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How to Clean Your Office Air Purifier Professionally [Best Cleaning Tips]

How to Clean Your Office Air Purifier Professionally [Best Cleaning Tips]

The demand for air purifiers increased during the height of the pandemic. Air purifiers help maintain safe and healthy air circulating a room or an office. On average, employees spend time in the office for eight hours. It is only critical to ensure clean and pollutant air for them to breathe in.

In this article, we will talk about how commercial cleaners perform cleaning air purifiers professionally. We want to share our best practices with you and include cleaning air purifiers in your cleaning scope. ...  read more

How to Clean a Dog-Friendly Office (Pet-Friendly Office Cleaning Guide)

How to Clean a Dog-Friendly Office (Pet-Friendly Office Cleaning Guide)

Did you know that the number of employers allowing dogs in the workplace has doubled in the US for the last five years? That means that one out of 12 companies allow bringing in dogs in the workplace to mingle with their employees as they labour away at their desks.

This article is something very close to my heart as we will talk about dogs and how to clean dog-friendly or pet-friendly offices. Let’s get started.

We asked many employees to know how the dogs affect their day to day activities, and the answer all boils down to “stress-relief”. Of course, not everyone in the office welcomes this idea. Some are allergic to hairs. How do employers compromise in this situation?

Having dogs in the office will indeed relieve your stress. If you feel a heavy day ahead of you, you can get a dog and pet it for a while. Before you know it, the stress is all gone with the wind. It makes working happier and more manageable.

Here are some of the things that a business should consider before bringing pets to the workplace.

Rules Before Pets

We all know that germs and viruses spread faster in an open space. With pets coming into the office, dog-friendly office cleaning requirements will be amplified. Your office will need more than just a regular cleaning.

More people share the same space, and with dogs walking around, it will make the place gets dirty and grabby faster than the usual pace.


Ensure that signages are posted to visible spots where rules are laid out clearly. These rules should communicate the pet owner’s responsibility in bringing their pets to the workplace.

Warning for Allergies

Pets mean hair. Before welcoming pets into the workplace, management should ask employees if they are allergic or if working with pets will become an issue for them.

Check the Insurance Coverage

Ask the building management for insurance inclusions. Accidents can happen when pets are moving about. You do not want to burden yourself with added worries as you make this happen.

If your building does not cover it, you may ask the pet owners to have their own should they choose to take their pets with them to work

Dog-Free Zones

Management should still delegate a space where dogs are not allowed even if they are practically everywhere. These areas should include data centres and pantries.

Have Cleaning Tools Handy

Dogs and pets can be messy at times. Accidents are inevitable. Ensure that you have the essential office cleaning equipment to clean after stool, urine, and vomit.

House Rules for Pet Owners

You may be excited with the notion that your best bud will join you at the office. Before you bring your pets, you need to ensure that you will follow the rules of a dog-friendly office stated below responsibly:

  • You are the sole responsible for your dog’s well-being, biological needs, and behavior in the office.
  • The dog should be potty-trained, with a good temperament, and obedient.
  • Do not bring small puppies in the office, no matter how tempting it is. Make sure that the dogs receive updated vaccination, clean, odor-free, and free of parasites.
  • Owners should clean after their pests. They should follow waste disposal, which applies both inside and outside of the office.
  • After the accident, owners can use the usual office dog-friendly cleaning chemicals to address the cleaning but, it should still be reported to the pet-friendly office cleaners. Office cleaners will use more potent cleaning chemicals that will cover all the things that need covering dog-friendly office cleaning.
  •  ...  read more

    Office Blind Cleaning (How to Do Professional Cleaners Clean Blinds?)

    Office Blind Cleaning How to Do Professional Cleaners Clean Blinds

    Office blind cleaning is not part of routine cleaning in most cases. Most often than not, it is always neglected and left dirty and dusty. As professional cleaners clean blinds, we know that this is one of your many frustrations when we talk about getting your workplace dust-free.

    In this article, we will demonstrate to you how we effectively clean office blinds. Be amazed at its effects on your business’s overall facade and how it helps improve your employees’ health.

    Commercial cleaning has much expertise, and not all of them are willing to do tedious jobs like cleaning the blinds and shutters. We recommend that you only choose the cleaning company who knows the proper way of attending to these unique needs.

    How do professional cleaners clean blinds?

    There are two types of office blind cleaning – deep cleaning and routine cleaning. It is the same as the other areas in your business that need both.

    If your business has not got the blinds cleaned for a very long time, you will need to have a one-time deep cleaning. After that comes the maintenance cleaning.

    The secret to maintenance cleaning is that you have to do it often.
    If you have a fortnightly customer and attend to the business once a fortnight, you will need to attend to the blinds on each visit.

    In this way, they will be maintained and will look excellent and deep cleaning is no longer required.

    We only need four tools to get the blinds clean. It goes the same for deep cleaning and routine cleaning. The only difference is the amount of effort that you need to exert to make the blinds clean.

    Tools and Cleaning Chemicals Needed for Blinds Cleaning

    =&0=& – choose the ones that are designed to be safe to the environment. Since you are using a degreaser, it will take out all the grease, dirt, and gunk build up on the blinds.

    =&1=& – This is where you have to spray the degreaser on. You can find this easily on the internet or in your local supermarket under the household section.

    =&2=& – this is used for maintenance cleaning.

    =&3=& – is needed to remove deep-seated gunk and dust that is difficult to remove.

    Wood blinds tend to warp with the weather. They can expand and contract depending on their likes. This is the reason why many people choose to use fake wood blinds. Our focus is to teach you how to clean these fake wood blinds.

    Our best recommendation is to hire a Professional Cleaners Clean Blinds to deal with mini-metal blinds. There is a professional blind cleaner in the cleaning industry. They have these great big trucks which have walls. They can hang up the metal blinds outside the truck, hose them down, and let it air dry. Most of the regular commercial cleaning companies do not have these kinds of trucks.

    Mini-metal blinds bend easily and deserve the proper care. Hiring a Professional Cleaners Clean Blinds who knows the right way of cleaning these types of blinds will save us from the worries of breaking and replacing these blinds.

    Do not offer to clean mini-blinds if you do not know how to do it. It will cost you a lot of money to buy a new set if you break it.

    Cleaning Steps

  • Get a stepping stool that has one or two steps. Place it next to the window where you can reach the top.
  • Use the duster and go over the top ledge and then go to the sides of the window.
  • Run your fingers between the blinds and check to see how thick the dust or the grease is.
  • If it is light dust, simply use the duster to dust off the surface. There is no sense for you to use a degreaser of heavier gear.
  • If there is a build-up, spray a liberal amount of degreaser to the towel. Place the towel between your fingers and then go between the slat one by one, from top to bottom.
  • When you got to the bottom and cleaned all the gunk with the cloth, turn the blinds upward. Use the other side of your towel, give the blinds another wipe, this time from bottom to top. Follow the grains of the blinds.
  • Turn the blinds facing down. Following the grain of blinds one more time, give another pass from top to bottom.
  • Dry them off using a clean cloth.
  •  ...  read more

    How To Sanitise A Shared Office Desk? (Office Desk Cleaning Guide)

    How To Sanitise A Shared Office Desk Office Desk Cleaning Guide

    Coworking space is in demand these days. It helps small businesses operate with efficient cost. With Covid 19 on the rise, coworking space is at its vulnerable phase. Sharing desks, common areas, and other office equipment are very notorious for spreading the virus.

    Frequent disinfection is highly in demand nowadays. Commercial cleaners are offering these services to almost all types of businesses. This office desk cleaning guide will talk about how to sanitize a shared office desk to keep your employees safe.

    The How-To of Cleaning and Sanitise a Shared Office Desk and Workplace

    Most of us are shifted into work from home setup when the Pandemic hits. Like me, I often need a breather and feel like I am still working in an office. My go-to solution is to sanitise a shared office desk or workplace, one of the hottest trends with freelancers.

    Coworking space or shared desks is an open office setup where people from different businesses gather to work. From the word “shared desk”, they are literally sharing desks and workspace.

    With the rising numbers of people infected with Covid, how can we be sure that we are safe while we are working in a shared space? How can we attain a level of peace mind and not worry that we will be in contact with the virus?

    Clean Before Sanitising or Disinfecting

    We all know by now that office desk cleaning is different from sanitising and sanitising is not the same as disinfecting. Before you sanitise or disinfect any surface, you need to make sure that it is free from debris and dust. Desk clean up wiping it with a damp cloth or dust it using a microfibre cloth.

    Sanitise or Disinfect the Whole Surface

    You can spray the sanitiser or disinfectant on the surface and wipe, clean my desk with a cloth or paper towel. Some sanitiser and disinfectant have designated contact time. Make sure to read the manufacturer’s label to achieve the best result.

    Unplug Your Electronics

    This is more on the safe side. Before you start cleaning sanitise a shared office desk disinfecting your way. Make sure that all electronics are shut off and unplug.

    Clear the Surface from Clutter

    For you not to miss a spot, we recommend that you clear your desk away from clutters. Remove all the bits and pieces that are on your desks before cleaning and disinfecting. Do not fall into the habit of cleaning around clutters.

    Properly Clean and Sanitise Electronics

    Offices have plenty of electronics. Computers, keyboards, mice, printers, projectors, remote controls, etc. – these are all tricky to clean. It is a big no to spray sanitisers directly to electronics as it can destroy them. Read and research the best cleaning methods, and you will be on your way to a safe and clean workspace.

    How to Protect Coworking Space Customers

    • Encourage your customers to bring their own eating and drinking utensils. Put away all shared cups, spoons and forks from your customers.
    • Discourage them from eating and drinking on their stations.
    • Be firm with social distancing, temperature check before coming in, and wearing face masks while working.
    • Take turns on breaks. Come up with a break schedule to minimise the possibility of crowding at a particular place.
    • Always have hand soap, hand towels, sanitisers, disinfectant sprays available at your customer’s disposal. Keep them all in one station to know where to get it before and after their shifts.

    General Principles of Touchpoint Cleaning

    Shared offices have high foot traffic. High touchpoints can be a threat to everyone if not disinfected properly. Commercial cleaners are experienced and knowledgeable about Covid cleaning.

    Studies have proven that frequent disinfection can slow the spread and even stop the virus. Cleaning and disinfection need to be done between uses.

    Disinfection is essential in fighting Covid 19.

    Here Are Some Points to Consider:

    • Clean the area with soap and water if it is visibly dirty. Soap and water break particles and washes dirt away, making it easy to disinfect the surface.
    • Make disinfecting wipes and alcohol spray, and paper towels available for your employees’ disposal. Keep it on a spot where they can easily reach them. Making signages and visual aides will also help them be reminded that they have to clean and disinfect the shared desks after each use.
    • Always read the manufacturer’s label and allow proper contact time on different surfaces. Various surface materials react differently to cleaning solutions and disinfectant.
    • Leave phones, telephone dial pads, calculators, and other stationery items saturated with disinfectant and leave them to air dry.
    • Discard used paper towels properly.
    • Follow it up with proper hand hygiene. Wash your hands with running water and soap.

    Here Are Common Touchpoints to Disinfect in a Shared Office Set-Up:

    • Shared desks and partitions
    • Shared computers including keyboards, monitors, and mice
    • Chairs and benches
    • Shared stationery items like staplers, stamp pads, letter openers, etc.
    • Shared pens, markers, and board erasers
    • Shared tables
    • Light switches, door handles and knobs, faucets, water dispensers,
    • Appliances in the pantry
    • Counters inside the toilet, toilet flush, and toilet partitions

    Other Covid-19 Protocols to Follow: ...  read more

    Office Kitchen Cleaning – How to Keep Your Office Pantry and Kitchen Safe from Covid-19

    How to Keep Your Office Pantry and Kitchen Safe from Covid

    Covid 19 has indeed changed the way we live our everyday lives. Actions like stocking the pantry, cooking, and washing a procedure open possibilities of transmitting the virus.

    This article will talk about office kitchen cleaning procedures to stop the spread of this deadly virus and how can you keep your office kitchen clean, disinfect and safe from Coronavirus.

    We all know by now that Covid 19 is transmitted from person to person. Here are the simple steps on mitigating the spread of the virus in a workplace set up.

    Wash Your Hands Regularly

    Regular hand washing is our first step. Wash your hands before and after you touch your food. Running water with soap is your best go-to solution.

    Make it a habit to bring alcohol or hand sanitiser with you as you travel. In this way, you can sanitise your hands anytime, anywhere.

    Always wash your hands every time you change your tasks or switch to a different room or location.

    Unpacking and Storing Grocery Items and Food Supplies

    Do not place your grocery bags on the counter; use the floor instead. Store and put away your grocery as you should, starting with those that need to be kept inside the fridge.

    Wash your hands after storing your grocery items and disinfect all the used areas during the process.

    In our previous articles, we already talked about how long the virus stays on certain surfaces. Having that said, we need to be more cautious, sanitise and disinfect as often as possible. Allow the proper contact time for disinfection to get the best result.

    Office Kitchen Cleaning Procedures

    Always clean surfaces like kitchen counters, fridge, and sink before and after every meal preparation and after putting your groceries away. Always use a freshly washed cutting board, clean the dishes in the dishwasher, and always wipe the table before and after each meal.

    Make it a habit to read manufacturer’s labels and never mix cleaning agents. Some chemicals cannot be combined as they can produce gases that can be harmful to you when inhaled.

    Wash Your Food and Other Grocery Items in Your Office Kitchen

    Only wash fruits and vegetables when you are ready to consume them. Avoid washing them and put them back in the fridge because many studies have shown that water can increase pathogen growth.

    Wash other grocery items as you usually would as water creates friction on the surface. Water is a great help in removing bacteria. Pat them dry with a paper towel afterwards.

    Meal Preparation

    Following proper meal preparation like sanitation and cooking temperatures in handling raw meat are essential. Food will never be a threat as long as you follow proper hand hygiene.


    Getting everyone on the same page is very crucial. Put signs and warnings to all places that will make your colleagues remember your goal. You can download visual aides off of the internet that will show proper handwashing techniques.

    It will also help if you make supplies like hand soap and hand towels available for them to use all the time.

    Covid 19 is not foodborne. The risk of exposure can be managed easily with constant hand washing and disinfection. Let us all focus on the basics like not touching our face, social distancing, and proper hand washing and sanitising. We do not have to stress over many small things that are not necessary.

    Now that there is a new variant and the infected people are growing in numbers, we need to take more measures to promote cleanliness. The best way to do so is by hiring an office kitchen cleaner that is experts in Covid 19 cleaning.

    We need someone who knows what they are doing. Not all cleaners can do Covid cleaning confidently. Make sure to hire someone that uses the proper PPE to protect themselves from the virus. Professional cleaners also have suitable cleaning agents and techniques to help them deliver a safe and healthy working environment for you.

    Please let us know by dropping a comment in the section below on what other measures and steps you do in your kitchen to ensure that it will be Keep your Office Pantry and Kitchen From Covid-free.

    Did you also resort to hiring professional cleaners to do the job for you? Allow others to learn from you by sharing your experiences. We cannot exactly tell how long will it take for this whole pandemic to be over. Until then, we want everyone to be safe and healthy.

    Influence of Right Commercial Cleaning on Brand Image

    In this post, I am going to show you the influence of the right commercial cleaning on a brand image by Clean Group. So let’s get started.

    Your brand is what connects your customers with your business – be it the products, the brand logo, product experience, customer service, and even the facility you work from.

    A reliable commercial cleaning service provider would understand your necessity of keeping your facility clean and would strive hard to keep your facility spic and span all the time. Many owners might feel reluctant to invest in cleaning for their establishment often asking themselves how important cleaning is for their reputation. ...  read more

    Office Post Party Cleaning – A Guide For After Party Cleaners in Sydney

    Professional Office Post Party Cleaning Guide - How to Do It

    =&0=& is usually not a part of normal cleaning for many organisations as well as cleaners. So, it’s natural to get confused or frustrated when getting ready to clean an office after a recent party. Looking for help? Here’s a step-by-step guide to office post party cleaning along with some really useful tips.

    Nothing can better prepare you for after party cleaning than a hands-on experience. But, if this is your first time after office party cleaning is an a or if you are looking to up your event cleaning skills, this comprehensive guide to the process and tips for doing an excellent office cleaning job is the next best thing for you, I promise.

    Irrespective of whether you are a professional cleaner or a domestic cleaner, this guide will take you through the post party clean up step-by-step procedure to properly clean an office or commercial place after a recent event or party.

    As a seasoned commercial cleaning & office cleaning company in Sydney, we’ve come across several instances where our clients wanted us to clean their office or other properties after a recent event or party. During the first couple of party cleaning jobs, we had to face many challenges.

    Even though we made all the preparations beforehand and had the best cleaners & resources for the job, or we think we did, the end results were not exactly what we had hoped for.

    But, we learnt our lesson and rose from the failures to eventually become one of the most sought-after office cleaning and party cleaning companies in Sydney. And now, we use this platform to share our learnings and experiences with fellow cleaners and customers in the industry.

    So, let’s get started with what you need to know before taking an after the party cleaning job.

    Why Office Cleaning Post a Party Is Important

    Occasional office parties are a nice way to let off steam and give your employees something else to do than simply work in the office. Besides entertainment, office parties are also a great opportunity for employees to communicate and network. The downside of parties is that they leave a whole lot of mess in their aftermath.

    Of course, your party attendees won’t bother to clean up the place themselves, so it’s your responsibility as the organizer or the property owner to arrange for the cleaning.

    After post party cleaning is important because your office employees will be back to work the next day or after the weekend and will expect the place to be clean and ready to use. Of course, you can’t expect your employees to work in a place that is still messed up from last night’s party.

    Besides, it’s not safe to use such a place without proper cleaning as there can be items like broken glass and plastic bottles or cups lying around that can do physical harm as well as be responsible for diseases. After office post party clean up will not only make the place look beautiful and spotless but also reduce the bad environmental and health impacts of event waste.

    Why You May Need Professional Help with Post-Party Office Cleaning Sydney

    Let me emphasize that after office post party cleaning is a serious job, and unless you’re prepared for it and have the experience, time, and resources for this kind of job, I recommend hiring the services of a professional after
    party cleaner.

    Also, I strongly advise office owners and managers to not take the cleaning job into their own hands in a bid to save some bucks. After office party cleaning is much more complex than regular cleaning and will end up taking a lot of your time with not-so-good end results.

    So, when someone asks me why they need to hire a professional for after office post party cleaning, my answer is:

    1. Professional office party clean up service is backed by knowledge & experience;
    2. You get a reliable and trusted service;
    3. Job is completed on schedule;
    4. Cleaners have the resources & machines to do a brilliant job;
    5. Less management stress for you;
    6. Party Clean Up Service Saves You Time;
    7. Ensures brilliant results with guaranteed satisfaction (know more about our 100% satisfaction guarantee).

    How to Clean an Office After a Party or Event

    Irrespective of whether you are a professional office cleaner or a beginner, the standard procedure to clean a workplace after a party is the same and involves the following steps:

    Step 1: Pre-party preparations (Optional)

    If you have control of the venue before the party, it helps to pre-plan a few things such as the tools for spot cleaning. If you do that, you’ll be ready to take care of mid-party crises such as spilled drinks and broken glasses.

    Other pre-party preparations that will help include setting up separate bins for disposables and food waste, putting coasters on every table, and keeping the waste containers ready to remove the leftovers, plates, etc. during the party.

    Step 2: Build the cleaning plan

    If you arrived at the party late, i.e. after the event is finished, the first step to cleaning would be to properly analyse the place for its cleaning requirements. Based on the type and extent of dirt, you can arrange the tools and products that you will need for office cleaning after a party.

    The products you’ll need for after post party clean-up include microfibre cloth, mop, paper towels, vacuum cleaner, floor scrubber, dustbuster and pan, garbage bags, all-purpose cleaning solution, etc.

    We at Clean Group have the i-Mop cleaner that is both flexible and very powerful and takes care of floor scrubbing, washing, etc. with quick & efficient results.

    Besides that, you’ll need to arrange your best after office post-party cleaners for the job, preferably professionals with experience in such type of post party clean up.

    Step 3: Initial Cleaning After the Party ...  read more

    Strata Cleaning & Common Areas Disinfection: What You Need to Know

    Strata Cleaning & Common Areas Disinfection What You Need to Know

    A strata building refers to a multi-level building or apartment complex usually having multiple floors. This can be an office building or residential apartments. Managing a strata building is a tough job. Many residential and commercial buildings have dedicated managers or strata cleaners to look after their cleaning & maintenance and manage occasional strata repairs and upgrades on behalf of the owners.

    Besides cleaning, regular strata common areas disinfection is also an important part of strata maintenance, as it helps protect the health interests of the residents and/or workers in the building. This is particularly important in the aftermath of pandemic situations like the recent one where the world was hit by the COVID-19 virus and went under lockdown for as long as a year.

    If you are concerned about the best ways to disinfect your strata building, especially the common areas, this brief guide to strata disinfection will certainly help you.

    Why Strata Common Areas Disinfection Is Important

    Strata buildings and complexes are relatively large in size and have multiple common and shared areas such as elevators, parking lots, lobbies, corridors, common toilets, stairways, gardens, etc. These common areas of strata are used by almost all the building residents, workers and visitors, which is why these areas are the most likely to accumulate dust, dirt and germs over time.

    While dust, dirt & debris from strata common areas disinfection can be removed through basic cleaning, regular & proper disinfection is the only way to get rid of germs that get piled up on these areas through frequent human contact and use.

    Disinfection refers to the use of a certified disinfectant with the purpose to eliminate certain pathogens, including viruses, germs and bacteria from the infected surface. Common areas such as lifts in a strata building are used by many people throughout the day. Hundreds of visitors, for instance, click the buttons on your building elevator and touch the door handles or stairway railings.

    By doing this, they unknowingly contribute to spreading the infection that can be responsible for serious diseases like the COVID-19. In short, you can expect to find a lot of germs and infections in these frequently used/touched areas, which if not removed on time can further spread to other places and make the users sick.

    Regular Strata common areas Disinfection is the only effective way to up to 100% eliminate germs & bacteria from your strata building in Sydney.

    Why You Shouldn’t Trust Regular Domestic Cleaners for Strata Cleaning & Disinfection

    When looking to disinfect your strata property in Sydney, you have two options – 1) Do it yourself, or 2) Hire a professional strata cleaner Sydney Doing it yourself is not a feasible option, given that strata buildings are usually too large to be managed or cleaned by any single person, especially if the person has no previous experience or knowledge of strata cleaning.

    Second, it will take a lot of your time if you are planning to deep clean & disinfect the entire property. You may even need to hire some external help, which will add to the cost.

    A better and possibly cheaper alternative is to outsource expert strata common areas disinfection & cleaning services from a professional strata cleaning company in Sydney. Now, you simply cannot rely on your regular or domestic cleaners for strata cleaning and disinfection for many reasons, such as:

    =&0=&: Regular domestic cleaners might not have the experience required to properly clean a strata property while taking care of the safety of valuables such as expensive or antique flooring and finishes. Also, they may not have any strata common areas disinfection experience.

    =&1=&: It is important for strata cleaners in Sydney to have good knowledge of the right tools, solutions & strategies to achieve safe and effective cleaning results. Expert strata cleaners will know about the right disinfectant to eliminate a particular type of pathogen from your property and also know which chemicals can be harsh for your valuable objects.

    Professional strata cleaners will not just perform regular cleaning & disinfection at your place but can also take care of occasional repairs and maintenance needs such as replacing light bulbs and replenishing toilet supplies.

    Moreover, strata disinfection cleaning expert or company will have all the right tools & resources required to do an excellent cleaning job. For example, the strata cleaning team at Clean Group has the best-in-class cleaning tools and supplies, including the i-Mop scrubber machine, microfiber cloths, glass wipers & squeegees, sponges, clamps, colour-coded buckets, extension poles, bow brushes, scrapers, plungers, etc.

    as well as safety equipment for high-rise window cleaning. Arranging some of these high-end cleaning items can be both inconvenient and costly for regular cleaners.

    Also, our skilled & trained cleaners only use eco-friendly cleaning solutions for the cleaning of strata premises to avoid accidental damages to health and property. They are experienced in the cleaning of all strata spaces and can do it with complete safety and assurance.

    Some strata cleaning companies such as Clean Group can even be hired for complete management of strata properties in Sydney, which include routine cleaning, maintenance, disinfection, and garden maintenance. Clean Group is better than your average strata cleaner in many ways. We are an experienced and highly skilled team of professional strata cleaners who can take care of all your standard & advanced cleaning needs for your commercial premises in Sydney.

    Our strata cleaners go the extra mile and perform all cleaning and maintenance tasks to ensure guaranteed satisfaction for all our clients and projects. We perform all the cleaning and disinfection duties strictly in line with the highest safety standards to help protect your tenants and enhance the life and value of your property.

    Strata Common Areas Disinfection – How It Works

    Besides routine strata cleaning, regular (we recommend weekly) disinfection of your strata building is super important in order to protect the health of your tenant and visitors.

    An expert strata cleaning & disinfection service provider will first analyse your property for its cleaning requirements. Remember, disinfectants cannot be used to clean dirt & dust. So, it’s crucial to first clean the surface before applying a disinfectant to kill the germs.

    Based on the initial analysis, a Clean Group manager will prepare a customised plan for your strata cleaning & disinfection needs, which will mention the detailed process along with the best quote for strata cleaning.

    The first step is =&2=&, which will generally cover the following:

  • Sweeping and mopping all hard surfaces, including floors;
  • If there are floor coverings, we will strip and seal them back to achieve a uniform look;
  • Removing all debris and litter from the common areas;
  • Vacuuming or washing all the carpets, as needed;
  • Wiping (& polishing as needed) objects such as letterboxes, paintings, phone receivers, desks, chairs, vase, etc.;
  • Cleaning common areas such as lifts, toilets, stairways, and corridors;
  • Repairing or changing light bulbs;
  • Taking care of garbage and cleaning the bins;
  • Garden cleaning and maintenance;
  •  ...  read more

    Is Your Business Disinfection in Safe Hands (Who Is Australia’s Best in Business Disinfection?)

    Is Your Business Disinfection in Safe Hands Who Is Australia's Best in Business Disinfection

    Now that everyone is almost back in business, I want to point you where you can entrust your business’s disinfection needs.

    We will talk about how we can protect your employees from infection. Also, we will cover the process of disinfecting your business after the lockdown.

    Responsible business owners will hire experts to cover their post-COVID 19 requirements.

    Who to call?

    Clean Group has been making noise in the cleaning industry for more than two decades. They have unparalleled experience in creating and maintaining a safe place for you and your employees.

    Post-COVID cleaning is far more complicated as compared to routine cleaning. Special training and awareness are crucial to delivering the desired results.

    Clean Group is a one-stop cleaning provider that can offer both deep cleaning and post-COVID 19 disinfection. Their works can get your business ready for action while keeping your employees safe.

    Clean Group Post-Covid 19 Protocol

    Trained Cleaning Technicians

    Clean Group ensures that all their cleaning technicians are equipped with the proper knowledge in dealing with post-COVID 19 cleanings.

    They follow strict measures of hand hygiene and social distancing. The cleaning Team is also advised not to report for work if they are not feeling well and to visit a doctor as soon as possible.

    Wears Appropriate PPE

    We all know by now that PPE plays a vital role in post-COVID 19 cleanings. The Clean Group cleaning team observes the usage of gloves, protective suit, facemask, and eye protection while they are on duty.

    Increase in Cleaning Frequency

    Let us not give the COVID 19 virus a chance to spread. It is no rocket science. We all know that constant cleaning and disinfection is the primary key in killing the virus.

    Clean Group has more than 50 trained cleaning technicians that can support your increasing demands for business disinfection.

    Innovative Cleaning Equipment and Techniques

    Clean Group has top of the line machines and equipment needed to perform demanding cleaning roles. As a business, you do not need to worry about having your own equipment because Clean Group will have it for you.

    On top of that, Clean Group has a broad selection of cleaning chemicals and different techniques to cover your needs.

    Types of Business Disinfection Requirements

    Deep Cleaning and Disinfection of High-Touch Points

    High touchpoints like elevator buttons and door handles are notorious when it comes to germs and viruses.

    Having regular touchpoint cleaning is recommended after a post-COVID 19 deep clean. Experts say that disinfection has to be done once every four hours if you want to cover all your bases.

    Outdoor and Indoor Deep Cleaning

    Let us all face it, routine cleaning can maintain cleanliness, but some areas can be missed from time to time. This area can accumulate dirt and dust over time that can attract germs and viruses.

    Clean Group recommends quarterly deep cleaning to cover these crooks and crannies. Deep cleaning can be demanding for small cleaning businesses because they do not have the proper equipment. This is one of the many reasons why you should hire Clean Group. It is a one-stop-shop that can offer both deep and routine cleaning.

    What is in COVID-19 Sanitation Process?

    Clean Group offers a regular COVID-19 Sanitation Process, which includes the following:

      • the use of proper cleaning chemicals and disinfectant
      • frequent wiping of disinfectant for high touchpoints like elevator buttons, door handles, and light switches. ...  read more

    A Step-by-step Guide to Complete Office Sanitization by Clean Group Sydney

    Complete Office Sanitization

    With the COVID-19 virus around, it’s now more important than ever to keep your Sydney offices clean and properly maintained in order to avoid cross-contamination. Complete Office Sanitization is usually the best way to do that. If you are wondering how to sanitize your office or need help, you’re at the right place.

    COVID-19 isn’t the only virus you should be worried about. There are millions of germs, bacteria and infections that can be found in a commercial space, especially the ones with a lot of visitors or workers. Basic cleaning is no longer adequate to take care of the virus and you need to go one step ahead and perform complete sanitization to ensure all-round safety. ...  read more