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Posted On: November 21st, 2019 Author: Stephen Matthews

Corporate cleaning is one of the most common avenues for commercial cleaning in Sydney.  Commercial cleaners had saturated this market. Google can attest to that.

In this article, I will tell you what sets Clean Group apart from the flood of competitors out there. Clean Group is still the number one corporate cleaner for most of the businesses in Sydney.

What is Corporate Cleaning?

What is Corporate Cleaning

When I was not a part of this industry, I look at residential and commercial cleaning at the same standpoint. I thought that the basic knowledge about cleaning will answer all the possible qualms about cleanliness. As I looked into it, I realized that corporate cleaning services need more attention to everything. More attention to details, more knowledge, stricter training, wider scopes. Corporate cleaning is something that you need to specialize in. You will not be successful in this field if you will just hold on to basic cleaning knowledge.

Corporate cleaning solutions include handling waste and some hazardous chemicals that you will definitely not encounter in the residential cleaning business. Corporate cleaning normally requires heavy cleaning. It involves the cleaning of machines and equipment too. The corporate cleaner should know how to handle this equipment and which chemicals are applied to each.

Clean Group, as one of the biggest corporate cleaning company, specializes in different fields of corporate cleaning. We do steam carpet cleaning, high-surfaces cleaning, pest controls, and many more. We also offer emergency big clean such as after floor, fire, and other events that require special cleaning attention. We also handle the cleaning after renovation or construction. End of lease cleaning is also a part of corporate cleaning.

When you talk about residential cleaning, these are normally the things that a person can do with a little aid from equipment. These normally entails deep cleaning of toilets, bathrooms, living rooms, and kitchen. Special needs for residential cleaning may include carpet cleaning and window cleaning.

What Types of Cleaning Solution are Included in Corporate Cleaning?

What Types of Cleaning Solution are Included in Corporate Cleaning

After Builder’s Clean – Corporate Cleaner Sydney will never run out of professional cleaners who can deliver a shiny, dust and dirt free office for you. We know how to get rid of stubborn dust that may be deeply seated in your carpet or just sitting on each of your office furniture after a renovation. Our price is always reasonable and guarantees quality.

Initial Deep Clean – Same as after builder’s clean, if you just rented your commercial space and would like to start fresh. Call us up for a quick estimate. Clean Group is equipped with the know-how to make cleaning easy and effective. We have corporate cleaners Sydney to make it possible.

Carpet Cleaning – Knowing how to use the vacuum cleaner is not enough for you to be called as an expert with carpet. You need to hire experts like us to take care of stubborn dirt and stains that are very visible on your carpet.

Types of Carpet Cleaning

  • Steam Carpet Cleaning
  • Carpet Drying
  • Shampooing

Office Cleaning – 80 percent of our customers are from this group. Clean Group offers corporate cleaning solutions like routine office cleaning. We can come in to perform the duties of a professional cleaner depending on your requirements and needs. Office routine cleaning entails:

  • Carpet care
  • Upholstery care
  • Dusting
  • Air Vents Dusting
  • Toilet Cleaning
  • Vacuuming
  • Kitchen Cleaning

Gym Cleaning – Fitness Centres require special attention since foot traffic can easily make their floors and mats look dirty. Let us know your budget and we can tailor fit a solution for you that will make your gym welcoming to your existing and potential customers. Corporate cleaners can:

  • Mirror or Glass Cleaning
  • Equipment
  • Toilet and Bathroom Cleaning
  • Carpet and Mat Cleaning

Warehouse Cleaning – Clean Group offers complete warehouse cleaning. We adjust with our customer’s schedule to ensure minimal interruption to your business. Our cleaners are experts in the removal of all dust, dirt, and debris on all surfaces. The floor work is also carefully managed, and we only use eco-friendly cleaners to scrub the dirt away. Cleaning a warehouse is not an easy task because the cleaners need to ensure that their job is in line with the code of conduct set by the government. We offer:

  • Dusting of Shelves
  • Floor Pressure Washing
  • Bond Cleaning
  • Proper Recycling Disposal
  • Strip and Sealing of Warehouse Floor

Church Cleaning – Church is a high-traffic place, especially if there is mass, weddings, funerals, and other religious events. Maintaining a clean church in between events and regular mass schedules is a painful task. Your cleaner should be dedicated enough to make the church healthy and immaculate as possible. Church Cleaning used a state of the art technology and eco-friendly chemicals that will leave the church dry, clean, and sanitized as little as two hours. Services for churches are as follows:

  • High Dusting
  • Wiping
  • Window Cleaning
  • Overall church cleaning

Child Care Cleaning – Corporate cleaning Sydney offers a state of the art cleaning that meets the sensitive requirements of childcare facilities. We understand that your children’s health and safety are your top priority, and that is also on top of our list. Quality cleaning does not only speak about appearance. Quality cleaning means that we are committed to cleaning the entire facility for you to focus more on teaching our children.

Our professional cleaners hold a valid police check and had undergone rigorous training on how to work with kids.

Childcare Cleaning Includes:

  • Upholstery and carpet cleaning
  • Floor restoration
  • Routine childcare cleaning
  • Ceiling and wall cleaning
  • Window cleaning
  • Toilet consumables

School Cleaning
– In Clean Group, we leverage our tremendous experience in cleaning schools and offices. We know and recognize the standard health and cleanliness issues that may affect the classroom’s productivity.

We make sure that:

  • Toilets are all well attended
  • Shelves and desks are free of dust
  • No graffiti on walls
  • Trash cans are not overflowing
  • Overall sanitation of the area

Medical Cleaning – Medical cleaning is a specialty type of cleaning that requires a keen eye for detail. Clean Group ensures that the medical facility is properly sanitized before the next patient comes in. Our cleaners secure a clean and sanitary area for patients.

The vital role of cleaners in Medical Facilities:

  • Exceptional handling and cleaning of examination rooms
  • We provide clean reception that welcomes patients, visitors, and employees
  • Doctors office are well maintained because this is where they receive their patients
  • We make sure that blinds and windows are dust-free
  • Our cleaners ensure that chairs, couches, and beds are germ-free
  • Cleaners also maintain the cleanliness and orderliness of the toilets

Strata Cleaning – Strata cleaning is booming nowadays. A lot of homeowners, potential homeowners, real estate agents, and unit owners employ strata cleaners to do comprehensive cleaning. We usually deal with common areas like the reception, shared toilet, office, hallways, and lifts. We ensure that these areas are clutter-free.

Corporate Cleaner’s Responsibilities:

  • Rubbish collection
  • Ensuring that walkways and lift are clutter-free
  • Reception desk needs to be appealingly clean and organized
  • Glasses and mirrors should be mark and streak-free
  • Toilets should be cleaned and sanitized at all times
  • Window ledges and frames should be dust-free

5 Reasons Why You Should Contact a Corporate Cleaner in Sydney

5 Reasons Why You Should Contact a Corporate Cleaner in Sydney

Keep your employees healthy and happy

  • Healthy employees equate to less sick days
  • Employees are happier in a clean environment
  • A clean workplace creates a professional environment
  • Corporate cleaners can directly result in employees being more productive

Higher Quality Cleaning

  • A professional corporate cleaning solution.
  • Takes care of the dirty works so your business can run smoothly
  • Increases employees productivity
  • Improve corporate culture

Saves Money

  • A professional cleaner can complete the job in ½ the time
  • Know tips and tricks to do the job quicker and more effectively
  • Corporate cleaning companies have the right tools, equipment, and techniques
  • Corporate cleaners can also suggest effective cost-saving tips

A better first impression

  • A clean building creates a good impression.
  • The clean environment feels more welcoming and can positively influence your business’s reputation

You never have to worry

  • The corporate cleaning company will take responsibility for hiring and training the cleaning staff that they need to get the job done right.
  • Your company is saved from liability and other concerns with managing additional staff
  • Corporate cleaners will clean your premises no matter what.

Clean Group – A Corporate Cleaning Company in Australia

Clean Group – A Corporate Cleaning Company in Australia

Company Profile

Clean Group has been effectively offering corporate cleaning solutions for more than a decade. Our cleaners have vast cleaning experience. Our experiences honed us to outperform ourselves time and again. You will hire us if you want to experience the overwhelming satisfaction that our loyal customers have been telling the market about. Our goal is to provide an outstanding result each time we visit your premises. With the Clean Group, it is always 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Over the years Clean Group has employed many cleaners who pride themselves on their cleaning so much. We understand that our customer’s real pain is almost never the superior quality of clean that you can give. Every company advertises that they care and are the best at cleaning. If you want to really start growing past your competition, you’re going to need to find the pain of your niche, and come up with a way to solve it. Which is how

Clean Group The Brand You Can Trust

Training and Experience

Clean Group takes full responsibility for the safety knowledge of our cleaners. They are highly trained and fully knowledgable about proper chemical and equipment usages.

The Best Employees

We only deploy highly trained with prolific skills commercial cleaners. We take enormous pride that our Clean Group cleaners can deliver high standard work in commercial cleaning.

Pioneer in the Corporate Cleaning Solution

In over 20 years of experience, the owner of the business could not go wrong on how to run a cleaning business. He had founded the businesses because his heart knows what cleaning means. He instills the same principle and works ethics to each and every employee who works for the Clean Group.

This corporate outline and characteristics helped Clean Group achieve the reputation that we have right now. We believe that the superb work of our employees and the loyalty of our customers had made us the leading cleaning brand in Sydney. With this, we will continue to grow and evolve as our customer’s requirements and expectations change.

Let us exchange ideas and practices. Do not hesitate to write your comments and suggestions down below. Ask us a question or let us know how you become successful in the corporate cleaning business.

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