5 Reasons You Should Take Office Cleaning Seriously

Posted On: September 19th, 2017 Author: Stephen Matthews

In this post, I am going to show you the 5 reasons why you should take office cleaning seriously by Clean Group. Keep reading.


Do you know that an individual working a typical 9 to 5 job spends about one-third of his life in his office building? If you are an individual working in this kind of profession then imagine this scenario – you are working on your computer just like every other day, typing away on the keyboard and you have got a meeting with a client.

You head out to the photocopy room of your office to print some important papers. Before meeting the clients you decide to use the restroom. You complete your meeting; shake hands with your clients and head to the cafeteria to take your lunch. After that get back to your desk and resume your work on your computer.

Looks like a normal day? Yes! Well, just take a minute and think about all the places you went and the number of surfaces you touched. Well, you can’t even imagine the number of germs and allergens you picked up from these places. And sooner or later there will come a time when you will be calling in sick.

Well, this is the conclusion you will be getting when you don’t pay attention to the cleanliness of your office place. As a business owner, this is something that you should be taken seriously because you never know when one of your employees could end up suffering from a grave disease. Let’s see how office cleaning affects your business and why you should take it seriously:


Reduced Absenteeism:

According to a report by the GCC, sick days cost employers about $150 billion per year whereas presenteeism costs businesses 10 times more than absenteeism. Presentiment is a phenomenon where employees show up for work but don’t work at their full capacity. Where absenteeism totals on an average of four days per year, presenteeism round about 3 working months every year. You see how much the well being of an employee is important and how it majorly impacts the overall productivity of the business. Hence, keep your work environment clean to keep your employees healthy and earn the benefits of reduced absenteeism.

Cleanliness = Peace of mind:

Nothing compares to the feeling when you walk into a room which is not only spotless but also smells fresh and citrusy. Psychologists reported that a clean and sterile space greatly affects the energy and satisfaction levels of a person. A dirty office affects an employee’s mood and can compel them to be impassive towards their work. Nobody would want to work in a dusty and unkempt place. Hence, give your employees an environment where they would like to stay and give their 100%.

Cleanliness = Improved Productivity:

Where an employee would be already stressed about his/her office work, imagine the added impact of ever-present dust and bacteria would have on their health. It might affect their energy levels, breathing or might become a reason for their headache or skin allergies. These signs might not be evident but can make them feel a lack of interest on their part. Professional and quality office cleaning would have a positive impact on the overall health of the employees making them more productive thereby, adding to your overall bottom line.

Jeopardize your brand reputation:

Your employees are not the only people who enter and leave your office. There are other important people such as your stakeholders, clients, prospective employees, business associates who often interact with your office space. Do you want them to bear a bad impression in their mind about you and your business? You never know sometimes even the untidiness of your office can be the sole reason behind you failing to land a big deal. Nothing is as powerful as word of mouth hence, make sure that you follow some strict cleaning rules – be it for the reception area or the entrance lobby or the boardrooms or restrooms, each and every space should remain spic and span all the time.

Adds to the asset’s value:

Your office space is not only about the people working in it but also about the expensive elements that rest in your establishment – be it your carpeting, hardwood floors, the lighting fixtures, etc. Just like your business is an investment, you should also treat the facility you work in as an investment and look after its cleaning and maintenance on a regular basis. Routine office cleaning by Sydney Clean Group can add to the shelf life of your office elements and also cuts down the time needed to clean them.

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