleaner should have the right resources for such cleaning work. Cleaning of office blinds and upholstery may or may not be included in routine cleaning, so ask your cleaner beforehand.

When looking to hire a professional office cleaner, first make a checklist of your cleaning requirements and prepare the points about
things to ask a potential cleaner

There is a common misconception that male cleaners are generally better than female cleaners, which is not at all true. Both men and women cleaners can be equally good depending on their experience and qualification. The idea is to keep your cleaning staff motivated and provide them with high-tech training in cutting-edge cleaning techniques.

If you are looking to improve yourself as an office cleaner, here is our guide to becoming a better cleaner.

With the right approach and resources, you can manage to find the best professional cleaner in Sydney in no time.

What Services to Expect from a Commercial Cleaning Company

When you hire office cleaning services, you are putting the job of cleaning an office into the hands of some third-party commercial cleaners. This is not a bad thing – professional cleaners can be an extremely useful service – but they often have their own way of handling a dirty office space.

On top of that, every company is different. One cleaning company might prefer a certain set of tools or have a set order for cleaning each room, and knowing what to expect can be really important.

Here are some of the most common kinds of cleaning to expect – they might not all be offered as standard, depending on the commercial cleaners you approach, so be sure to discuss any special requirements or problems that might be relevant before you commit to hiring them.

General Office Cleaning

There are a lot of situations where standard office cleaning is important. While an office cleaning service will do plenty of mopping and dusting, sometimes a cleaner is most useful for simply making a space look nice. This could mean moving spare supplies around, organising files, or even tidying unused desks.

The exact nature of these cleaning services depends on what the client and office cleaning service agree on. However, things like throwing away left-out food are a very good example of something that might be overlooked by normal employees.


Any indoor space can accumulate dust, which is both an annoyance and a potential allergy or asthma trigger for certain employees. The cleaning requirements are very low, so office cleaning services are often able to easily dust any space they need to.

Remember that dust partially comes from skin cells, so crowded offices will build it up faster. This is not that important, but something you need to know and remember when planning out a cleaning schedule or routine.

Mopping Floors

Mopping up spills is one of the stereotypical duties of office cleaners, but it is also an accurate stereotype. However, mopping is also useful for getting rid of dirt, debris, dust and small pieces of trash, as well as cleaning surfaces like tiles or wood to make them more appealing.

Generally, commercial cleaning companies will bring their own mopping substances, so you should not have to provide cleaning solutions or sprays for them.


Vacuuming can be very loud, so It is generally treated as something that is done after usual working hours. Although a vacuum is a simple tool, office cleaners are able to vacuum up all kinds of debris, from food crumbs to dry dirt that has been trailed in on somebody’s shoe.


In areas where germs are a common problem, commercial cleaners can often disinfect them. This is most important in kitchens and medical areas but has a very obvious role when employees or customers are at risk of catching a major virus or sickness.

Trash Removal

Rubbish and refuse can be a massive productivity killer in an office and reflects badly on businesses that do not take care of their indoor spaces. Even a single cleaner can do a fantastic job by just tidying up trash and debris that should have been picked up long ago, making hiring office cleaners extremely useful.

Remember that some trash might be harder to remove: if something had leaked into the carpet, for example, then deep cleaning might be needed.

Toilet Cleaning

Some office cleaning services will clean the office toilets and urinals, making sure that the bathroom is a suitable space for both an employee and a visiting customer to use comfortably. This could also include restocking supplies (like toilet paper) between cleaning sessions.

Window Cleaning Services

Windows are one of the most obvious targets of dust build-up, staining, cobwebs and a whole host of other things that can make your office look unclean. Window cleaning is not hard and is often quite similar to mopping a smooth floor, but it needs to be done from both sides for the best results.

If your business premises is quite high, or you are one of several businesses in a tall building, then it might be worth hiring an office cleaning service that is able to clean taller structures from the outside. Extendable cleaning equipment and ladders are common tools for this kind of work.

Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning is essentially any kind of cleaning that goes above and beyond the usual amount needed for businesses, focusing on making sure that a space is completely clean. This is usually done when dangerous chemicals or potential viruses are involved but can also be requested for other reasons.

A true deep cleaning session requires a lot of various cleaning equipment, more supplies than normal and can sometimes even take multiple hours if it involves cleaning the entire office building. However, having deep cleaning as an option is never a bad thing since it can really help in emergencies.

Office Cleaning Company – How to hire the best

An office cleaning company is a provider of professional office cleaning services. There are many benefits of hiring a reputable office cleaning company rather than doing it yourself. You can save a lot of time as well as get the assurance of satisfactory office cleaning.

Hire a cleaner that has previous experience in your industry. For example, it is wise to hire a bank cleaning company for safe & guaranteed cleaning of your bank. As a bank cleaner, if you are looking to acquire new clients, here is our guide to winning new cleaning contracts from banks.

When looking to hire an office cleaner, make sure to prepare a list of questions to ask a potential office cleaning company. This will help you sort out your requirements and easily remove the options that do not match your needs. Also, having brief knowledge of how office sanitization works can help you ask the right questions to your cleaner. Office Sanitization refers to the cleaning and disinfection of high-traffic areas and surfaces in an office.

There are many office hotspots for germs as well as high-contact areas that need better care than other places. Make sure the cleaner can identify and clean such hotspots properly.

Also, ask your cleaner about the estimated cost of office cleaning. Some companies also offer free on-site quotations, which include free analysis and cost estimation and is a good way to analyse the estimated cost of a cleaning project. Make sure to only hire cleaners that have been provided with office cleaning training and have the right resources for the job.

If you are planning to clean an office by yourself, our complete guide to office cleaning can help you do a nice job. If you are looking for more efficient cleaning results or do not have time to do it yourself, it’s recommended to hire a professional office cleaning company.

What Office Cleaning Services Do I Need?

It is important to remember that an “office” can be a lot of things. Sometimes an office is a single room per employee. Sometimes an office is a set of office cubicles. Sometimes an office is not even a conventional office and more like a studio or workshop. All of these need a commercial cleaning service.

Office cleaning services include a lot of specific options as well as some more general cleaning techniques, but the ones that you will need will really depend on the kind of office you have. More importantly, some office types might demand particular cleaning techniques or restrictions.

Individual Office

A simple office meant for only one or two employees is more of a personal environment, although it might also be used for customer meetings. Personal possessions will not be cleaned up, but a cleaning service can still empty bins, handle dusting, vacuum up crumbs, and generally make the place nicer.

When cleaning a regular office, it is important to let cleaners know about anything specific they might need to do before they start, in case they have already cleaned an office or two before you tell them.

Free Office

If your business has an office that is free and used by a range of employees (including ones meant for training new staff), then personal possessions are not a problem. This means that office cleaners can be more direct and actively clean up each bit of furniture if they have to, throwing away anything that should not be there.

Office Desks

If each employee has their own office desk within a large open room, then the office cleaners are able to treat it like a single space. This means that they will generally start at one end and move to the other, which means that each office desk can get a full clean without disturbing the employee’s possessions.

Remember that office spaces which are made from multiple open desks are rarely ever separated, so this can mean that a smell or spill in one area spreads over into another. Cleaning is easier, but poor cleaning becomes much more obvious.

Office Cubicle

Cubicle-based office spaces are a very company-focused environment, but they can also be hard to clean in some situations. Unlike office desks, cubicles are enclosed and have walls on most sides, making it harder to simply clean each office desk or section of carpet in one attempt.

Expect large office cubicle spaces to take more time, perhaps even a couple of extra hours in larger buildings. The benefit is that office cubicles are fairly isolated, so a mess in one should not spread to another – allowing them to be individually cleaned as needed.

Customer-Focused Office

Any office that is meant to deal with customers directly should get the highest priority with your chosen office cleaning services. If that office is messy and the environment looks dirty, then customers and clients may rethink wanting to work with you.

Commercial cleaners are very good at making individual spaces look great, so do not hesitate to ask cleaning services to prioritise a specific office. This could even be part of a set routine for your cleaning services, starting with the important offices first.

Office Corridors

While corridors are not as important a space as office areas, they still need enough free space to pass by and should be a comfortable environment to pass through. In such a narrow space, even a single obstacle could result in somebody tripping over and breaking something (like an important work phone).

Corridors are also a core part of how employees move from office to office or go about their daily tasks. Windows should be cleaned, carpets should be properly checked, and there should never be a build-up of rubbish in the way. This is even more important if that corridor is used to push important equipment like replacement servers around.

Office Stairwells

Stairs are just as important as corridors and hallways, but the added vertical risk means that keeping them clean becomes a tough task. An office staircase that is dirty can be horrible to use, especially if piles of rubbish block emergency doors or make it hard to get up and down comfortably.

However, an office cleaning service has to be careful. Wiping down some stairs and leaving them wet can make it dangerous for staff to use. If there are no lifts or alternate staircases, then they might have to be cleaned a half at a time, leaving space free for people to pass by.

Office Lifts

Lifts (or elevators) need to be maintained just as well as other parts of the office. It is not the office cleaning services’ responsibility to repair lift damage, but in buildings with lifts, keeping it clean can be very important. There are a lot of issues that many people overlook.

For example, the rails and handles can be an easy way for germs to spread, as can the buttons. The inside walls, floors and mirrored sections also need wiping down every now and then, especially if something has spilt inside the lift.

In rare cases, it might be important to clean the lift shaft itself – the (pit) underneath can accumulate dust and dirt, as well as any rubbish that has been thrown down if there is a visible gap. Businesses with lift systems should at least consider getting cleaning services to tidy up these spaces, just in case.

Office Bathrooms

Office bathrooms are just like commercial bathrooms – a lot of people use them, and not all of those people are going to treat them well. It is a dirty job, but office cleaning services sometimes specialise in effectively cleaning up bathroom surfaces and installations.

There is not anything special that offices would need for bathroom spaces, other than potentially cleaning them more often due to the number of people using them. Having a decent schedule for wiping down and disinfecting the installations and appliances is probably a good idea.

What are Office Cleaning Services all about?

Office Cleaning Services are provided by professional cleaners or companies who preferably have some experience in the cleaning of office premises and have the right resources and personnel for this purpose. Office cleaning is different from home cleaning and must therefore be done only by specialized office cleaners.

Office Cleaning Services generally include sweeping, mopping, dusting, office kitchen cleaning, office toilet cleaning, office washroom cleaning, office carpets vacuum cleaning, cobweb removal, office tiles & hard floors mopping cleaning, desks and furniture cleaning, and disinfecting desks, doors, lifts, toilets & other high-traffic areas.

A professional office cleaning service will generally include the cleaning of office floors, rooms, equipment, upholstery, doors, windows, common areas, kitchens, pantries, bathrooms, shared desk cleaning, etc.

Some other specialized office cleaning services are tile & grout cleaning, carpet cleaning, after builders cleaning, and end of lease cleaning. Some cleaning packages might also include the cleaning of external office windows. So, make sure to ask your office cleaner about this.

In addition, routine office disinfection is also important to keep your premises free of germs and bacteria and protect the health of your employees and visitors. Office sanitization is slightly different from disinfection and it is important to follow the best practices for all-round protection in your premises.

Ask a potential cleaner about the office cleaning services they will provide as well as everything that is included in their office cleaning checklist. Some companies may not provide carpet cleaning or sofa cleaning in regular office cleaning services. Also, make sure that the cleaners have the right tools and supplies for office cleaning, as poor quality products will not only result in bad cleaning but may also harm the health of your people.

If possible, personally check and verify the office cleaning task list and add your suggestions if any.

Tips for Planning Office Cleaning Service Schedules

Commercial cleaning services are incredibly useful, but they can also be disruptive to your employees if you are not careful. Cleaning services are not free from their own share of issues when it comes to planning things out, so you should always know your preferences and limitations before hiring any.

Consider Working Hours

In most businesses, staff generally work until a set hour of the day. While there may be a night shift for security guards or to keep important gear like servers running, most office-based businesses will have a nine-to-five working shift, followed by most of the staff going home.

Dusting and general cleaning are not much of an issue, but things like mopping and vacuuming can create problems, either by creating noise or making some spaces harder to cross in a hurry. Some type of deep cleaning can even make rooms unusable for several hours if certain chemicals are involved.

Cleaning services include a lot of different options, and it is important to plan out which ones are suitable for working hours. For example, cleaners might not be able to clean up a certain office during the day, since it is always in use, but could mop and vacuum it when the staff have gone home.

On the other hand, there may be certain surfaces (like in-office kitchens inside larger buildings) that need to be kept clean during the workday to prevent sicknesses and germs from spreading. Think about the premises and which spaces should be cleaned at which times.

Know What You Need

Office cleaning services are able to provide a good level of generic cleaning, but it is often important to tell these commercial cleaning teams if there is anything major you need to be done. If you just hire a cleaning services team to start work on your premises, they will not really know what you are looking for.

It is a good idea to point out high-priority areas or spaces that customers and visitors will see, as well as any rooms that are prone to getting dirty quite quickly. Once cleaners know what you are actually looking for, they can clean your business more effectively.

You should also take some time to know what tools the cleaning service can offer, in case they aren’t able to meet any of your specialist needs. Things like cleaner solutions and soap are quite common, but niche tools or substances for cleaning a certain space might need to be discussed ahead of time.

How Frequent Should Cleaning Be?

Cleaning is rarely a one-time job, and you will often want to keep office cleaners on standby. However, you will generally need to arrange repeat cleaning sessions ahead of time, and that means understanding how often cleaning will become necessary.
The size of your office (and whole business) matters.

A larger commercial business needs more regular cleaning since there are more chances for a team within the business to make a mess. It also means that spaces are used more, so wiping down desks and cleaning surfaces can be much more important.

There is also the fact that your company may have particular days where cleaning is easier or more convenient than others. Having weekly meetings interrupted by vacuuming is a bad thing, so scheduling around things that need the entire office to be accessible can also be a factor.

Think About Emergency Office Cleaning

It is a good idea to keep in contact with office cleaning services, even if you only rarely need their commercial cleaning help. There is always a chance that some emergency or mistake will require quick office cleaning – more than the in-house staff can manage.

Good examples of this are situations where dangerous chemicals have somehow managed to leak or spill into an important corridor, something has gone wrong in a main office meeting room, or the company needs to prepare for a surprise visit that they were not aware of.

Having an easy way to contact the cleaning company for urgent tasks is helpful, although a phone call a day or two beforehand is still the best. Office cleaning services can’t always be available on-demand at any time, but you can still try to arrange something with the cleaning company yourself.

How to Select the Best Equipment & Supplies for Office Cleaning

Most of the time, cleaners would bring the required cleaning supplies and the best office cleaning equipment when visiting to provide cleaning services to your office. If your cleaning company doesn’t provide supplies, you may have to shop these separately.

Microfibres are a must for office cleaning, as they will not only clean hard surfaces with limited use of water but can also remove office germs and bacteria from surfaces.

Look for cleaning companies that use green or sustainable cleaning supplies. These products are not only very efficient in cleaning but can do so without harming your health.

What Else Should I Know?

Commercial office cleaning services are very useful and very versatile, with good commercial cleaning from skilled office cleaners leading to excellent results. There can be a lot to think about, even before you contact any office cleaning services to see what is on offer.

There are still quite a few things to run through your head, so do not rush yourself. Office cleaners are always available and are always an option, even if you delay your decision by a day or two. There is nothing wrong with making sure you know what you want and how it should be arranged.

Is Training Important?

Office cleaning services have training for their own staff. At most, you may have to do basic training by telling the cleaners where they should look first and which rooms are high-priority, but these are just specific to each business and are important to mention either way.

Should I Hire Multiple Office Cleaning Services?

Some people might want to take elements from multiple office cleaners, but that is not always a good idea. If you hire cleaners from one company alongside cleaners from another, they may get in each other’s way unless they are on different schedules.

Even then, you can just hire one office cleaning company and arrange for more shifts or extra work, which can be cheaper and more convenient. There are very few reasons to hire multiple cleaning services, especially for a single business premise.

Is It Like Home Cleaning?

A lot of office cleaning is similar to home cleaning, especially when carpets and a lot of furniture can be involved. Unlike home cleaning, though, commercial cleaning has more of a focus on the way that the business presents itself. This means prioritising important spaces that customers see often.

Of course, commercial cleaners can also tackle all kinds of cleaning tasks, depending on what you need. Be sure to discuss it over a phone call or in-person meeting with a representative of the cleaning service before you make any major decisions.

Do I Need a Team?

Commercial cleaning companies may send individual cleaners or a cleaning team, depending on the size of your business and how much commercial cleaning you need. A simple service can be done with only one person, but in a bigger office, a team might be better for getting it clean efficiently.

Should I Give Them Tips on How/Where to Clean?

Always tell commercial cleaners if they need to change something or start cleaning somewhere else. These little tips are not just tips but are part of your service – giving them tips on how you want something cleaned is part of what you are paying for, so do not be afraid to mention potential changes.

Can’t My Staff Clean for Free?

Staff can clean their surfaces and offices themselves if you need them to. For things like a window, though, an office cleaning service is far more reliable. They are not free, but they cost companies money for a reason – their cleaning service is worth paying for, and they do jobs that your staff can’t or won’t.

How Often Should I Contact Them?

Really, you only need to call office cleaning companies on the phone when there is something about their service that you must discuss. It is entirely possible to hire an office cleaning company and leave the cleaners to do their work, paying regularly and allowing them to keep doing their job.

Do I Need Every Cleaning Service Type?

You do not have to make an office cleaning service do everything. If you already have staff to take care of the toilets or a certain office area, then you can still hire a cleaning service to do the rest. This might save money since you are not paying for each service they offer.

Is Office Cleaning That Important?

Office cleaning forms the backbone of how your office appears to others. Employees might be fine without a major office cleaning service, but a client contact or customer could think differently. The cleaner your office is, the better.

Helpful Tips for Office Cleaning

Whether you are hiring professional office cleaners or planning to clean the office yourself to increase employee productivity, these office cleaning tips can positively help you achieve better than expected results.

There are many dirty places in an office, some of which you might not even be aware of. So, having a free on-site cleaning estimation from Clean Group could be a good place to start.

First of all, you should know about the different office cleaning procedures, so you can figure out the best one for you. The idea is to find and implement the best cleaning procedure depending on your particular cleaning needs and expectations. Next, create a quick office cleaning checklist including all the places and areas that you need to clean in the office.

If you have dogs or other pets in the office, make sure to select office cleaning methods and supplies that are friendly to your office pets.

When cleaning the kitchens, use a safe and preferably natural office dishwasher cleaning method to both protect the equipment life and achieve satisfactory results. Before cleaning the office fridge, disconnect all the refrigerator units to avoid the probability of electrocution.

It’s obvious for your office to have pathogens like germs and viruses, so it’s crucial that your cleaning strategy also includes disinfection to deal with office pathogens and limit the spread of common infections. These germs can be found in places like toilets and bathrooms that are frequently used by many people as well as in other less accessible areas such as storerooms, wardrobes and vents.

Besides regular cleaning, it is also important to routinely declutter your office space to make it look tidy and attractive, which is known to be a good way to attract more clients and customers. Most importantly, keep the office reception area tidy, as it is generally the first point of impression for visitors. At the same time, you can provide your employees with more options to easily store their things in a neat way.

In addition to the office interior, you also need to pay attention to keep your office exterior neat and tidy. Uncleaned exterior with a dirty parking area, poorly managed gardens and lifts would surely send the customers away.

Other than following these office cleaning tips, cleaners must also take the necessary precautions to not accidentally damage precious items or put your employees’ health at risk. For instance, these simple cleaning mistakes could end up ruining your office cleaning completely.

Office Cleaning is not just about hiring professional cleaners. Your office employees could also make a big difference by following these basic cleaning hacks. For instance, they can contribute by reducing plastic waste and recycling things as much as possible.

Remember, prevention is always better than cure. Ask your employees to follow these basic waste reduction tips in the office. If your employees are responsible to maintain basic cleaning of desks and other areas in the office, this employees’ cleaning checklist can help make things easier for them.

If you are planning to keep your office closed for a week or more during the holidays, make sure to do the proper holiday office cleaning and discard rotten food items, throw away the garbage and maintain proper ventilation.

For the cleaning of metals and stainless steel in office kitchens, use a dry and disinfect microfibre cloth, dry the surface and make sure that you get rid of any moist spots as moisture can attract rust in the future. When cleaning the floors, first clean with a dust mop or vacuum to remove any dust. Use tap or warm water with a clean mop to properly wash the floors and remove basic dirt, stains, etc. Besides cleaning, it is also important to disinfect the floors using a good and certified disinfectant to get rid of germs and bacteria.

On average, employees spend about eight to ten hours in the office. So, it is critical to ensure clean and fresh air for them to breathe in, which is why routine cleaning of office air purifiers is important.

When cleaning the office, cleaners must take good care to protect the indoor plants. You can cover the plants or temporarily put them away while the cleaning is being done.

For the cleaning of meeting rooms for an upcoming meeting or event, do overall cleaning, including carpets, tiles, decluttering, chairs, and vacuuming to remove the visible dust and dirt. Here’s a complete detailed guide to office chair cleaning for your help.

To get more clients for your cleaning business, go digital, use discount offers, print marketing, and get involved with your local business community.

Go smart when cleaning your office with our smart office cleaning and maintenance tips. If you need help with office cleaning or want to consult with an expert, we are just one call away.

Should I Hire an Office Cleaning Service?

If you think you need an office cleaning service, and can afford to get one, then it is a service worth getting. Office cleaning makes some major changes as to how your office will be seen, and even basic office cleaning is worth the cost. A cleaner can do a lot of good work in only a couple of hours.

Remember that you have plenty of time to think things over, but you will also not want to leave dirt too long. The sooner you can clean up your office and get it looking perfect, the more you will feel the results, especially if you have recently had staff or customer complaints about bad smells and messes.

For Small Offices?

Office cleaning is great for a smaller office. Cleaning the space up makes it easier to use, and a good cleaner could only be a phone call away, so do not hesitate to contact a cleaning company – even if you just want cleaner desk surfaces.

Cleaning a small building is simple, just like cleaning a house but on a larger scale. All of the standard cleaning techniques meant for office spaces are valid, and since the building is smaller, cleaning does not take as long. This makes cleaning just before or after work much easier to arrange.

For Medium Offices?

Office cleaning in a building that is not too large can be very effective as well. Getting a cleaner space (and work surfaces) from a cleaning company can make a huge difference, especially when customers and clients may be visiting. It can also make the space nicer for employees working there.

The cleaner your space is, the larger it will feel, so this can also help make your premises feel more impressive despite being medium-sized. A larger building full of rubbish and dirt would look much worse.

For Large Offices?

Larger buildings are very impractical to clean with your own staff, so getting a cleaner or team in to manage it is much more effective. It also costs less than hiring new people and can allow you to arrange cleaning outside of normal working times.

A large building will need a lot of cleaning work done, but that is not a bad thing. There are a lot of surfaces that may need to be disinfected, and plenty of places where spills or dirt could have been left behind by employees, so dedicated cleaning services are great for solving these problems.

Why you need this office cleaning guide?

Why you need this office cleaning guide?

Most of us spend no less than 40 hours in the office for the entire workweek. A few of us stays in the office more than they do in their own homes. This is one of the vital reasons why we need to keep our workplace as clean as possible.

Our health relies on the environment that we work in day in and day out. Apart from health reasons, a clean workplace creates a pleasant atmosphere that greatly contributes to employee’s productivity and contentment with their work. Office cleaning can be tedious if you will just rely on your employees to clean after themselves. A lot of businesses hire professional office cleaners to help them achieve the ambience that they want to keep for their working space.

Personally speaking, I make it a habit to clean at least every other day just to avoid the clutters from piling up.

You can also ask your management to roll out the same guidelines on how to maintain a clean desk policy so that your hired cleaner will just look after more important things in cleaning like thoroughly cleaning the kitchen and the toilet.

Office cleaning services include the disinfecting of both toilets and kitchens. Vacuuming of the office floors, dusting, wiping and a whole lot more.

As a business that requires to hire professional assistance with this kind of service, how would you know if your professional office cleaner really fits in the job?

I will cite some office cleaning tips that we are doing in Clean Group for more than a decade. These cleaning methods are listed in our office cleaning checklist. This list helps our professional commercial cleaner to perform their duties efficiently.

This list also shows our customers that a certain task was completed by the friendly cleaner that we had assigned to their office. We hope that this article will serve as an “office cleaning guide” for those who are aspiring to create or build their own office cleaning company. 

 What Are 7 Qualifications An Office Cleaning Company Should Possess?

First, let me share with you seven qualifications of an excellent office cleaning company.

1. Flexibility – there may be times when your cleaning schedule or the way of cleaning may need to be changed. Your company and your professional cleaners need to stay flexible.

2. Consistency – We need employees that will deliver the same high-quality service every time. This is the only way we can keep our customers happy.

3. Attention to detail – this will provide our customers with the high-quality service that they expect.

4. Take criticism professionally – you cannot take the criticism personally. Take the criticism or complaint and adjust your cleaning accordingly.

5. Communication – is a very important part of your job. Your supervisor needs to know what is going on at each location. Are supplies running low? Is there a project that needs to be done?

6. Follow Directions – Following directions to ensure everything is getting done correctly.

7. Stay within the cleaning duration. There is a time allotment for each location. It is important that it is followed.

The Complete Office Cleaning Guide

Office Restroom Cleaning Guide

Always start with the restroom. Before cleaning the restrooms, you will need a cleanser, gloves, and paper towels. You may also need additional supplies like toilet bowl cleaner, toilet bowl brush, stainless steel cleaner, toilet paper, soap, broom and a mop.

Always wear gloves when cleaning the restroom. This is for your protection.

When cleaning mirrors and glass, always use a window or glass cleaner. Other types of cleaner can cause smearing. Always start with the mirrors when cleaning the restroom. Spray in the mirror, faucet, sink and sink counter.

Wipe off the spots, smears, or dust from the mirror with paper towels. Then move to the faucet polishing the chrome and removing the water spots and build-up. Wipe off the sink.

Make sure that the sink is free of hair and soap. Lastly, move to the counter. Remove any spots and soap. When you are cleaning the sink and you notice that it needs extra attention, let your supervisor know within 24 hours.

Let us move to clean the toilets. The toilets need to be free from spots and debris inside and out. The professional cleaner needs to firstly spray the toilet and chrome with disinfectant.

Start with the chrome, polish, and remove any spots or dust. Next, wipe the seat. Flip the seat up and wipe under the seat. Wipe the rim and below the rim.

Pay attention to the front of the bowl and move to the pedestal of the toilet. If there is any debris inside the toilet, use the toilet bowl cleaner and brush to remove anything.

Toilet bowl cleaners should be used about once a week to prevent rings from building up.

If you notice that there is a ring that the toilet bowl cleaner won’t remove, let your supervisor know within 24 hours. Make sure to flush when you are done cleaning the toilet.

Professional cleaners pay attention to the areas around the toilet. Look for any spots or dust and wipe down any dispensers or walls that need to be done.

After these steps, remove the trash. Change the trash bags only when there is liquid, food, or gum on the bag or the bag is torn. Remove your gloves and check for any products that need to be restocked.

Office Windows and Glasses Cleaning Guide

Office cleaning jobs include the windows and glasses too. You must use a clean rag to clean windows and glasses. Spray just enough cleaner to remove fingerprints or spots. Wipe the window until completely dry.

Leaving the window wet will cause smearing. Squat down and look at the window from different angles to make sure a good clean. If the mirror is smeared or clouded and you cannot remove the cloudiness, you must contact your supervisor immediately.

The office cleaning checklist also lists the entrance of the building. This is what the customers see first when they arrived at your location. Their impressions will come first from this section.

Entry should be free of cobwebs. Entry mats and areas should be vacuumed, swept, and mop every time. The entry door and window should be free of fingerprints and dust.

Insides of the Office

In cleaning inside the office, Clean Group practices integrity. Our professional cleaners are expected not to touch or take anything that is not theirs. Offices have things of value and documents that need safeguarding.

When cleaning the desk, they are only advised to wipe around the paper if the desk is cluttered.

Sometimes, we advised the customer’s management that we need their employees to clean their desks of papers before we can work around them.

Wiping of individual desks is suggested at least once per week but we advise our Clean Group cleaners to check once every clean to ensure the quality of the service we provide.

You should be looking for fingerprints, dust, and filth. Other services will require daily wiping like the reception desks.

Most of the time, moving of items is not required but this is necessary as soon as you notice dust and dirt build-up. We suggest the cleaner be very careful if they need to move any items on the desk.

There two ways to wipe down surfaces. The first one is wiping with a damp cloth and spraying as you go. Most of the time spraying as you go is the preferred method. You can control the amount of cleaner being used and reduce the chance of streaking.

Office Dusting Cleaning Guide

Professional cleaners are also responsible for dusting surfaces which can include computers, computer screens, printers, file cabinets, and top of the file cabinets. Always keep your eye open for dust while doing other tasks.

Use the duster to reach areas that you cannot reach with a rag. Make sure to clean up every pile of dust after dusting if needed. When dusting, be very careful when dusting around breakable objects.

Make sure to get behind the computers and computer screens. Dusting dust with a duster may not be necessary if you dust with a rag when you wipe down. Dusting should be performed at least once a week.

Office Trash Removal Cleaning Guide

Trash removal is an important part of our service. Even if one trash can is not emptied, the job is not considered complete.

When emptying trash cans, notice if the trash bags need to be replaced. Also, you need to replace the trash bag if that is the only way to empty the trash can.

Make sure that the trash bags are tied and are neat and tidy on the can. Wipe off any drips of the can.

Offices and Meeting Rooms Cleaning Guide

Offices and meeting rooms are needed to be tidied up by pushing in chairs. Do not move anything if there are things on the table. You can work around it.

Mopping Guide

Mopping is one of the most important parts of an office cleaning job. There are different kinds of mopping but Clean Group only uses these main ones.

1. Dust Mopping – Being dust mopping by edging the area that you will dust mop, cleaning the path next to the walls or edges. Dust mop the remaining areas in a straight path or an S pattern. Overlap each path.

Always use the same edge of the job and keep the dust mop on the floor as much as possible. Shake it sharply once or twice close to the floor to remove dirt and dust. Do not push the dust mop to the liquid spills.

2. Flat Mopping – When you use this procedure, make sure to use just water only. You can use some cleaners on bad spots from spray bottles only. For the best result, use a dripping wet mop. When flat mopping, use the same pattern as you would with the dust mop.

First, go to the edge around the area of the room. Then use the straight path or the S pattern for the flat mop. Rinse the flat mop as often as necessary to ensure streak and smear-free floors.

Do not let dirt build up on the flat mop before rinsing it. The flat mop will be needed to be replaced when it cannot be rinsed clean. Place the mop in a dirty rag bag.

3. Wet Mopping – removes spots and heavy soil. Wet mopping means mop scattered spills on the floor instead of the entire floor. Always use the correct amount of floor cleaner for mopping.

Always read directions first to know the exact amount. When mopping, cleaners are advised to keep their back straight with the mophead close to your feet. Steady the mop with your one hand near the top and wring the mop with the other hand on a waist height.

There is no need to push down unless you have a tough spot on the floor. Use the same pattern as flat mopping or dry mopping.

Start by edging the path around the outside of the section then mop in an overlapping S pattern. Watch the mop water as you are mopping. You will need to change the mop water out if it gets too dirty.

When you are finish mopping, rinse out the mop and dump the mop water out. Bring the mop over the wringer to dry.

Office Vacuuming Guide

Office cleaning companies provide vacuuming as one of the major job scopes. As a professional cleaner, you need to check the vacuum bag by squeezing the outer bag. You will also know that it is full because the vacuum is heavy.

Before you vacuum, pick up any paperclip, staples, rocks, pens, pencils, and any large items that may clogged the vacuum. Watch the edges for dust. When done vacuuming, wrap the cord up long and loose. This will help the cord not tangled up.

Lastly, the janitorial room or closet needs to be tidy. All supplies and equipment need to be put away and ready for the next shift. Always make sure there are two weeks of supplies on hand.

Dumpster areas or garbage rooms need to be tidy too. Make sure to break down any boxes and put them into the recycling bins if available. Pick up any trash alongside the dumpster.

We hope that this office cleaning guide helps you a great deal in establishing your office cleaning Sydney business. If you are a customer who is looking to employ professional office cleaners, we suggest that you visit our website now and let’s get started.

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