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Clean Group is a Sydney-based cleaning company that provides the highest quality of commercial cleaning in the region.

One of our objectives is to provide our clients with excellent customer service. We do this with the help of our friendly staff who remain eager to provide that assistance you need every step of the way. Our finest selection of cleaners also works as diligently in order to fulfil our clients’ needs.

Clean Group also aims to be the nation’s leader in commercial cleaning. We are confident to reach this goal with the help of our contemporary and state-of-the-art cleaning equipment and facilities.

A Wide Array of Commercial Cleaning Services

In order to become a leader in this industry, we acknowledge the need to provide our clients with an array of services they can enjoy. Because of this, we've made our services to wide-ranging and convenient. We also train our staff to be versatile and adapt to the ever-varying client needs.

An essential part of versatility is providing different services that will fit our clients' needs. And so, to showcase our ability to adapt we offer the following cleaning services to our clients. Clean Group's cleaning services include:

  • Commercial Cleaning
  • Office Cleaning
  • Warehouse Cleaning
  • Medical Centre Cleaning
  • School Cleaning
  • Child Care Centre Cleaning
  • Church Cleaning
  • Gym Cleaning
  • We also offer carpet, upholstery and tile machine cleaning. So whatever cleaning needs you have, we always got your back.

    Who Can Benefit from Our Services

    Businesses from different sectors and industry can benefit from our comprehensive services. We'll give business owners the freedom to focus on running their business by taking care of their business' cleaning needs. Having us in charge will also give them more free time to do relax after the day's work is done.

    Even your workers can reap the benefits our services can offer. When your office is clean, they'll have a healthier and safer place to work in. This will help boost their health and well-being making them more inspired to be productive and creative.

    Lastly, the benefits of our services extend to your own clients. When they come to your business premise, they'll feel refreshed and relaxed because of its pleasing environment. They will enjoy their time in it that they will keep on coming back.
    This can eventually result in the success of your business.

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    Bossley Park NSW


    Bossley Park is a residential suburb in Sydney, New South Wales. It is located 36 kilometres west of the Sydney central business district. This suburb was named after an English chemist who purchased a large block of land on Smithfield Road, named John Brown Bossley. After the Second World War, Bossley Park had seen an influx of migrants from Italy. Today, the suburb serves a centre of the Assyrian community in Sydney. Click here for more information about the city of Bossley Park NSW

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