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How Much Does It Cost to Have an Office Cleaned?

How Much Does It Cost to Have an Office Cleaned

It’s a question we get asked again and again and again. Just how much does commercial cleaning in Sydney really cost?

The trouble is that the answer to this question isn’t quite as straightforward as you might first think. Pricing professional cleaning services requires a lot of different itemised consideration as well as other factors.

We’re going to explain what goes into pricing an office cleaning job in Sydney through this post. Once you’ve read through it, you should have a better idea of what goes into the pricing of commercial cleaning costs...  read more

How to Get a Commercial Cleaning Quote in Sydney?

How to Get a Commercial Cleaning Quote in Sydney

It is harder to get the right commercial cleaning quote in Sydney towards cleaning services. Also, it is the main factor when it is the question of outsourcing your needs for the professional. There are no cleaners who provide you the same pricing for the same needs. You continuously stream towards the quotation that suits you the best.

There are some companies who provide you a premium quote below promising to deliver quality work however others may offer you attractive discounts and low price labor while unable to meet your expectations. It proves to be a very narrow decision among two alternatives if you seek to choose the correct Sydney commercial cleaning company for your location. ...  read more

How Much Does Commercial Carpet Cleaning Cost: 2021 Guide

commercial carpet cleaning costs guide

Carpet cleaning, like any other types of cleaning, increases the life of the carpet. Apart from that, you are sure that germs, dust, and allergens are off your carpets. This article will discuss how cleaning companies determine the commercial carpet cleaning cost in detail.

How much does Commercial Carpet Cleaning Costs?

I am afraid that this article will not give you a definite answer to how much it really is. The price for carpet cleaning strongly depends on its size and its condition. An onsite inspection is highly recommended. To get an accurate price for your cleaning requirement, we suggest that you call your local cleaning provider and have them quote the carpet.

Carpet Cleaning Prices


The cost may be lower than usual because the size may be smaller. It is also possible that the carpet is new and not severely beaten. As mentioned above, the cost is dependent on the carpet situation. If the rug is cleaner, then the price is lower!


Again, depending on the size and the situation of the rug. The medium-ranged can include spots and stains that are not too challenging to remove.


It can include large rugs and carpets. These are obviously dirty, beaten, and soiled carpets. We strongly recommend that you hire a professional cleaning company that will do this job for you. Always remember that the cost of the job should also translate to efficiency and professionalism.

Carpet cleaning cost may also include the following:

  • moving or removal of furniture
  • furniture cleaning
  • heavily soiled carpets
  • water-damaged carpets
  • cleaning of stairs
  •  ...  read more

    Retail Cleaning Services – Definition, Cost, and Checklist to Cleaning

    Retail Cleaning Services

    Cleaning a retail store can be a handful. The foot traffic is too much, and it can get messy pretty quickly. Retail store owners should seriously consider hiring a professional cleaner to keep the overall cleanliness of their business. Cleanliness does not just offer aesthetic benefits. It also promotes health and safety, as we all know.

    The pandemic is not yet over, and we need to put our best foot forward by being a step ahead to cleanliness. This article will outline all the things that you need to know about Retail Store Cleaning Guide By Clean Group. We aim to provide this guide to help our fellow commercial cleaners out there understand the ins and outs of the commercial cleaning industry.  ...  read more

    What is After Builders Cleaning Prices? (Cost of Builders Cleaning in Sydney)

    If you are not from the construction industry, you will not know what after builders cleaning is. After builders cleaning is also known as post-construction cleaning. How do we quote for after builders cleaning? The simplest way to go about determining your price is either through production rates or the time that is going to take you to do the post-construction cleaning.

    What is after builders cleaning, and how can we explain this to you in a nutshell? It is not the usual cleaning that we usually do at home or in the office.

    How Much Does After Builders Cleaning Cost?

    There is no definite way for you to name the price for this cleaning requirement. The after builders cleaning cost varies depending on a few factors.

    A builders cleaning is priced at least double of what a commercial cleaner will charge for regular cleaning. Usually, cleaners will consider how bad the situation is like getting the stickers inside and outside of the newly installed windows.

    There are no bad jobs, but there are jobs that are badly priced. As long as it is a reasonable price, then, that makes it worth doing.

    Skills and Care of Merchants

    If the merchant knows how to protect their work and clean-up after themselves, it will only take a little of your time to do post-construction cleaning. Can you imagine how much time and effort you need if the tradesman does not care about the paint spill on the carpet or any other surfaces?

    Construction Materials that were used in Building the Property

    Sophisticated surfaces like mirrors and glasses take much time in cleaning because of their delicate nature. Since time is money in the cleaning business, you need to name your price depending on the time that you need to spend cleaning around these materials.

    Two Stages of After Builders Cleaning

    Rough Cleaning

    It is often called initial cleaning. Rough cleaning involves the removal of rubbish, dust, dirt, and debris from all surfaces. Usually, initial cleaning is done during construction. Mostly, this is required before the flooring is installed. Trade defects typically become visible after the initial cleaning.

    Final Detail Cleaning

    This is the final stage of cleaning, wherein all of the trade defects are fixed. The final detail clean will show that showroom quality finish. The final clean gives highlight to all the details there is a property.

    A few of the scopes of the final detail cleaning includes straightening of grout lines, detailing of tiles, removal of paint marks from floorboards and more.

    After Builders Pricing Guide

    Naming your price for a cleaning job is an essential part of your business as a commercial cleaner. Your success highly depends on it. Potential leads will not only look at one quote. They usually ask for at least three comparisons.

    For a start-up commercial cleaning business, determining your rate is a struggle.

    There are a lot of things that you need to consider. You want to make sure that you are not underselling the services that you want to cater to your patrons.

    The Economics of After Builders Cleaning

    Most of the cleaning jobs are priced by the hour. Your employees will thank you for paying them fairly by compensating for the hours that they had worked for. Add your profit thinking about the overhead cost of your business. Always remember that your competition will always outbid you when it comes to pricing.

    Steps on How to Set Your Price

    There is no one answer because every job is not the same after builders clean. The after builders cleaning prices will vary by the location that you are in, the city you are in, and so on.

    When it comes to after builders cleaning, the average pricing may depend on a number of factors. Similarly, for the final clean, it may range a lot depending on your specific requirements.

    Contact us to have an on-site inspection of your place and get the best price quote for an after-builders cleaning service. Touch-up or light cleaning may be involved in the package. These amounts are just the average. Your price can be lower or higher.

    Just like anything else that we do in commercial cleaning after builders cleaning, we have to do a walkthrough; we need to ask a lot of right questions.

    By asking a lot of questions, you will know more about the cleaning requirement, and you will be able to price the job accurately.

    Choose your Niche

    Pricing services are different in each industry. You need to know where to do you want to focus. After builders cleaning is most expensive because of the amount of work required for the task. Determine the rate of your employees

    Most of the commercial cleaners are paid by the hour. It would be best if you compared their rates from that mandated by the government and what is currently in the market. Often, a good and fair salary attracts good employees. To know about our after-builders cleaning cost, contact now!

    Include your Overhead Expense

    A cleaning business entails typically the use of cleaning chemicals, your equipment, and cleaning supplies. Apart from these supplies you also have to consider your management costs – salary of your office staff, your marketing expenses, petrol, toll fees, uniforms, business cards, insurances, etc.

    What is your Hourly Rate? ...  read more

    Cost of Strata Cleaning Services, Maintenance, and Management in Australia

    Strata is a vast industry in Australia. There are a lot of things that happen every day that change things which are why the Strata Cleaners in Australia play an important role. Strata allow individuals to have part ownership of a property and share ownership of a specific area. Strata include:

    • Apartment
    • Units
    • Townhouses

    An individual owns space and shares ownership of shared driveways, gardens, and land. The set up is standard in residential, commercial and industrial sectors.

    How Much Does Strata Cleaning Cost?

    Prices for the services will vary depending on what type of work is required. We consider the amount of time, chemicals and equipment needed, and the number of cleaners to arrive at a fair price.

    Bear in mind that this price also varies depending on what state you are in. For an exact quote, you can contact us at any time with your project details.

    What Are The Different Categories in Strata Cleaning?

    • Corrective Measures – This category involves repairs and major replacements.
    • Routine Strata Maintenance – These are the types of work that has to be done regularly. It can be daily, weekly, monthly, and annually. Cleaning the property is included in the routine strata maintenance.
    • Preventive Maintenance – These are the types of work that is being done regularly to avoid severe problems in the strata.

    What Are The Property Maintenance Services That Strata Cleaning Offers?

    • Internal and external property cleaning
    • Cleaning, repair, and replacement of gutters
    • Painting
    • Repair and replacement of the roof
    • Inspection and compliance work for electrical and fire safety
    • General repairs
    • Gardening

    What is Strata Management?

    Strata Management includes both the building and the facilities manager. The building manager is responsible for looking after the building maintenance and the day to day operation of your building, contract supervision, liaising with contractors and ensuring that your building runs like a well-oiled machine.

    In addition to the building manager, your unit will also have a facilities manager. Facilities Management involves having a strategic overview of sinking fund plans, asset registers, contractor compliance undertaken with any contractors that are engaged by your owner’s corporation, quality assurance, site-specific inductions for contractors, and contract management and negotiation.

    This ensures that the life cycle of your building is prolonged and ages well. The role of the facility manager also involves assisting the building manager, contractor, and your strata manager in coordinating with large scale projects such as repainting, refurbishment of common areas, driveway replacement and on occasions, assisting with defect coordination with the owner corporation and developer.

    Different Types of Strata Cleaning

    • Residential
    • Commercial
    • Retails Businesses
    • Retirement Homes
    • Apartment Blocks
    • Theme Parks
    • Home Trucks

    Routine Cleaning for Strata

    Cleaning companies in Australia offer various services. Large cleaning companies can provide special cleaning, and others are open to accepting both routine and specialised cleaning.

    You can go through the entire list of commercial cleaners to find out which will deliver the service for the unique needs of your strata.

    Different areas of strata require daily routine cleaning. Here is the list of areas and a few job scopes to guide you through.

    The size and cleaning requirements of strata are a significant challenge. Hiring a professional strata cleaning company will surely give your customers an excellent experience.


    Parking lots are prone to clutter. You will not want to embarrass your strata by presenting a dirty parking lot to your potential buyers, customers, and visitors. Parking lots should not be neglected.

    It also requires detailed attention and must be kept clutter-free. Your cleaner should get rid of the unnecessary clutter and keep this spot welcoming and neat.

    Garden and Lawn Area

    Gardens add an additional aesthetic appearance to your building. Overlooking view is one of the many contributing factors to your selling price. Commercial strata can offer basic gardening while doing their routine cleaning.

    Sweeping of dead leaves and bushes, removal of dead weeds and grass, necessary grass cutting, collections of bins, and many more are included in this package. Routine cleaning of lawns and gardens will make sure that this area will look its best.

    Common Areas Like Hallways, Lobbies, and Receptions ...  read more

    What is Brick Cleaning? How Much Does Pressure Brick Cleaning Cost in Australia?

    What is Brick Cleaning How Much Does Pressure Brick Cleaning Cost in Australia

    A bad cleaning job can ruin the most beautiful brick job. The chemicals that you choose and the manner of cleaning are essential. The brick industry suggests using a bucket and brush, just like the old way.

    I know that it is not the most common method used nowadays. Many times, a pressure washer is used. If you do not know how to use the pressure washer properly, you can literally write your name on the face of the brick.

    Pressure washing is commonly used because the professional cleaner can stand on the ground and by adding extensions to the wand that he is using, he can clean the brickwork even if it is 20 feet away in the air without using a scaffold. ...  read more

    How Much To Pay For Carpet Cleaning in Melbourne?

    How Much To Pay For Carpet Cleaning in Melbourne

    Carpet is one of the most expensive investments of a business. It gives a beautiful and sophisticated finish on the floor. It needs special care to increase the life of the carpet. The material offers a home to dust, germs, and bacteria. How much do you think it would cost you to have the entire carpet in your office cleaned? Carpet cleaners in Melbourne have different ways of quoting for the needed job.

    Same as special and routine cleaning, carpet cleaning in Melbourne can also be quoted based on the cleaning duration or the square footage of the space that needs this type of cleaning.

    How Much Does Carpet Cleaning Cost in Melbourne?

    Commercial or carpet cleaners will quote based on the size of the area. Sales Managers will also consider the condition of the carpet. Expect that the cost may be a little higher if your carpet is soiled or dirty.

    Carpet cleaners in Melbourne also offer special fabric treatment for an additional cost. The average rate for carpet cleaning service is based on the most uncomplicated carpet cleaning procedure. Rate and prices may also differ depending on location and the cleaning method that is required in the process.

    Different Types of Carpet Cleaning

    Dry Cleaning

    This type of carpet cleaning ensures that the material will dry quicker as compared to the other cleaning methods. The cleaning chemical is applied directly to the carpet. After that, a rotation buffer with an absorbent pad will be moved across the carpet. A stain removal solution is used for stubborn stains.

    Dry cleaning is recommended for light to the moderately soiled carpet.

    Steam Cleaning

    Steam cleaning is an effective way of getting rid of heavily embedded dust, dirt, and other contaminants. This is the carpet cleaning method that will give you the best value for your money.

    Steam carpet cleaning involves the use of a hot cleaning solution. This cleaning agent is sprayed on the carpet directly. Afterward, the specialized vacuum cleaner will suck out the solution along with the dirt and dust that are seated at the bottom part of your carpet.

    The steam cleaning machine also uses an agitating device to ensure that the cleaning solution will work intensely on the carpet.

    Carpet Sanitizing

    This process kills bacteria that live in the carpet. Germs and contaminants are sources of bad odor. This process can be treated as an add-on to steam cleaning and dry cleaning. For the best result, you can ask your carpet cleaning provider if they offer this particular chemical. It can cost a little extra, but you can rest assured that your carpet is germ-free for a long time.

    Carpet Protection

    Carpet protection is available for an additional price. You can ask your carpet cleaning company to apply this particular chemical after they had cleaned your carpet thoroughly. The chemical is designed to work as a shield on top of the carpet. It is excellent protection against spillage, stains, and soil sticking to the fiber.

    Rug Cleaning

    The rug functions almost the same as the carpet. You may be surprised to know what kind of build-up a rug can develop over time. Dust, dirt, gums, soil, hair, and all other debris can go deep into the rug. Regular vacuuming will not promise to keep your rugs clean at all times.

    Some rugs are made out of expensive and delicate materials. Ask your carpet cleaning provider if they clean this type of rug before booking in.

    Upholstery Cleaning

    We can find two types of upholstery cleaning in the market. It can be through dry cleaning or steam cleaning. The concept is the same as how the carpets are being serviced. The tricky part is knowing the proper cleaning solution and the equipment to use to complete the job. Your cleaning team will consider:

    • if the upholstery were cleaned in the past
    • will the fabric shrink
    • will the color fade

    Upholstery cleaning can remove all dirt and stains. You can also choose to add fabric protection after the cleaning is completed. This process will ensure that your upholstery will stay clean for an extended time.

    Carpet Shampoo

    This process is one of the traditional methods of carpet cleaning. The shampoo is directly applied to the carpet and is agitated by the rotating machine to create foam. Shampoo Carpet Cleaning is economical because it only requires shampoo and a vacuum cleaner. Doing this cleaning method increases the lifespan of your carpet.

    Importance of Carpet Cleaning in Australia

    Apart from the aesthetic benefits of a clean carpet, there are numerous benefits why you should keep your carpet neat and tidy at all times.

    Say Goodbye to Allergens and Bacteria

    Regular carpet cleaning can give you the best health benefits. We all know that carpet is a home for germs, viruses, and bacteria. Dust, dirt, and other dangerous pollutants can make their way in between the carpet’s fibers. With regular cleaning, we can have these unwelcome visitors at bay.


    We all know that carpet is an expensive investment. Spending a few dollars to clean your carpet correctly will ensure that it will go a long way. You do not have to pay another exorbitant amount of money to have another carpet installed. Always remember that it is easier to pay for carpet cleaning services instead of buying a new one.

    Maintain the “Clean Look” ...  read more

    How Much Does Office Window Cleaning Cost In Australia

    How Much Does Office Window Cleaning Cost In Australia

    How do we set a price for our office window cleaning cost in Sydney, Australia? This is an excellent question, and we will talk about that. Honestly, this will come down to a variety of factors.

    First, you need to define what kind of services you offer. You need to be crystal clear about what specific services you provide before you determine your cleaning rate or your cleaning price.

    For example, you need to have a price for office window cleaning if you are offering this kind of service. Somebody, somewhere down the road, a customer may ask you if you clean the window internally and externally. ...  read more

    What is Commercial Cleaning? (Commercial Cleaning Explained)

    What is Commercial Cleaning (Commercial Cleaning Explained)

    Commercial spaces are the first thing people notice when they come into your establishment. The offices, cabins, and desks are the face of your company. Thus, it is crucial for business houses to keep your establishment clean.

    Just like a person’s true personality is determined by his shoes, the working and the reputation of a workplace are also determined by the clean environment it maintains. Customers, visitors, and employees prefer a clean office and that’s why business houses always seem ready to spend money on keeping their workplace spotless and hygienic in order to attract prospective clients.

    However, maintaining a clean and hygienic environment at commercial places is not an easy task, and that’s where the Commercial Cleaning or Cleaning Service providers come into action. Want to know about What is Commercial Cleaning?

    In this article, we are engraving every single detail of Commercial Cleaning, including, methods, cost, scope, and benefits, etc. so Stay with us until the end of this article and get all your questions answered. Let’s start with “What is Commercial Cleaning?” first.

    What is a Commercial Cleaning?

    Cleaning of Commercial Properties such as offices, warehouses, restaurants, hotels, movie theatres, clubs, entertainment centres, and malls, etc. known as commercial cleaning. This type of cleaning is essential if you want to promote a neat, clean, and hygienic work environment.

    Companies that hire cleaners and then provide corporate cleaning services are known as Commercial cleaning companies. They are contracted to carry out cleaning jobs on a variety of premises. Commercial Cleaning companies provide cleaning services by trained professional cleaners tasks wise.

    These commercial cleaners are well trained and experienced and also take responsibility for all the cleaning works in a business house.

    Commercial cleaning service providers are contracted to uplift and maintain the visual beauty and hygienic quotient of the commercial Properties. That’s why, for commercial houses, hiring the finest cleaning services in their area is important.

    What is the Difference Between Commercial Cleaning Vs Domestic Cleaning

    As Suze Orman said, “Cleanliness is a state of purity, clarity, and precision”. It is a very important task in most scenarios. Just like other tasks It also has types, methods and different services.

    Basically, the two main types of cleaning are a domestic cleaning and commercial cleaning. The name is enough to tell you the basic difference, but to know more, Check this out: How different are domestic and commercial cleaning?

    Coverage Area

    As their names imply is the coverage area is the main difference between these types of cleaning. Cleaning work, that happens in the residential environment such as home, farmhouses, etc., is known as domestic cleaning. Whereas, commercial cleaning happens in larger business areas such as offices, warehouses, etc.

    Responsible for Cleaning

    If the house owner has the time, then the domestic cleaning can easily be done. Otherwise, He/she can also hire professional residential cleaners to do all the cleaning tasks for them.

    On the other hand, cleaning at commercial places can be done by the company’s own in-house cleaners. Companies also prefer to hire commercial cleaning experts instead.

    Cleaning Materials, Tools and Devices

    Domestic cleaning does not actually need power tools, but since commercial cleaning takes place on a bigger scale, they require powerful cleaning tools and devices.

    Some of the cleaning tools and devices are so powerful that their use in residential palaces can even cause damage to the home stuff, they are just too powerful for residential use.

    Just for example floor polishers, huge vacuum cleaners, and other devices are made for robust and deep cleaning in larger areas like hotels, schools, restaurants, malls, and hospitals. However, domestic cleaning can be done with simpler cleaning tools, because in small areas it’s more convenient to use.

    Cleaning Processes

    When we talk about the cleaning process, then commercial cleaning seems very different and complicated from domestic cleaning. At Commercial places, the cleaning task is divided, whereas the residential cleaning process needs to be simple and on point.

    Additionally, the cleaning process also varies from business to business, for example, the process to clean the hospital will be completely different from the cleaning process for any other businesses like restaurants, hotels, etc.

    Cleaning Standards

    Business houses should adhere to the state’s health and safety standards. By doing that, they don’t only keep their business afloat, but also ensure the safety and security of their employees and clients. Just opposite to commercial cleaning, homeowners set their own cleaning standards, which makes domestic cleaning much simpler and easier.

    The Benefits of Commercial Cleaning In Corporate

    There are many advantages of hiring an expert office or commercial cleaning company like Clean Group that provide all the office cleaning services at very affordable costs, and once you experience all the benefits of commercial cleaning, you’ll be wondering why you haven’t hired it sooner.

    Just like our home, a workplace also needs to be clean and hygienic. A neat and clean workplace attracts and impresses customers and It also helps to bring greater productivity from your employees.

    If a business/ commercial house fails to provide a workplace that is immaculate and free from all germs causing diseases, it can cause a bad impact on the work environment, the efficiency of employees and also on their health. Here are more benefits of commercial cleaning.

    Creates a Healthy Work Environment

    Hygienic workplaces avoid pest problems and also ward off dust, germs, and allergens. Regular expert cleaning builds a healthy environment which not only keeps employees healthy but also helps them to do their best work.

    Saves Time

    Hiring a commercial cleaning will save a lot of time in your office because your busy office staff doesn’t have time to worry about cleanliness. Additionally, If someone will have a responsibility to keep the place spotless, then the owner and employees can focus on other important things and work.

    Creates a Motivating Atmosphere

    Surroundings influence our mood, concentration, creativity, and enthusiasm. In a clean work environment, employees will perform their duties effortlessly. It also helps to avoid disturbance during work hours. Additionally, when the employees will be focused on the work, then things will get done more quickly and thoroughly so the business will thrive!

    Makes a great impression

    Your workspace reflects your overall image, a Clean and well-arranged office can create a great impression on the customer’s mind. The Hygienic environment also influences people or customers to keep you on priority and it can also keep you apart from all the rest.

    Thus, in this era, full of competition you need to be careful about how clients perceive you. And a dedicated professional commercial cleaning will make everything checked for you.

    Saves extra expenses

    Their knowledge, methods, and different types of equipment for cleaning can save some extra penny. The way of cleaning, chemical, equipment depends on the item which needs to be cleaned, thus, if a normal person cleans everything with the same methods and chemicals then some of the items can lose their shine and worth and even inappropriate chemicals can cause damage also.

    Thus, it becomes important to hire professional commercial cleaning to take care of everything which includes appliances, tiles, glass, decorative items, etc.

    These are just a few notable benefits of commercial cleaning, there are many more benefits. Now, after providing answers to What is Commercial Cleaning and its importance, let’s take a look at what it actually they do.

    What Type of Cleaning is Included in Commercial Cleaning?

    Before hiring a commercial cleaning service provider, it is a wise step to know what type of service to expect and during the discussion put your specific wishes and requirements with them. Commercial services can be actually divided into two parts – regular cleaning and deep cleaning.

    Regular Commercial Cleaning

    Generally, In regular cleaning, the responsibilities of a commercial cleaner are:

    • Sweeping and mopping the floors
    • Garbage Clearing away
    • Furniture Dusting
    • Cleaning the toilets
    • Restocking towels and toilet paper rolls
    • Cleaning the windows
    • Vacuuming and cleaning the carpets

    Deep Commercial Cleaning

    Similar to offices, every cleaning service provider and their services can be different but usual commercial cleaning consists of the following:

    • Dusting all vents and light fixtures
    • Clean and Vacuum all blinds, window sills, drapes, tracks, etc.
    • Dust all walls, baseboards, doors and clean all light switches and doorknobs
    • Move all furniture and thoroughly vacuum all carpets or scrub all floors
    • Clean all baseboards behind furniture that is usually not cleaned on a regular basis
    • Dust and wipe down all surfaced
    • Clean and sanitize all computer mouse, keyboards and screens
    • If there is a kitchen in the office then, Clean all kitchen cabinets, appliances, refrigerators, etc.
    • Clean all restroom walls, toilets, urinals, sinks, etc.
    • Do a machine scrub on restroom floors
    • Redo the caulk around the toilets and sinks

    Other services that should be requested for a deep cleaning should be:

    • Window Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning
    • High Ceiling Dusting (in the case of a warehouse)
    • Strip and Wax

    As we said earlier, the cleaning services can vary from company to company, so before closing a deal must check the list of the services your commercial cleaning service provider is providing. Additionally, You can also ask your commercial cleaning company to create a Cleaning schedule for your commercial place.

    Most cleaners also arrive equipped with all the necessary cleaning products and equipment, thus it also saves time and money.

    Actionable Commercial Cleaning Methods with Example

    Commercial cleaning services use different types of methods to ensure maximum cleanliness and spotless premises. All the known cleaning methods can be easily divided into two broad categories; dry and wet methods.

    In the wet method water, steam, and chemicals in liquid forms are used to clean the area and surface. Whereas in the dry methods cleaning with dry equipment, and the solution takes place. Examples of both methods are engraved below.


    Rotowash is used in carpet and escalator cleaning. In this method floor cleaning machines are used, it has rotating brushes, that work efficiently to lift off the dust, dirt and other particles in the carpet or escalator.

    It also consists of a vacuum process to suck up all the lifted off dirt, dust, and particles. Cleaning solutions are also used in this process for better cleaning.

    Truck-mounted steam cleaner

    Through this cleaning method carpets and furniture are cleaned. In this method the surfaces that need to be cleaned are first vacuumed, then chemicals, water pressure, and suction are introduced to remove all dirt, dust, and particles from the surfaces.

    Deep extraction

    This method is best for carpet and fabric cleaning, In this method cleaning agents and conditioners, are directly sprayed to the surface, then everything is then vacuumed back through suction. This method is also effective in cleaning hard to reach crevices and corners.

    Steam cleaning

    As the name suggests, this method uses high-temperature steam to remove oil and dirt from the surfaces. In the same process, vacuuming is introduced to suck up the resulting residue. In this method, no chemical is used so this is a very environmentally friendly cleaning method.


    This method comes into dry-commercial cleaning methods. In this method, a deep-cleaning compound spreads over the carpet, this compound dissolves into the rug, absorbs dust and dirt before crystallizing, and then this method is carried out by a counter-rotating machine, with the residue being vacuumed immediately after.

    Floor maintenance

    Floor Maintenance includes cleaning and maintaining tiled floors, to strip grime and stubborn stains from these surfaces some machines are used. These machines are responsible for doing the scrubbing, buffing, and polishing of the flooring. The cleaning process involves dust mop methods, stain removal, wet mopping, carpet spotter stain removal, and carpet vacuuming.

    Germicidal disinfecting wipes

    Most companies use germicidal disinfecting wipes, that are used to clean electronics appliances such as monitors, telephones, calculators, computer keyboards, etc. This process ensures a germ-free environment in the workplace.

    The above methods are just some of the methods that are very common in commercial cleaning. The Commercial cleaning service provider chooses the method as per the requirement and area.

    Type Of Cleaning And Methods The Commercial Cleaning Equipment

    Just like the type of cleaning and methods the commercial cleaning equipment can be also categorized into two types.

    1. Manual Equipment

    Manual commercial cleaning equipment is dependent on the task and the energies of the cleaner. It takes maximum effort and also consumes a lot of time, but it is the traditional way of cleaning. Examples of Manual Equipment are provided below.

    Microfiber Cloth

    Microfiber cloth is the best tool to wipe down surfaces, whether it the desk, electronic devices, glass and decorative items in rooms, bathrooms, and common areas. These cleaning cloths can be washed up to 500 times and due to the softness, they shouldn’t scratch surfaces.


    The use of Abrasives can cause scratches because these are made of grit papers that can be used to clean wood or metal surfaces. These are used for hard and deep cleaning.


    Brushes are versatile cleaning tools, these come in different shapes, sizes, and hardness such as hard floor brush, soft floor brush, toilet brush, flue brush, broom, scrubbing brush, feather brush, hand brush, etc. These brushes are used to eradicate superficial or ingrained grimes depending on nature.


    Brooms also come in different sizes, shapes, and they can be used to clean hard surfaces for a quick dust-up of dirt or hairs. It can be easily found in homes and offices. Brooms are the most basic cleaning tools.

    2. Mechanical Equipment

    When the Manual equipment fails to clean the area or the area is really wide to clean, then the mechanical equipment comes into action. Mechanical Equipment needs electricity or battery to operate. This mechanical cleaning equipment will speed up cleaning time and efficiency and also ease labour. Some of the examples of Mechanical equipment are listed below.

    Vacuum Cleaner

    It is a very common cleaning machine. It can clean any kind of floor or upholstery surface, it is also easy to operate. Vacuum cleaners efficiently suck up all the dust, dirt and other particles.

    Polishing Machine

    The polishing machine actually restores the lost shine of your floor. Luckily it comes in different sizes so they can be used to cover all the areas.

    Floor Scrubber

    Floor scrubber is a very versatile cleaning machine, it can clean ALL types of floors in a single pass. It is used to wash, scrub and dry tiles, carpets, hard floors, safety mats, industrial floors, etc.

    Steam Vapor Machine

    A steam vapour machine will provide you with a visual and sanitized clean. Steam at this high temperature is ideal for removing bacteria from bathrooms, removing caked-on grease and fats in kitchens and killing bed bugs.

    Above all doesn’t actually need harmful chemicals in cleaning. Other than cleaning, using the above equipment is a great way to safeguard your commercial place against allergic reactions and poor air quality.

    What is a Commercial Cleaning Contract And How It Works?

    A commercial cleaning contract is short of agreement between two or more parties it consists of all the terms of services that will be provided by one party to the other. This agreement also strictly denotes tasks, time and payment details and also enforce people to maintain a good relationship with each other.

    A regular Commercial cleaning agreement includes:

    • Regularity (One time or on schedule) of the cleaning service
    • Who provides the commercial cleaning equipment
    • Time and location for commercial cleaning services to be provided
    • Payment schedule, Mode, and amount
    • Contact information from all the parties

    The agreement protects both parties from any professional argument also makes them eligible to take appropriate action according to LAW. A commercial cleaning contract has several key benefits such as:

    • Standardization of client management
    • Managing expectations for both parties
    • Creation of binding professional relationships
    • Defining obligations of the client

    Make sure to take care of all the terms and conditions and go through the complete agreement before signing it. The agreement also consists of an office cleaning checklist, checks the elements of the checklist below.

    Daily, One-Time and Regular Commercial Cleaning Checklist ...  read more

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