5 Common Mistakes When Hiring A Commercial Cleaning Company

Posted On March 18th, 2019

Today you’re going to see the 5 common mistakes when hiring a commercial cleaning company. Let’s get started.


Do you constantly encounter issues regarding workplace cleanliness despite hiring professionals to take care of it? And instead of saving money, do you find yourself spending more on office cleaning? If you are, you might be making these common mistakes in hiring a commercial company. Read on to find out what they are so you can avoid them in the future:


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1) Hiring cheap cleaning services
As a business owner, finding ways to increase profit and cut down overheads are the norm. However, when it comes to commercial cleaning, going cheap isn’t always effective. That’s because cleaning companies that offer cheap services don’t always provide satisfying results. So instead of saving money, you find yourself spending more to pay another company to re-do the work until you’re completely satisfied.

To avoid this mistake:
Asses the kind of cleaning service your business needs and make a budget based on those needs. Then, ask for quotes from different cleaning companies so you can compare the service they offer, as well as the prices. From that, you can make an informed decision about which cleaning company to hire.

2) Ignoring a cleaning company’s specialisation
Not all cleaning companies are created equal. Some can provide more specialised cleaning services while most can’t. One example is hiring commercial cleaners for residential cleaning. Commercial cleaning companies that don’t offer residential cleaning won’t have the right tools and equipment to clean a home. Plus, the equipment and cleaning chemicals they use can be harmful to children or pets.

To avoid this mistake:
Take time to do your research. Researching goes a long way and it won’t even take too much of your time. You can easily find information about a company’s specialisation on their website. Based on the type of your property, contact only the cleaning company that offers the cleaning solutions you need.

3) Hiring an uninsured cleaning company
Hiring uninsured commercial cleaners puts you at an extremely vulnerable position. That’s because it leaves you liable for any accidents that may place within your property while the cleaners complete their work. Also, the cleaning company won’t be able to pay you for any damages their staff or cleaning service may cause.

To avoid this mistake:
Don’t hesitate to ask questions and for proof of insurance. A reputable cleaning company won’t have a problem with supplying you with the details of their insurance coverage. For added measure, you should also look for the licenses and certifications of their cleaning staff.

4) Not contacting the references
This may seem harmless, but it can help you learn about the quality of work a cleaning company provides. Also, if a previous client encountered issues with them, this is a good way to know what those issues are, how the company addressed it and whether it was resolved or not. This information can tell whether the company is reliable especially during unfavourable circumstances. Moreover, calling the references will help you find out whether they are legitimate or not.

To avoid this mistake:
Simply make the call and speak directly to the contact person. If you don’t have the time, ask someone else to do it and verify the legitimacy of the references. You can also read customer reviews and testimonials on the company’s website, but be sure to follow up and speak to an actual person.

5) Not reading and understanding the service agreement
As a business owner, you know the importance of service agreements when doing business with another entity. This is necessary to set liabilities and expectations straight for both parties. Not knowing what’s in the agreement before signing it puts you at a disadvantage should an issue arise while the contract is in effect.

To avoid this mistake:
Be sure to read and understand everything stated in the agreement. Specifically look for clauses that discuss the scope of the cleaning service, as well as the company’s liabilities in cases of accidents and damages. Also, don’t be afraid to point out and discuss your objections to some terms in the agreement. As with any business dealings, communication is the key to a successful partnership.

Make sure that you choose a reliable commercial cleaning company that can provide you with all your clean up needs. Take the time to plan, do your research, talk to the right people and understand what you’re getting into will help you get the most out of a commercial cleaning service.

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