Limiting Beliefs In Sydney’s Commercial Cleaning Business

Posted On: November 4th, 2019 Author: Stephen Matthews

Change is uncomfortable but failure is downright painful. This is what Clean Group believes in. We stayed to be the number one cleaning provider in Sydney because we welcome and embrace change. When you decide to grow your business, you will feel uncomfortable.

Throughout the years, Clean Group Sydney learned that change is not as painful as you thought it would be after the fact that you learned from your past experiences.

Limiting Beliefs In Sydney’s Commercial Cleaning Business

Limiting Beliefs In Sydney's Commercial Cleaning Business

Here are some limiting beliefs that you need to shed in order to run your commercial cleaning business successfully:

You are not the customer

You are not the customer

Often times, business owners tend to think like a customer instead of a business owner when it comes to pricing. Over the years, Commercial Cleaning Sydney learned to look at pricing from a customer’s perspective. Stop thinking like an owner that no one will pay such a high amount for commercial cleaning.

Customers are grateful that they have finally found a high quality, trustworthy service that would take good care of their premises and do it with integrity. They are glad that they had found that service when they hired us and they will gladly pay for what it is worth. This mentality holds most of the business owners for charging what you really worth.

You need to make decisions on pricing your service based on what other professional services are able to get. You need to know what the competitive market will bear. Compare yourself to the professionals. Stop telling yourself that you cannot charge a certain amount because you feel like it is expensive because it is not true. Do not limit your potential.

Stop making it your goal to provide high-quality services at an affordable price. Lose the belief that you need to be affordable. Let the customer decide if they can afford a professional commercial cleaning service. Do not make being affordable your goal. You need to price your service reasonably.

Do not hide what you charge from your employee

Do not hide what you charge from your employee

Stop hiding payment from your staff, they know what you charge anyway. It is public knowledge. It is not a crime nor a sin. It is a limiting belief to think that you can hide what you charged and to think that you should hide that. Your employee will not resent you for charging what you are worth and them not getting all of it.

Your employee will really not care as long as you are fair and you are paying them right. The prices you charge as you grow and expand your business are going to make or break you. If you are too cheap or undercharging, you will not be able to pay employees what you need to pay them for them to value their job. Pricing will become the number one factor as you grow your business.

It is a very limited way of thinking that you can keep your prices low while expanding and growing. It is not possible. You have to charge what the market will bear in terms of professional cleaning service.

Always remember that you are the owner of the business and not the cleaner

Always remember that you are the owner of the business and not the cleaner

Employees can work a full day. They do not have to finish their job at a certain time. They are cleaning in an airconditioned, very nice working environment. They are cleaning inside, pushing a vacuum cleaner for seven or eight hours a day. It is not difficult. It is not impossible and it is not too much.

As business owners, we tend to think that we cannot do that. We think that it is too difficult and too tiring for us and that other people cannot. Well, they can. Give them seven or eight hours of work a day and pay them well enough.

What got you here in business will not get you there

What got you here in business will not get you there

Oftentimes, business owners will say that they have not spent a dime when they built the business. It is impossible to expand or grow the business with zero marketing expenses. Referrals will only take you so far.

If you want to grow to the next level, you need to spend money on marketing. The levels of perfection you deliver in the premises that you cleaned is not scalable.

Your customer will only accept you

Your customer will only accept you

This is one of the limiting beliefs that Clean Group does not believe in. Many customers will say that they will only hire you to do the cleaning for their premises. It is a limited belief to think that the customer will only accept you and you alone.

We assure all our customers in Sydney Commercial Cleaning business that all our cleaners are competitive, hardworking and screened. They do not worry about transitioning because there will always be a supervisor to check the status every now and then.

Being fired is the worst thing that can happen

Being fired is the worst thing that can happen

Getting fired is inevitable. This is part of expanding and growing the business. Being fired is not the end of the world. It does not mean that you are a failure when you get fired. It is the fear that we have as business owners. Get over it and move on.

Once you started to grow your business, you have to have a system and process for everything. Chaos breaks out if you will not develop a consistent and proven system as you grow and expand your business. You cannot wing it anymore as you grow.

You have to carefully define your model. It is no longer acceptable for you to make the decision based on the problems that you are having as you grow. Commercial Cleaning Sydney has designed a proven business model that ensures the highest profit and the absolute best quality of life in running the business.

If you want to make sure that there is a distinction, make sure to work on your branding and image. Make sure to look professional so that your customer will not underrate you.

With the right start, you have to have the reason for everything you do. It cannot be because you are trying to a problem. As you grow your business, always remember if these will make you more money, will it create job security, and will this ensure the quality of life for me. If you make it too complicated, you will not have high profits. You will not have a long term situation.

I want you to think about everything that you do. Is that the most profitable way to do it? Will this be a lasting policy? I want you to ask these questions before you make decisions and when you make changes.

Limited beliefs will hold you back. I hope that these lists will help you improve the way you run your business. If you find this article helpful, please share and feel free to drop a comment.

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