Office Waste Reduction Tips

Posted On April 15th, 2019

In this article, I am going to show you the tips on reducing office waste by Clean Group. Let’s dive right in.


Green practices are becoming more and more popular in the business sector today. Many businesses are looking for ways to “go green” and reduce their impact on the environment. Business owners are starting to realise that waste reduction does more than just saving the environment. It also offers businesses and organisations certain benefits. Ultimately, it allows you to do three things, which are:

1. Save more spaces in your office
2. Reduce clutter thereby making your working space cleaner; and
3. Save more money

If you want to reap these benefits and more, here are some tips you can follow to reduce the waste you produce in the office:


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Tips on reducing waste in the office

Paper waste

A large portion of waste in the office consists of paper products. Give this, you’ll want to focus most of your attention on reducing paper waste. In order to do this, here some things you can do:

1. Use recycled paper instead of regular ones. This way, you can help save trees and avoid contributing to manufacturing waste.

2. Reduce paper consumption by using both sides of paper when printing documents.

3. For announcements and memos, print one copy and post it on a central bulletin board for everyone to see.

4. Reuse paper envelopes instead of throwing them away. You can relabel them and cover the old address. You can also do the same for file folders. Refold them so you can use the other side.

5. If it’s possible, go paperless. Instead of printing announcements, memos or reports, send them via email instead. You can also keep a copy of the office manual, rules and regulations on your workers’ computer for easier access.

Non-paper waste

While paper constitutes a large portion of waste in the office, it doesn’t mean that non-paper waste should be taken for granted. There are also some simple things you can do to reduce non-paper waste in your office.

1. To save storage spaces in the office, rent equipment that will be occasionally used instead of buying a new one.

2. Encourage your workers to bring reusable silverware at work instead of using disposable utensils.

3. If it’s possible, allow your workers to telecommute at least once a week. You can create a schedule for which people get to telecommute on certain days. Letting your workers work from home will greatly reduce the amount of waste produced in your office.

4. Use refillable ink and toner cartridges for your printer. This will help reduce the amount of metal and plastic waste that are being sent to landfills.

5. Encourage your staff to observe waste reduction practices. You can reward those who show adherence and motivate others to do the same.

These are just some of the things you can do to reduce the waste your office produces. Implementing them may be hard at first; expect to get a handful of backlash from your employees. Communicating the importance of reducing waste is key.

But being green doesn’t just stop in waste reduction. As a business that offers products and services to customers, you should also take the necessary steps to make your products and services make environment-friendly.

Here at Clean Group, that’s exactly what we do. Our cleaning solutions have been made more eco-friendly to adapt to the changing demands of the current world. For expert and eco-friendly commercial cleaning, speak to our friendly team.

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