Top 10 Green Cleaning Strategies for Daycare and Childcare Centre

Posted On: February 18th, 2020 Author: Stephen Matthews

Childcare or daycare cleaning is one of the most challenging tasks. Why?

Because we need to put the children’s safety on top of our priority list. They are sensitive in nature and do not know anything about what is hygienic and what is not.

In this article, we will teach you how to achieve a safe and clean place for your children who spend time in daycare or child care centre. Clean Group has been in the childcare cleaning business for more than two decades, and we can serve happy and satisfied customers who run their daycare centres.

Join us while we guide you through the process. We are 100 per cent confident that this article will help you a lot if you are considering venturing into the childcare cleaning market here in Australia.

What Are The Top 10 Strategies in Applying Green Cleaning in Daycare and Childcare Centre?

We all know that chemicals can be hazardous, primarily if your business caters and deals with children. Green cleaning will be your best alternative.

We all know that chemicals have toxic chemicals that can harm the environment and the people who are being exposed to this. Apart from this, studies show that chemical-based cleaning agents can cause allergies, asthma, and sensitivity to chemicals.

We researched some tips and strategies on how effectively you can apply green cleaning to childcare set up. Please feel free to go through the list below:

Toys Sanitising in Childcare Centre – in sanitizing toys, instead of using the commercial sanitizer, you can use soapy water and let it dry out in the sunshine.

Desks, benches, and diaper stations – clean the surface with warm soapy water. The combination of warm water and soap can get rid of most of the bacteria on any hard surfaces. You may choose from a wide selection of biodegradable detergent that is available in the market.

Sink and basin – rub it with a damp cloth and bi-carb soda.

Mirrors and windows – wipe it using a crumpled newspaper or paper towel and vinegar.

Microwave and Fridges – for cleaning internally, you may use a drop of vanilla essence in water and scrub the dirt and mildew away using a sponge. You can also use a damp cloth with bi-carb soda in cleaning its exterior. To get rid of an unwanted smell by placing a small container of bi-carb soda inside fridges and microwaves.

Floor – you can use warm water on hard floor surfaces. It can easily remove stains and dirt from the surface.

Carpet – in cases of stains, you can apply shaving cream on it. You can rinse it off with warm water and leave it to dry.

Toilet – instead of using your usual potent cleaning agents in cleaning the toilets, you can use white vinegar and add a small essence of lavender.

Alternative disinfectant – in the cleaning industry, we are very used to using the commercial disinfectant which can be bought in the market. In line with this green cleaning campaign, you can use your concoction. You can prepare your mixture by mixing 500 ml white vinegar with one-litre water; you can also add 15 ml of the essence of your choice. This mixture is best with vomit, urine, and faeces.

Urine Cleaning – accidents happen every time. For urine accidents, you can wash it off with white vinegar or lemon juice with water and let it dry in the sunshine.

If you decide to follow these suggestions and start mixing your green cleaning products, we highly recommend you to check for allergies and sensitivities. Smells and scents can also be an allergy trigger to children. Make sure that all cleaning agents are stored in a safe place far from the reach of children. As you all know, it is a must for you to read and understand labels before using them.

What Are The Duties and Responsibilities of A Cleaner for Child Day Care Centre

What is a safe environment for a child? Children have the right to an education in a safe and healthy environment. By providing a safe place for them to learn, you are ensuring a safe place free from illnesses and unwanted injuries for them.
Cleaning Supervisor Duties

  • He or she is responsible for ensuring that all daily cleaning is carried out to a satisfactory level.
  • He or she is familiar with policies that are related to maintaining a safe environment for children.
  • He or she checks and documents all the risk assessment, which can be present in the environment.
  • He or she responds to the identified cleaning or maintenance issues and risks promptly.
  • He or she supports childcare management in researching alternative cleaning options that will be helpful to the business set-up.

Cleaner’s Duties

  • He ensures that all cleaning duties do not compromise the welfare of the children.
  • He is responsible for identifying which part of the building, which furniture or areas required prompt attention.
  • He reports risks factors like damaged furniture, broken outlets, and any factors that will compromise the children’s safety.
  • He is responsible for spot cleaning the education and care service to ensure cleanliness and high hygiene standards are maintained every day.
  • He uses minimal cleaning chemicals.
  • He researches on natural cleaning alternatives that are effective on the premise that he is cleaning.
  • He aims to minimize waste by: Correctly sorting the garbage. Recycling food scraps at meal and snack time.

The Benefits of Clean Childcare Centres in Australia

As a professional team of childcare cleaners, you need to have a well-developed cleaning program in place. Cleaning a child care facility can be a challenge because there are a lot of things that need to be completed on a day to day basis.

It boosts your confidence and your overall morale when you are confident with your cleaning results. Here is the benefits of clean childcare centres in Australia:

School Pride – we all know the difference that it makes of having a clean school. The students and staff take pride in being a part of the institution. People who are coming and going are amazed at how you keep the overall child care clean and sparkly. This sense of pride will result in vibrant campuses which reflect nothing but positive vibes for everyone.

Administration Cares – as a parent, the first thing that will come into question when we see an unattended, dirty school is why the administration is not doing something about it. Clean school translates to a caring school administration. You can rest assured that the school cares about the welfare of the children that they have in their care.

Better Environment – same as with offices and other commercial businesses, a clean space invites positivity. In a school set-up, cleanliness will maximize the student’s learning experience. Children can perform and deliver more in a clean educational environment.

Parental Involvement – Parents and guardians are more confident in leaving the school in charge if they know that the administration provides a clean and safe place for their children to learn and grow. With this, parents are more encouraged to be involved positively.

Productive Teaching – a clean school also has a significant impact on educators and teachers. Study shows that a decent learning environment encourages the teachers to be more creative with their teaching approach. It also affects their patience and their overall behaviour while working with their students.

Healthier School Building – the entire building, gives a healthier indoor environment that stays comfortable all year for everyone on the campus.

Onsite Problem Solving – it is easy for you to be spot on when issues arise. This is one of the many advantages of having an onsite cleaner all the time. You can easily cover all the cleaning mishaps or any accidents that may come along the way.

Cost-Effective cleaning – by hiring a professional cleaner, you can rest assured that all approaches are efficient. Professional cleaners know the proper way to clean, the best tool to use, and the right cleaning chemicals to use in a specific task.

Better Equipment Performance and Longer Life Span for Furniture – professional cleaners offer services like air duct cleaning and steam carpet cleaning. These cleaning requirements may not be required regularly but will always be needed at least annually. Paying attention to this kind of service is a sure way of increasing the life of the equipment and the furniture inside the premises.

Fewer Absences and Sick Days – clean school means a healthy environment. By ensuring a healthy environment, school staff and students are less likely to get ill, decreasing the chances of being absent.

Childcare cleaning can be a challenge, especially if you are starting up. Just follow these tips, and it will help you heaps of effort in formulating what is useful and what is not.

There are plenty of childcare institutions, and they have different demands, but honestly, they are just after one goal. That is to have a clean and safe learning space for the children.

Please feel free to share your insights about these. You can also drop us a message below and let us know which cleaning topic you want us to discuss in our future blogs. Let us help those aspiring cleaning companies by sharing our best practices.

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