Home Cleaning vs Office Cleaning: What is the Difference between Home and Office Cleaning?

Home Cleaning vs Office Cleaning

We have been in the commercial cleaning industry for two decades, and we feel the urge to write an article dedicated to explaining Home Cleaning vs Office Cleaning. This is the topic that we will cover in today’s article. 

Cleaning is crucial, no matter how you look at it. The cleaning scope can be arranged into a variety of groups. Home cleaning and commercial cleaning are leading examples of cleaning. Both actions can either be performed by a homeowner or business owner or through a third party commercial cleaning company. 

Significant Differences Between Home Cleaning and Commercial Cleaning

Areas of Coverage

Home or Domestic Cleaning – as the description implies, domestic cleaning involves residential areas like single-family home, apartments, strata, condominium, retirement homes and the like. Most of the areas are relatively small as compared to companies and businesses. 

Office Cleaning – this niche focuses on businesses like office cleaners service, warehouses, medical facilities, educational facilities, and the like. It involves vast areas, and the cleaning scope may be demanding as compared to domestic cleaning. 

Who will do the cleaning?

Home or Domestic Cleaning – domestic cleaning is usually done by the homeowner or a homeowner’s relative. Hiring a domestic cleaner can be considered a luxury and mostly catered to the middle to the upper class. 

Office Cleaning – a business can choose to hire their employee to attend to their cleaning requirements. One of the most effective ways to do this is by hiring a third-party company that will cover all of your cleaning needs. 

Cleaning Tools and Equipment

Home or Domestic Cleaning – admit it or not, we always ended up using what is available when we do our home cleaning. It does not matter if a particular cleaning chemical is dedicated to the surface we are cleaning.

Office Cleaning – since commercial cleaning is on a broader scale, we are expected to invest in equipment, cleaning tools, and various cleaning chemicals that will help us complete the cleaning efficiently and effectively.  

Cleaning Process

Home or Domestic Cleaning – Safety and health requirements for domestic and commercial cleaning are different from one another just as the Home Cleaning vs Office Cleaning. Homeowners are the ones to set the cleaning standards in their home. The simplicity of the cleaning requirements is one reason why domestic cleaning is much simpler than a commercial cleaning service.  

Office Cleaning – commercial cleaning has higher demands when it comes to health and safety guidelines. Most businesses need to align these guidelines according to state rules and regulations. Business owners also consider the health and safety of their customers, visitors, and employees. 

The most common niche in the cleaning industry is a commercial cleaning and home cleaning. Both come with a different set of goals and purposes. Since we are in the cleaning industry for quite a long time, we should not be confused between the two.  

Home cleaning is more straightforward and requires less time and effort. On the other hand, commercial cleaning poses more challenges as we need to conform to what is dictated by your patrons and customers. 

No matter what niche you choose from, it all boils down to one goal: keeping the premise clean, safe, and healthy. Many businesses have entrusted their cleaning needs to the professional because of the threat posed by Covid 19.

How about you? Are you on the domestic or commercial side of the business? Please drop us a comment below and share your experiences on how you were able to grow in your chosen niches. There are a lot of business owners waiting to get valuable feedback that will help them grow. 


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