Workplace Exteriors Cleaning (How to Keep Worksite Exteriors Tidy)

Office Exteriors Cleaning (How to Keep Office Exteriors Tidy)
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The physical appearance of your office speaks a lot about your business – not only your brand. In a world where many things are being judged based on their physical appearance, you do not want your business to be misconstrued as not capable.

A clean, bright facade will speak so many good things about your company. Your client will have an understanding that you are proactive and presentation matters to you. Maintaining outdoor cleaning is not as simple as cleaning the interior then you keep your office exteriors tidy. You will need to get professional help from office cleaners if you want to achieve the best result.

Exterior maintenance can include high glass cleaning, pressure washing of walls, wall scrubbing, repainting, and many more. Office cleaning services can help you with the exterior maintenance of your building. Please join us as we discuss practical tips and reminders on how to keep office exteriors tidy and clean for our beloved clients.

Wall Care

Your walls are the pillar of your business. Walls deal with pollution and weather every day. It can crack, and it can get dirty over time. Professional cleaners know all the appropriate approaches that will protect all the different kinds of surfaces of walls. A few wall care techniques are:

  1. Pressure washing
  2. Wall scrubbing
  3. Pressure blasting

Pick your Trash Regularly

Trash can build up and ruin the overall look of your business. With Clean Group, we pick up trash regularly as part of our routine cleaning. Litter can affect your customer’s perception. It is also best to have your outdoors blown at least once a week to get rid of dust and dirt accumulated throughout the week.

Most skip bins are stored outside or in the parking lot. Professional cleaners are trained in proper waste segregation.

To maintain smell-free bins, you can also order a monthly bin washing.

Pay attention to Seasonal Maintenance

We all want to preserve the life of our building. It is time for us to pay attention to small things that can lead to severe issues if not attended to. Part of exterior seasonal cleaning requirements is gritting the walkway to minimize safety hazards.

Call your professional cleaners to collect dried leaves that can sit in your gutter. Over time, these dried leaves can clog the waterways and lead to severe challenges.

We also suggest that you focus on your greeneries. Weeds and unwanted grass can grow and may become unpleasant to sight. A good trim is needed once in a while.

Window Cleaning

Internal and exterior window cleaning is essential for a business. No one wants a blurry view from a skyscraper building. You also do not want your windows to become a total turn-off for your visitors and customers.

These glasses protect you from wind and other weather conditions that are happening outside. Give it the proper care it deserves by hiring a professional window cleaner. There are several window cleaning techniques that are being practised by professional cleaners.

It is imperative to partner with a commercial cleaner that is trained and bonded. Dealing with high windows can be dangerous, and you want to save yourself from headaches should an accident happen.

Cleaning Scope for Outdoor Cleaning

  • Thoroughly clean all doors and windows.
  • Hose down all concrete walls.
  • Sweep and power wash all concrete floors.
  • Sweep out all mechanical and electrical rooms.
  • Wipe down all suspended piping.

Important Points to Consider for Pressure Washing of Walls

Professional cleaners use low-pressure water for cleaning brick and stone walls. We recommend that you stay at 100 psi. Do not use acid or sandblast a brick wall as it can erode the brick particles.

Test your preferred cleaning solution in a small area to make sure that it is compatible with the pressure washer and the surface.
Presoak the wall with your preferred cleaning solution and follow the manufacturer’s label for the appropriate contact time.

Apply the cleaning chemical through a low-pressure sprayer. You can use high-pressure if you are dealing with multi-storey buildings.
Flush the wall from top to bottom with the prescribed pressure.

As a professional cleaner, you are expected to let the management know if a particular area calls for repair or preservation. The business owners trust us with the overall appearance and cleanliness of their company. It’s about right for us to give them our best.

Not all commercial cleaners in Sydney that perform office cleaning will take exterior cleaning. You might as well hire someone who can do both.

Please let us know your thoughts about exterior cleaning. Please share your experience with us by dropping a comment below. Your insights can be a treasure to other commercial cleaners out there who may want to test the waters in exterior cleaning. 

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