How Clean Group Stands Out In Providing Excellent Commercial Cleaning

Posted On: October 4th, 2019 Author: Stephen Matthews

Today you’re going to see how Clean Group stands out in providing excellent commercial cleaning. Let’s get started.

As the old saying says, the customer is always right. I guess this applies to all natures of business. Customers or consumers are the bloodlines of each establishment. It is important that you make them feel that you greatly value their contribution to your business no matter how big or small. Clean Group has been in business for over a decade. I guess, our tenure is a piece of clear evidence that we provide quality work that customers come back to us over time. Customer service is a skill a few of us master. There’s a certain art in how you communicate with clients. It should be observed with a warm, welcoming vibe that you will let your customer feels every time you communicate with them. It can be in person or in email or through the phone. You must let them feel that you are very happy with their presence. Commercial cleaners need to have this certain charm too. Some of them will be cleaning during the working hours and this will expose them to dealing with customers. Let me count the ways on how Clean Group managed to be on the surface of providing nothing but seamless customer service.

Whenever you walk into a store, are you not expecting the salespeople to greet you and ask you for what your needs are? That is exactly how customers would like to be treated. Office cleaning needs to put emphasis on how well they treat each and every one of their customers as if they are all VIPs. A business should learn how to show the appreciation that this customer chooses to trust and hire them to do a certain business. A simple thank you note that goes with the monthly service invoice will do. You can also show your appreciation every time that the customer will correspond with your email or phone calls. 

Showing how sincere you are when dealing with your customers every day will also show a great impact on your customer satisfaction score. Do not treat your customers as if their concerns are all the same. Office cleaner should display an attitude that they are really making an effort towards meeting the expectations of their customers. 

How Clean Group Stands Out In Providing Excellent Commercial Cleaning

In the commercial cleaning industry, integrity and keeping your word is also an important trait. In the midst of complaint, do what you promise. If you promise to return a call, make sure that you do it. Always remember that your work ethics is the face of your business. If you promise to send the cleaner and do something that is out of the ordinary, make sure that you will that too. That is why sometimes, setting the right expectation is a great help. Do not over commit. Do not promise anything that you know impossible to achieve as it will only backfire on you. 

Do not settle for what is acceptable. Office cleaning is a world of competition. Mediocrity is a disease that most business succumbs with. Try to out beat yourself in terms of customer service. Continuously measure your target when it comes to providing excellent customer service. There are plenty of ways on how you can gauge your customer satisfaction rate depending on the frequency that you desire. You can send emails on a quarterly basis just to ask their feedback and opinion on how well have you been doing the job. You can also add a value-added question like which areas do they think you can improve on. Some companies even measure the factor of how likely it is that they will recommend your service to others. 

In our modern world, social media plays a vital role in businesses too. Most of the time, customers will not only spend time browsing thru social media for possible suppliers. They also spend time on reading reviews, comments, and feedback on your website or possibly, from your own social media page too. Commercial cleaning businesses advertise and market their services thru Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. You can never avoid a customer from leaving a negative impact on your page which your potential customers may also see. If this happens, always make sure that you are on top of your game. Address the complaints right away and do not let a day pass by without talking to that customer who left the bad review on your site. Make this as an opportunity to improve your communication ability and how well will you be able to contain the situation. On the other side of the coin, when the customer is really pleased and satisfied with the service that they got from you, thank them and appreciate their time and effort for leaving a nice comment on your page. If your business is really fairing well, you can also practice giving them small token of appreciation. These actions will secure your overall relationship with your customers.

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