Luna Park, Sydney

Luna Park is a popular amusement park located on the northern shore of Sydney Harbour. Owned by the Luna Park Reserve Trust, it was constructed in 1935 and had a history of closing and re-opening several times due to ride accidents and complaints from residents of the area. Today, it is a heritage-listed amusement park, added to the New South Wales State Heritage Register on 5 March 2010.

It is a sunny day and people entering Luna Park in Sydney NSW, Australia

Things to do in Luna Park

Luna Park is a huge amusement park that offers a wide range of activities for its visitors. Firstly, it serves as a great spot to host for numerous events that are held throughout the year. It also has sideshow games that visitors can enjoy as they stroll around the area. There are tons of food outlets that will keep everyone’s tastebuds happy too. But most importantly, there are towering, adrenaline-rush-inducing rides that visitors can try and enjoy.

Ride The Rides

List of Rides:


      • Tumblebug

Tumblebug is a Troika, which was installed in Luna park in 1995. It was named after an old ride, with a circular track, operated in the park from 1935 to 1973. Luna Park’s Tumblebug is the only one of its kind in the country. This ride from visitors aged 18 and above, and measures 130 cm and above in height.


      • Wild Mouse

The Wild Mouse is a roller coaster ride that was first installed in the Park in 1962. Currently, there are only three wooden Wild Mouse rides left in the world, and Luna Park’s Wild Mouse is one of them. The ride lasts for 61 seconds and brings rides up to 400 metres above the ground. At the peak, riders will be treated to a breathtaking view of the Sydney Harbour waters before flinging them back to the ground at a terrifying speed.


      • Rotor

The Rotor is a gravity-defying ride first installed in Luna Park in 1951. It was demolished in 1986, but a smaller one was constructed in 1995. Today, the Rotor accommodates medium-sized visitors between 106 to 129 cm tall. 


      • Carousel

What is an amusement park without carousel? Luna Park’s Carousel is a hand-painted ride, constructed and designed by John H. Rundle Ltd. It is decorated with 1,640 twinkling bulbs and glass mirrors. The Carousel accommodates young riders accompanied by a paying adult.


      • Mystery Manor

Mystery Manor is a haunted house that features the dark and twisted tale of Doctor Hoffmeister and his wife. This attraction comes free with the Unlimited Rides Pass or the Annual Pass. It is also designed only for visitors aged 12 and up.


      • Hair Raiser

The Hair Raiser is a 160 ft drop tower that was installed in the Park in 2013. It has a weight restriction of 136 kilograms at maximum. This ride brings riders 50 metres above sea level where they are treated to the spectacular view of the Sydney Harbour. After which, they will be dropped back to the ground at about 80 kilometres per second.


All in all, there 23 rides and attractions to enjoy in Luna Park. Other attractions include the Mirror Maze, Dodgem Car, The Devil’s Drop, the Moon Ranger, the Tango Train, Spider, Whirly Whirl, the Ferris Wheel and more.

Play Games at the Sideshow Alley

      • Laughing Clowns

Laughing Clowns is a game the requires intense concentration, perfect timing and a great aim. Players only need pop a ball into the Clowns’ widely opened mouth in order to win. But it is not as easy as it seems. Of course, the game comes with a twist.


      • Buster Balloons

Buster Balloons is a game that has a simple rule. Players have to throw a dart, pop a balloon in order to win a prize. But like most ingenious games of fun and skill, this games comes with magic, illusion and surprises.


      • Crazy Crooners

Crazy Crooners is another game that requires adroitness and perfect timing. The game is played by shooting a ball into whichever crooner is singing at the moment. But players need to be quick because these singers share the spotlight and like to take turns every second.


      • Freckle’s Pull A String

Visitors looking for an easy game to play will love Freckle’s Pull A String. It does not require any skills and talent. But it does require luck. All the player needs to do is pull a string to get an instant price.


      • Hi Striker

Hi Striker is a game that tests one’s strength. Simply raise the hammer and slam it on the platform, and see if hear the “ding” of victory.

Gone Fishing

Gone Fishing is an easy game that lets player fish for prices. The player simply has to choose which fish to catch with a net. The heavier the fish they catch, the bigger the price. The thrill of the game is in not knowing which fish is heavier as they all float the same in the water.


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