How Much Does Office Window Cleaning Cost In Australia

Posted On: February 21st, 2020 Author: Stephen Matthews

How do we set a price for our office window cleaning in Sydney, Australia? This is an excellent question, and we will talk about that. Honestly, this will come down to a variety of factors.

First, you need to define what kind of services you offer. You need to be crystal clear about what specific services you provide before you determine your cleaning rate or your cleaning price.

For example, you need to have a price for window cleaning if you are offering this kind of service. Somebody, somewhere down the road, a customer may ask you if you clean window internally and externally.

Do you clean windows? A lot of commercial cleaning companies do not offer this because of insurance reasons. If you do not see yourself on a high ladder outside of a building, or on a forklift, or you do not have that long wand and all the things that are needed to clean windows, then window cleaning will not be for you. When you clean windows, you have to define what you can clean. You can only clean what you can reach.

What do you charge? It is not a flat rate across the board. It is not standard in the industry. Every office cleaning company offers different services and has different and varying cleaning costs.

It is difficult to determine the cleaning rate in an office. But fear not, because there are bits and pieces of software now that are on the market that will make it easier for you to have a standard rate for all the services you want to offer. You just have to choose if you’re going to charge for cleaning per hour, cleaning per square foot, or cleaning per square metre.

Make your quotation as simple as possible. It is not the dollar amount that you can come up with. You may disagree with me on that but please read along. The most important part of the quotation is how will you convey confidence.

The only thing that your potential customers know about you is what is written in your quote. You will just confuse your potential customers if you write so many things on the proposal. Just write important information down.

How to Clean Office Windows Like a Pro in Sydney?

  • Do you know why professional window cleaners use microfibre pads and squeegees to clean their client’s windows? A long time ago, we cleaned windows using just vinegar and paper towels. Truth be told, it is time-consuming to use spray and wipe method. More often than not, we get frustrated with the streaky results. I know many of you are having the same issues. There has got to be a better way.
  • All you need to do is put a few drops of dishwashing liquid into your bucket and fill it about halfway with warm water. We are going to use the microfibre scrubbing pads to wash the windows and then we will use the squeegee to wipe then clean and dry.A quick note, if you find your rubber squeegee tends to go on you, you can always buy a replacement.
    Dip the scrubbing pad into your mixture and apply it to the glass in an s-pattern. Try to get into all of the corners.
  • Next, use the squeegee and start at the top, wiping from one side to the other.
  • Then you can use a microfiber cloth to the frames and corners clean to catch that extra moisture from the edges.
  • You can attach a pole to your squeegee tool to reach windows that are beyond your reach. You have to buy a threaded squeegee, and you have a threaded extension pole.
  • You can also use this tool in cleaning indoors. You have to use less water in your scrubbing pad. Maybe for good measure, please start from the bottom of the window to protect your window sills.
  • If you have solid dust stuck on the window, use a scraper to get them off.

Different Ways To Quote in Office Window Cleaning Business

Window Cleaning Cost – It will be helpful that you offer an all-in deal to your clients. You can include the price for the cleaning materials and tools needed for the job. This will also include the cost that you have to pay for the window cleaner who will do the actual cleaning, the fuel and transportation allowance, and the overall management overhead cost.

Come up with a base rate. Your base rate is not something that you to about on the phone or something available on your website. The base rate will serve as your tool. None of your customers has to know how you are doing your math.

If you have been cleaning for a while and have experienced large and small offices and commercial venues, you may be able to come up with the numbers.

Office Cleaning Rate Per Hour – Come up with average time. What we need is an average cleaning time for a typical office which has an office room, toilet, kitchen, and reception. Just let go of the exceptions first because some customers have this huge reception and what not.

Once you have an average amount of time or an average number of minutes for these areas, add some time to add for the non-cleaning cleaning time. Non-cleaning time is the time between when you pull up from the parking lot, and you start cleaning and the opposite at the end, from the time that you clean the last item until you drive away.

Let us say that the cleaning hour that you are trying to make is $20.The amount is just an example. So if you come up with two hours, then $40 is your base rate.

Cleaning Price Per Square Foot or Square Metres – You need to know how often the office needs to be attended. In this kind of quotation, we will use an example of a 2,400 square foot office. To determine the price, we will establish the base price at 2,800 square foot per hour. We will divide the 2,400 to 2,800, and we will get 0.85 hours per clean.

Now that we have established the time that it will take to do the cleaning, we will use another formula to determine what the total cleaning hours will be per month. We take the 0.85 multiplied to 3 days (because the cleaning frequency is three days per week), then multiply to fifty-two weeks in a year, divided by twelve months. The computation will give us our total hours per month. We can just round it up to thirteen hours per month which will provide us with an hour per cleaning.

At that rate, you will take that hours per clean, and you will take the hourly rate that you charge your client. It will give us $25 per hour. With this cleaning rate, you can submit a cleaning proposal for $325 per month.

Let us say that you quoted for an hour and a half and you have gone up to 16.25 with the same billable rate of $25 per hour that will give you $406.25.

Whenever you have an office space that you clean three times a week, you do not want to price it by the square foot because the calculations just do not work correctly. Your calculations will not work out very well. The only way to price by the square foot for anything other than a five-day a week service is to be able to track your locations that you are cleaning and establish those price points per square foot.

Questions to Ask During Walk Through or Office Cleaning Price Estimate

When you are starting in the cleaning industry, and you will not know what questions to ask your customers. It will be difficult for you to judge how much time will it take for you to clean a space.

A lot of people get into the cleaning business and think that cleaning a business establishment is the same as cleaning their own home. As we all know, cleaning an office is very far from cleaning a business. When you are just new in the cleaning industry, we suggest that you bid by the hour.

The cleaning rate in Australia is somewhere between $25 and $45 an hour based on your experience and the information that you know. You can also consider the fact that you are bonded and insured. If you are starting in the business, start at $25 an hour. That is a fair price across the board. There are some areas where there is still a lot of money, and you may not even get it, but it is a good starting point.

It is a series of things that you are going to refine throughout your career. We narrowed these questions for you. When you go to a premise, there are certain things you are going to train yourself to look for. There are things like:

When was the last time you hired a professional cleaner?

If the answer is too far ago, there is going to be a lot of build-ups that need your attention. That is the question that will give you a feeling of how long it has been.

How many people work in the office?

Are you cleaning business with two or more staff? Consider the number of desks that you need to wipe every day.

What are the areas in the office that are used regularly?

It is easy to assume that all the toilets and kitchen are used regularly. There may be an office room or other rooms that are used less or more than different sections in the office. I want you to focus on the areas that are being used regularly. Find out from your customer where they want to spend the bulk of their time. Ask them what their requirements for cleaning are.

If they are paying you for your time, are they paying to load the dishwasher or will they do it on their own? There must be a common ground that you and your customer will meet to decide what will you be paid for in cleaning their business.

If you see extra things that need to be done that are not going to fit in your time, you can reschedule it on another day and offer your recommendation. On your first walkthroughs, we are not expecting you to give your suggestions because your goal is to get a customer and to get in the door and to get some experience under your belt for you to learn how long will it take you to clean an office.

These questions will encourage conversations that allow you to walk through your rules and regulations. By the end of the conversation, you will know what the customer expects, and they will know what you expect of them. You will have some form of an agreement for you to begin your work.

Useful Tips and Recommendation from an Expert Commercial Cleaning Professional

If you are starting a business, we recommend that you do not book more than three or four hours, to begin with. It sounds like a lot of money and an exciting job. You will burn out the customer and yourself because of this long cleaning session.

Clean Group has a lot of customers, and we have dealt with both small and big offices. Most of our customers have much bigger offices. What can I say? Clean Group had become pretty popular in Sydney because of our expertise in commercial cleaning. We cater almost to any type of business here in Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne. Customers love and trust us because we have been in business for more than to decades. When you get invited for a quote, just observe and focus on the cleaning requirement that they need. You do not need to stress yourself by providing a price.

Since we have been in business for so long, that is why it is straightforward for us to tell you how swiftly we can look around and provide a price right there and then. You will be used to the process as you move along in your business. You will know what is necessary cleaning and what kind of services require a special price. Just have a system in place until you get used to it.

Follow these practical tips for the sake of your business!

I am hoping that this system helps you, especially when you are about to determine your base price. We hope that it will simplify your process in how you determine the cost of your cleaning services. Showing confidence, the moment that you came in and took a look around plays an essential factor in starting a business relationship.

This first impression goes a long way and shows that you are professional and know what you are doing. Keep this in mind. Please feel free to share this article or write your comments below if you wish to share your tips and techniques in providing a cleaning quote.

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